East Coast Throwdown 2 Results

East Coast Throwdown 2 Tekken 6 tournament with some of the best East Coast players took place last weekend. Who came out victorious? Read the rest of the entry to check the results.

1st – Shawn “NYC Fab” Swain (EMP)
2nd – Ariel “Fighting GM” Capellan (EMP)
3rd – Tony “zts” Filosi
4th – Incognito
T 5th – Blood Hawk
T 5th – Jamie “Blackula” Washington
T 7th – Bill “The Hitman” Hart
T 7th – Dave “polishmafia” Zaczynski

Full results of all the tournaments can be found at tonamento.com.

11 Responses to East Coast Throwdown 2 Results

  1. Ashesfall says:

    is there a chance to see this stuff?
    i wish it would be like tekken crash ^^

  2. Tekkenlover says:

    Thx guys for posting this info and congrats to winner

  3. real law says:

    this tourney doesnt deserve any press, it was a horrible tourney as far as tekken was concerned, ran a day late and no regional seedings, people who traveled together played early, very shitty…

  4. guyguy says:

    agreed horribly run tournament they did not care bout t6 and fab used bob

  5. Di says:

    Wow, haven’t known it was so bad.

  6. antwain harvey says:

    This is antwain harvey fist of fuery friend all the tekken players need to stop staying home playing online and come to chinatown like real law the game gm and more

    • real law says:

      we dont play online and we dont go to chinatown anymore cause its free to play against each other at home sessions, where were you guys before console?…yeah at home…

  7. Schematic says:

    And spend money when I can have a session somewhere for free? no thanks I’ll just call up GM and go to his crib lolz. Or achillez or someone. China town fair honestly is a cramped environment with lots of wierdos and only 1 machine which gm usually sits there and no one takes him off for 60 wins lol. So he spends 50 cents and I spend 50 dollars lol no thanks. Maybe when I’m on fabs level I’ll consider goin back to play at china town again. Til then I’ll just go play GM or anyone else in an environment that doesn’t cost so much bread.

    • VenoM362 says:

      VenoM362 misses playing Tekken at the arcade. We never got a Tekken 6 arcade and no one wants to go back to playing DR so we all play at home now. Its just not the same.

      Yo Di, how come you can’t make Kuma look like Smokey the forest bear? LOL

      I’m just saying…

  8. fab says:

    I used Miguel thur the whole tourney besides loser finals and grand finals I don’t like the Miguel match up I consider it to be a real bad match up which is why I went to my other main Bob.

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