According to Katsuhiro Harada has recently announced in Madrid that the Tekken team had already started working on their new title – TEKKEN 7! Nothing else has been said about the upcoming game but… isn’t that announcement enough? GET THE HYPE STARTED!

111 Responses to GET READY FOR THE 7TH BATTLE!

  1. Omie don says:

    see u after 3 years

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Make it 5 years I guess it takes them one or two years to release it on arcade since they are in early stage of production, then 3 more years untill they release it on ps3

  2. k.d.e says:

    OMG!!!! TEKKEN 7?

  3. k.d.e says:


  4. DrBhup666 says:

    Naah.. I think they will do Tekken Tag Team 2 first.

    I hope they upgrade the graphics to “Uncharted 2” -levels and don’t include any Scenario Campaign mode and have video recording in the new one. Also they must have costumes for player 2 as weel, not only for player one.

    These are my main complaints. Any-hoo, I’m not even finished with 1/40 of Tekken 6 yet as I only know how to use one character. Man they are doing this too soon..!

  5. Mundo says:

    All they’ve said so far is that it’s in production. Nothing too surprising, but still, welcome news all the same.

  6. chemicalRed says:

    LOL.. I asked you about this a few hours before this post on a previous post,.. and now I get my answer.. Thanks Di

  7. crazy skip says:

    yes im hyped… sure i am… not until another 3-4yrs when its actually near the release date…

    better not disappoint us with the little things you guys took out of tekken 6 that were crucial…

  8. Tekkenlover says:

    Wow just wow are u serious judging by history of Nanci it takes several years before they make another tekken game, if this is true they went back to work prety early, ok nanci for love of god if u reading my post please make juggles system better cuz in tekken 6 unlike tekken 5dr , sometimes hit doesn’t conact and many peole just miss juggle unlike tekken 5dr, if u pick eddy and lie as a practice dummy in practice mode it is hard to enter maximum damage when u launch them with some characters not all and that’s due to a very small side step movement that eddy and lie have in their normal stance , u guys became really picky when it comes to executing the maximum juggle damage make it easier make it easy exactly how tekken5 dr was

    • Spitfire says:

      what he means is get rid of bounce and T6 juggling is hellafied the most easiest in any tekken game…..but tekken is not all about juggling so i know im responding 2 a scrub…..

      • concretebody says:


      • Ever calix says:

        holy sh*t you tell you my brother you need a come back if not then your a scrub holy i miss dr days when there was drama online but then again its time to grow up, i think ?

  9. TCO-TheOne says:

    So i guess there done doing anything else for TEKKEN 6 updates hope not.

  10. dbostick says:

    I would’ve expected TAG 2 before Tekken 7.

  11. Tekkenlover says:

    Sorry di I wrote using my iPhone and the words are really small and instead of Namco I typed Nanci

    • concretebody says:

      I noticed that but then i thought maybe you meant “Namci” cause of Namco-Bandai…..whatever

  12. friedricew/tekken says:

    damn i was thinking TEKKEN TAG yeah! no? =( lol

  13. XelNaga says:

    Take out SC mode, throw a tag mode in there.

    Everyone gets TTT2 and T7. Everyone wins.

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      I agree, because there seemed to be enough room for a tag had they not put in SC mode. However, Iam all about the story so to have Arcade, Story, Tag Practice ect. would actually cover the basics.

  14. CeaserDeebo says:

    btw markman

    are we expecting to get some news this E3?

  15. Martino Heat says:

    All right we got TEKKEN 7 in the works! I think they should have did Tekken vs. Virtua fighter first. BTW Check out my you tube channel: Be sure to rate, comment & Subscribe.

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Tekken bs virtual fighter is the worst idea ever, tekken is a perfect game and does not need to be mix with any other game

      • VenoM362 says:

        VenoM362 seconds that, If a Tekken vs VF game was made Tekken’s fighting engine would have to be changed to accommodate VF’s shitty fighting engine. Also Tekken’s roster would be cut in half (probably more than half)to fit in VF’s shitty characters.

        On another note,VenoM362 has noticed that his comments always get rated down. All VenoM362 has to say about that is…thank you for your hate and support.

        Just say it already, VenoM362 is your favorite asshole!

