Nin, Knee And Holeman Coming To USA!

Get ready for the South Korean invasion! Nin, Knee and Holeman are confirmed for both SNCR (SUPER NORCAL REGIONALS) and MLG Columbus coming the two nearest weekends! If you can’t make it there make sure you organise some free time for yourself since both events will be streamed live!

33 Responses to Nin, Knee And Holeman Coming To USA!

  1. chemicalRed says:

    Cool.. Cant wait to watch.

  2. crazyhandles05 says:

    cant wait to see knee play mr naps they got to set up a money match between them for the stream at sncr that is.

  3. Fredrik says:

    It is so good that u guys over there take the initiativ to invite them over the sea because from my point of view its not only a good motiviation point and a reason for the average guys to practice to face these dudes but it help u all to get better to meet good players.

    Wish someone in europe could plan something like the tournaments you have over there

    Get ready for action cause these guys are good

    Hope you have great fun !

    • Di says:

      Nin and Knee were present at Damagermany that took place 3 months ago in Frankfurt, Germany.

    • DrBhup666 says:

      Fredrik sounds like a Scandiniavian name. Where are you from? I live in Bergen, Norway. Tekkencommunity here is non-existent…

  4. Ever calix says:

    this maybe a stupid question but when will this stream start in order to make my schedule ready for this event and thanks markman or who ever is coming up with this event.since i haven’t missed one event yet because of the great news you guys come please let me know or ill try to see if i can find out.

  5. Colin says:

    Who i think is the best in the world, in order:
    Nin,Knee then Holeman, haha ironic.

  6. Colin says:

    If Knee and Nin vs each other. You gotta give it to Knee, once he launches and most likely it will drag onto the wall. That’s about 60% hp gone with a 50 50 chance of a taunt hit not counted.

    Whereas Nin has to work twice as hard, he jabs knee until KO and hardly launches. Knee’s defense is outstandng and how quickly he’s adapted to the game is incredible. I guess being pro at DR helps though.

    LOL Nin has a notebook detailing all the Koreans flaws and how they play, that’s dedication there. So matchup wise Knee will win. But who can win more consistently against other Koreans, Nin. He is the only guy i can say who knows the game inside out, hence his job at commentary.

    No disrespect to Americans but Knee is going to show how over-powered Bryan is. His movement and launching time will catch any American off guard. Fab, GM, Crow are the only guys who stand a chance. Naps Vs Knee, his good but we might see domination one-sided from the best Bryan in the world.


    • garyoak99 says:

      Agreed! Knee has a history of beating Nin in tournaments. Knee beat Nin at Final Round XIII and Damagermany.

      I’ve even heard that Knee was a disciple of Nin too. It makes sense that he would be the only one who could defeat Nin because he taught Knee too much!

      This would also explain why Knee also plays Steve Fox too…

  7. DevilDS says:

    I really don’t understand why americans try to invite Koreans…No sense.
    The best no asian tekken player is Genius and 2nd is Steve88 (the real europe champ of all time from tekken dr) and they both wasn’t at koreans level. So why american people wanna lose money prizes……They should beat europe champions first.

    • Renzo says:

      So much truth in this post.

      US only good at scrub games(T4, 5.0) and BR is played with 0 life setting, so it’s not impossible to beat them when few mistake can cost your match.

      Ryan Hart is the only non asian player that I respect.

  8. vinsor says:

    we all know who the best bryan is in the world but hopefully this tourney will make it officially, just my 2 cents though

    For sure though is we’re bound to see awesome matches from top players from 2 sides of the world

  9. fab says:

    How can you say they are the best non asian players, why cause he got 3rd at a tourney that had laggy tv’s who cares 3rd isn’t winning to call him best non asian player and he didn’t even beat any koreans or Japanese players to call him that are you serious lmao, and on top of that the qualifier to get to that tournament wasn’t even far cause most of our best players couldn’t compete in that tourney. Please at least we beat the Koreans(we being America), Kor beating Holeman in the finals and winning Mlg, Me putting Rain in losers and Crow taking him out. Also please don’t misunderstand my post all I’m saying is don’t be disrespectful saying “why we wanna lose prizes” please bring your players over here and see how well they do I would love to send them back with no money.

