New Korean Tekken God!

New Korean player has been promoted to the Tekken God rank recently! Hao, whom you may know from Tekken Crash, has reached the rank with his Feng as the third Korean Tekken 6 player. Click below to see how did he get promoted!

More videos can be found at Maxi Milian’s YouTube channel.

What’s more, Hao will be having a deathmatch with Rain later this week! Stay tuned for the videos!


22 thoughts on “New Korean Tekken God!

  1. Awsome, i just picked up Feng, Hopefully ill getgood enough wiht him to play him i Rank.

    Oh wait rank is broken…never mind.

  2. Well, congrats to HAO!

    There are so few people with the highest ranks outside of Korea/ Japan/ USA that it is almost impossible to climb upwards after Sage or something! Because you have to play with opponents of somewhat similar ranks to promote it is nearly impossible to find that on the internet.
    Because nobody in the highest ranks plays on the internet anymore. At least not in Europe.
    They play in the arcades in Korea/ Japan/ USA and there are no arcades in Norway / Europe.

    So this sucks! This was a BAD BAD idea from NAMCO! I hope they change their system.

    1. Well im still stucked at Berserker. there is one thing that pisses me of is when you play online u meet people with too low rank’s or higher. You can never reach a higher rank with a system like that :/

  3. Awesome new tekken god i believe thats 3 right i think but wow thats crazy.
    gratz Hao for tekken god.
    now im going to cook some nice tamales man im hungry.

  4. not just for BR, but Hao actually did reach Tekken God rank for 6.0 as well. This means that he achieved Tekken God rank twice!
    I think he was the 2nd Tekken God for 6.0, the first being helpme.

  5. A glorious day indeed!
    Now the cosmos will know, respect and fear the force of nature known as FENG WEI!!!!!


  6. Didn’t malgu reach tekken god already? Last time I checked he was one. did he get demoted cuz I know it’s him rain and just now hao that are the only 3 since sunchip got demoted

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