        I’m just saying…

      • chemicalRed says:

        LOL. I don’t see why anyone could hate you VenoM362.. I never mind the thumb ratings on here; Its pretty irrelevant if you ask me.

      • VenoM362 says:

        Your right it is pretty irrelevant. But its cool with VenoM362, he don’t mind getting hated on.

  16. VenoM362 says:

    TEKKEN 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

    When will it be released? OH wait VenoM362 knows, in about 3 years or so. So there is no need to get hype about this,not yet. Its good to know Namco is working on Tekken 7 now,but there is still things that need to be fixed in Tekken 6. We are going to be playing Tekken 6 for the next 3 or more years (atleast everyone outside of Japan and Korea will be), so I would really like for Namco to fix their many screw ups in Tekken 6 first.

    As for Tekken 7, VenoM362 wonders what Namco will bring to the table. Be nice if they can find a way to make Tag work with the new juggle system (otherwise one person could juggle to the wall then tag and there partner would finish the opponent off in a single tag team juggle) maybe reduce the damage in tag mode only or something. Customization should be much deeper in 7. Kinda like a more advanced version of Soul Calibur 4’s customization. You should be able to remove everything from the character, like hair and clothes. And you should have a color grid to get things the color YOU want and you should be able to change every color of an costume or custom item. Example:Hwoarang’s 1P outfit in Tekken 6. You can change his top’s color, pants color and his gloves, but his kick pads must remain blue!? WTF!? Thats why you should be able to change every single color of an outfit and custom item. More aura ideas would be nice, VenoM362 thought it would be sick to give the Mishima’s an electric aura. As far as characters go I believe 40 is enough. Although if Namco wants to remove Bob,Paul,Ganryu and Alisa VenoM362 wouldn’t lose any sleep.

    I’m just saying…

    • DrBhup666 says:

      Remove Paul…?? Why? The man with the tall hair is ekvivalent to Tekken! He is one of the characters that has always been in the series!

      Get rid og Leo, Raven, Lee, Ganryu and all the animals. Who even plays those? Nobody, that’s who!

      • VenoM362 says:

        Lets see here…..oh yeah, VenoM362 uses Leo. Also, Raven and Lee happen to be two of my main characters.Ganryu can piss off. As far has Roger and Kuma goes, VenoM362 pays no mind those stupid characters so he could care less about them.

        Di, don’t hate on VenoM362 cause of his opinion.

        I’m just saying…

      • concretebody says:

        Yeah, he’s just sayin’

      • Ever calix says:

        well i play raven you got a problem with the ninja claan LOL.dont make me start my spanish ninjas and come after you nah just messing.but i play with raven he is like a ninja this time geez.but remove freaking leo since its confusing to say girl even though is a guy.

  17. JinUAE says:

    This time dark Devil Jin will be the final boss.
    plz NUFF with giant and dinosaur bosses ><

  18. JinUAE says:

    btw why this picture!!

    • concretebody says:

      maybe cause they’re in the locker room gettin’ cleaned up after tekken 6. like when basketball teams finish games, they clean up and get ready for the next one.

  19. Ever calix says:

    thank god i heard goodnews today since i come from working out and stuff but this is awesome now i can hadle the workout pain even bteer since i know of tekken 7 yay.thank you like always.Now im going to rest and think on how to beat all the toug people online in tekken 6 with dragunov like always

  20. SMav says:

    I’ll be checking for a lot of things first; like command capture, online play, no annoying saves and post battle options etc before buying this time. I honestly played T6 for about 4 months then got bored; there wasn’t really a lot of things different from T5-T6. Leave the bounds to virtual fighter and DOA.

  21. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    I’d Hate To Rain on Everybodys Parade , But take what Venom Said About the VF V.S Tekken. and His comment about How they will have to change the engine and cut down the Roster.

    And you will have your new Tekken 7.

    I urge everyone in Here not to get too Excited about Tekken 7…Because in the End it will always come down to this Argument.

    You can only do so much with a 9 GIG DVD.

    So dont expect Improvments Over this one, Maybe Tweaks.

    But as far as Update in Graphics or More Features Or A bigger Color Pallet Or more Customazation Items or anything above Tweaks & Balancing to the Characters.

    Your Dreaming Cause it wont happen, Why ?? Because…, You can only do so much with a 9 GIG DVD.