  10. TCO-TheOne says:

    It should be a very good tournament i will be waiting to watch it. I hope we do well against the Koreans as i know it’s going to be tuff,but we will prevail. Di are you going to be in the tournament as well as Markman.

  11. chemicalRed says:

    A friend tells me he heard from a source he trusts that Tekken 7 is in early production. I’ve also come across some similar statements elsewhere. Have you heard anything Di?

  12. Tekkengod says:

    @fab: There are a lot of TOP EU players who couldn’t compete in that tourney too.

    Also you don’t have the slightest idea about EU players.Ryan Hart is usually enough for usa.But what if like top 20 of EU players were competing @ USA tournaments?You’re being disrepectful to EU players when you think you can send them back with no money.How about USA players winning an big EU Tournament first?

    Starscream from the UK taking out Tissuemon and winning an Italian Tournament.Sandro from Italy also beaten Kidjin in winner brackets and Redi Hokutu from Italy against Soyongdori was very close.

    Knee and Nin winning damagermany and few weeks later winning usa tournament with the same results.Probably the player who was giving Knee the most difficult tournament matchup outside of Korea was Malekith from the Netherlands.Almost all matches was like ending in last round, but eventually in games 3-1 for Knee.He even beaten Genius, Stevefox88 and Starscream in same tourney.So there are more EU players who can take usa.

    Don’t take EU too lightly!!

    I respect all Tekken players, but be realistic.

    • fab says:

      Please dude I’m not gonna get into this I said what I had to say thats it, Also I’m glad Ryan hart won a evo that pretty much no one went cause most of the US was playing T6 by that time and on top of that he should of lost but someone pressed the ps button and he came back and won so don’t even bring that non sense up. All I’m saying is Us we won our tourney with the koreans and we beat them. I already said my peace take it how you want. US and EU most likely won’t play anyway so I really don’t care bout the subject that much to keep going. All I’m going to say is please bring your players to Mlg or Evo big prizes see how well that goes.

  13. Tekkenlover says:

    Di thx alot bro for posting this news,
    can’t wait to watch this stream , hopefully is free,

  14. GMfizzle says:

    i can;t wait to see the koreans come here! since fab ain;t mention it, i beat rain at strongstyle, mlg after the tourny for ranking match and at mtg, koreans have proven to be beatable by american players but their are extremely good, can;t wait to play them once again

  15. vinsor says:

    any player is beatable, it’s just really hard to beat them that’s all though hahaha

  16. Tekkengod says:

    @Fab: Ryan Hart won fair.In last round he could have beaten Gandido even when some didn’t pressed the ps button.Ryan was on the offensive mode when someone pressed the button.Also Ryan didn’t lost a set and Gandido was coming out from losers right?Ryan Hart won evo 2008 confident.Even the Koreans stated that there aren’t big difference between EU top and US top(the Korean players who played in EU and US), and US have played T6 much longer than EU.You’re right, talking about this won’t change anything.

    Holeman was having a jetlag during that tournament, but Kor won fair so respect to him and anyone who stand up against the Koreans.You know what the funny thing is?Even before the MLG some of the top Korean players already guessed that Rain would Lose in USA.Because his style is not that effective outside of Korea.Probably he will adapt to the US players in the future.That’s why rain lost to many players outside of Korea.Rain also has never been in EU..Still respect to the players like you, Kor, GM, Anakin, JustframeJames, Naps, Crow etc..and that players outside of Japan and Korea actually can play Tekken..

    Sorry for this nonsense i’m talking about.I hope everyone enjoys and support Tekken.

    And good luck @ next tournaments!!May the best player win!!

  17. DevilDS says:

    I can tell u the results right now. 1)Knee; 2)Holeman; 3)Nin…….

  18. Tekkengod says:

    @fab: d/b+4 was on hit if you watch good @ the red effect on devil jin.I feel bad lol

    I wish that EU and US was closer.

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