    Unless it Becomes Exclusive to PS3 again, Dont get your Hopes Up.

    Because in the end its always going to be

    BLU-RAY 25 GIGS v.s DVD 9 GIGS

    And you can Beleive all the B.S they are throwing around here but thats what its going ot ome down to.

    So aim Low, Very Low.

    • DrBhup666 says:

      Yes, you are totally right!

      X360 ruined Tekkens chances of becoming better because of their shitty low storage GB!

    • VenoM362 says:

      VenoM362 feels ya, 360 needs to step there game up in the disc storage department. Either that or Namco should just give them a watered down version of Tekken. Its BS that Namco has to cut corners on Tekken because of that.

      I’m just saying…

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        I would love for that to happen, and i use to think so.

        that NAMCO actually cared about making Quality games and Catering to thier FANBASE.

        but i found out the hardway they they give more of a shit about Money.

        Ya…see, money is number one. We dont matter. so If the last title made them money from the 360 side, regardless if they cut corners or not, money is prioriy number 1

        So dont expect that they will get a crappier version than PS3 users, oh and 360 wont up their format.

        Thier making million off DUMBASSES in the U.S ! why would they build another console.

        when thousands of Dumbasses are lining up everyday to buy 360 after 360, 4 or 5 times after it breaks down.

        Japan Figured it out already, 360’s sell like 400 hundred consoles a month there, compared to 37, to 38000 PS3 and nintendo Wii’s , But not here though , here, its Stupid Land.

        so.. now that we got that out of the way.

        as i said before remove any thoughts of Improvment to the Current Game, and Think ” BARE MINIMUM ” yes Kids , Thats what you should Expect.

        Cause you can only do so much With a Fucking DVD.

        oh..ya YAAAAY !!!! TEKKEN 7 !!!

    • chemicalRed says:

      LOL. You sound like Ghost. He and I were just talking about this.. What you’re saying makes sense.

    • Ever calix says:

      wait i though freaking blue rays for ps3 is like 40 or more wow im slow today for some reason.and that, Sony actually found out how to increase it to 55 with a special reading technique for the disk.i know the blue ray must be like 50 gigs.hhhm can some one correct me please because i hate feeling wrong.

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        no your not slow, your actually right , cause a Dual Layerd BLU-RAY is 50 GIGS, and yes they have improved the speed, MGS 4 was a DUAL LAYERD DISK.

        Man DVD dont even come close to that shit.
        can you imgine if T7 was Exclusive to PS3 ONLY !!!

        How much Content and how Awsome it would look.

        NAMCO is known for making Tekken series look better and better with Every Iteration.

        Too bad the 360 is holding that back.

  22. Jeezus says:

    Screw T7.

    Most of the fans want a new Tag. Long overdue, imho.

  23. KingBlazian says:

    nice..nice.. (clapping my hands slowly) but let me tell ya’ll knows what something really worries us about… “heihachi” is dead? remember tha oldest news about this talented guy who voice acted as heihachi in tekken and mr. satan in dragonball z/gt series who passed away? what if is someone else taking his place for voice acts to be as new heihachi? i dont feel good cuz i really dont know about this new tekken 7. but it’s a good news for making a new one. plus, hoping they better keep my eddy/christie in next installment. second,i like to requesting that alisa and miquel are gotta go cuz they’re cheesy as cheap since Gon in tekken 3. no offense.

    • k.d.e says:

      ehhhh. i think they should take out christie, her and eddy are like the same its just eddys stronger. theres no point to keep them both :P no character is cheap you just gotta know how to play, but i think miguel is gonna get lowered in T7 his hop kick and mix ups are too good lol. they should add true devil xD

    • crazy skip says:

      its sad news about daisuke’s death and also dbz’s mr satan…

      if they do get a new actor for hei’s voice… it has to live up to daisuke’s hei

      but i guess if you’re looking at it from the fighting perspective you won’t worry about voice so much… i didn’t notice bryan’s voice changed… too caught up in the fight

  24. tekkenlover says:

    i see so many people are crazy about tekken tag 2 it will eventually happen cuz namco listens to it’s fans but right now tekken 6 is freaking awsome and i for one can wait for 4 or 5 years for the next teken game cuz playing tekken 6 is just so much enjoyable for me and it’s the best in tekken series in terms of gameplay oh and Di john just uploaded the tekken royal rumble match i thought you might wanna check it out.

    • VenoM362 says:

      You sure Namco listens to their fans? Because they sure as hell haven’t fix anything on Tekken 6 (besides online,which can still be better).

      Tekken Royal Rumble? 30 fighters enter, one survives. Is it over the top rope?

      I’m just saying…

      • Tekkenlover says:

        Well venom I can give u example they reduced the juggle damage and wall damage and eliminated Bob low kick and his upper cut for juggle works only on charge status I know what u gonna say….. Venoms still thinks bob is over powered and venom doesn’t like bob I am just saying….. But still the point is they pay attention to their fan, my only problem with juggle is that u can’t always execute the juggle when u launch the character into air unlike tekken 5 or 5 dr or the original tekken 6 before tekken 6 br and that’s due to a new juggle system they developed

  25. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362 never got to play Tekken 6 so I don’t know the difference. I do know that they nerfed Bob,Devil Jin,Kazuya and I believe Law and Steve aswell. VenoM362 also heard about them reducing the wall damage. Bob must have been retarded in Tekken 6 cause he is still full of shit in BR and console.

    And your right…

    VenoM362 still doesn’t like Bob (and he never will)

    I’m just…you know the rest

  26. JustframeJames says:

    fix BRYANS damn taunt all ready jeese.

    ps law needs a week high crush mid move safe

    • Ever calix says:

      well at least is not like dragunov’s freaking d/b+3 or freaking d/b+1 that shit is like easy to punish. i wish they can at least bring some moves from dr and make the movements better but all least they manage to make the living dead to a tackle. im not complaining about that im actually happy.

  27. Joseph Young says:

    namco is working on a production for tekken 7 ok that’s cool can’t wait until it comes out for the ps3 l got play tekken 6 already but, Bob was a retarted fool

  28. DIGGS-86 says:

    the only reason I am kinda down about this is because I feel that they can give us a bit more for dl content. Nothing game changing but just content in general. Tekken 6 isn’t dead yet and they wanna pull a friggin Square Soft/Enix and move on. Tweak online play a bit more, a few costume pieces, more exclusive video- HEY!!!! tie in that tekken 6 trailer with Lili and Hwoarang fighting Jin~ Devil Jin.
    Maybe they have nothing more for T6 and thats cool.
    But if what that Venom cat says is true about PS3 getting a release that is equal to XBOX’s only becaus of formats of the disks . Screw dat, If in 3-4 years time til release they can’t upgrade, match or surpass (heehehhh) blue ray. They should get as much as the disk holds and ps3 gets a regular release equivalent and sell a premium pack Or give ps3 all the content and do a SF4 deal and then a seperate disk of upgrades like they did in SSF4.
    Btw, anyon remember the spider man movie game and how ps2 was regular and the box had more content for the same price. how bout ace combat jumping to the box and it not even pop like that so you try hawx…….. I know some probably think I have a grudge but to shorten content while they get exclusives……

  29. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    its not a Grudge its Just the Situation at hand Bro.

    And yes PS3 owner are getting tired of that.

    I wouldnt mind if Th360 minded its own buisness, but its Draggin down games that are Mulitiplat Because their formart is infirior.

    I agree wiht you whole Heartedly they need to just split T7 into 2 disk if the 360 isnt goign to Leave DVD in history and more forward.

    Because if Namco is gonna try to be Sneaky with This Upcoming T7 then i will be Damn Pissed.

  30. Raffy M. says:

    The next tekken title will be this….hopefully

    Tekken 7 : The King of Tag Team Tournament

  31. BoyKayumad says:

    Im not excited., another 3 or 4 years of waiting until they lunch it on a console. just like the tekken 6.
    im no impressed anymore. nakakasawa na!

  32. BoyKayumad says:

    they will lunch it maybe 2015 or 2016

  33. BoyKayumad says:

    the online battle sucks!!

  34. chemicalRed says:

    LOL . Everyones asking for TTT2.. If Namco doesn’t release that now instead of T7 then everyones gonna be pissed.
    Now that I think of it TTT2 would be the most sensible game to make now.. Guess I’ll kinda be pissed too if this next game isnt TTT2.
    We don’t need a story. We don’t need scenario campaign mode. We just need every Tekken character (bosses, the deceased and the clones), perfect online, deeper customization, and ofcourse tag battle.. Namco doesn’t have to worry about editing animations or gameplay. Just update the graphics (cause we all know T6 shouldve looked way better), and make the game a PS3 exclusive again ( cause I really hate to see Namco lose money when people pirate the game for 360).

    • chemicalRed says:

      *We really don’t even need knew characters if the next game is TTT2.

    • crazy skip says:

      wow… old characters… JUN and KUNIMITSU come back! whoa… what about michelle? damn! will unknown be there? thats a shitload of characters there… over 45+? (guessing) most ever in tekken history

      • chemicalRed says:

        @ crazy skip
        Kunimitsu can be updated like Armor King was so as to be a more unique character. Jun and Michelle can remain similar to Asuka and Julia for the most part.

      • crazy skip says:

        that would be pretty good…. an update for kunimitsu…. new moves as well as tweaking her frame data (maybe?)

  35. Scribe says:

    Isn’t it possible that ‘Tekken 7’ might just be a working title for Tekken Tag 2 or (god forbid) a Tekken VS Virtua Figher game?

  36. vinsor says:

    I wonder what the new bound system on Tekken Tag would like? you switch post bound then the other char gets another bound? hahaha

    • chemicalRed says:

      LOL.There should never be more than one bound for any reason.

      • crazy skip says:

        yes thats true…

        the switch with the character is basically the ending for the B! which is actually something that sounds promising but i wont get my hopes up too high

  37. Tekkenlover says:

    Well next tekken game is in early stage of production and anything is possible my question is if they put TT2 , are they gonna take out the rage system or keep it? Cuz it can become over abused meaning u launch ur opponent into air and then press select to switch over to a character that is on rage mode and when juggle is done switch back to the character that isn’t on rage mode… If they gonna make TT2 it would be heavy task for them cuz so many things changed in tekken since TT1 and they have to adjust those changes on the next TT2

    • chemicalRed says:

      Hopefully rage becomes optional.

      • cappox says:

        that would be making bound and juggles optional i mean its part of the gameplay

      • crazy skip says:

        hmm the rage thing? that seems weird… because if the other player wants it how does the system rule out what to choose?

        i think its better if both characters are under a certain health% then rage turns on… rather than keep one character in full health and the other in rage then switch out to the rage after the launch with the character in full health… that would be gay for pro players… noobs/scrubs will abuse the rage system if that happens…

      • chemicalRed says:

        @ cappox , crazy skip
        Its not really weird.. In response to cappox, the juggle and bound systems are easily more important than the rage system.. Juggling is a primary component in Tekken; Anyone asking to remove that all together is just ignorant. Bounding is higly relative to juggling; I think its fair to say bounding exist solely for juggling. Bounding shouldve been in the game from the begining in my opinion.. I agree with those systems completely.. Rage on the other hand I could do without. They’ve tweaked it since the begining so its tolerable but I could do without it.. Rage is no different than resetting the handicapp last minute.. I never liked the idea of assistance winning..If you’re a good enough Tekken player you don’t even need the rage system; It was implied a while back that the system was mainly for less experienced players to have a chance at a comeback.. Tekken 5 and T5DR didnt have rage so you can’t really say we need it.. Because of the bound system every character can fairly easily execute a 50% combo; we don’t really need rage to add on to that.. Again, the rage system is tolerable; I’m not saying remove it I’m saying make it optional.
        In response to crazy skip, you ask what would happen if the other player wants rage when you don’t. Thats simple; When you play a game online the host determines the conditions (time period, round count). Anyone joining the match is aware of the parameters and if they choose to join then they must abide by them. They can’t amend the rules. Rage option would be the same online. How about offline you may ask. What if you have a friend that likes to play with gaurd damage on. If you choose to play with him you have to accept his rules. Rage options would be the same.

      • crazy skip says:


        thats fair enough… its the rules in the room so the host can be the only one to change that…

        but in a tag feature… how would rage be determined? both characters need to be under a certain health% or the usual rage system we have right now meaning it doesnt matter if the other character who has more than enough life and the other is in rage already?

      • chemicalRed says:

        @ crazy skip
        Rage in a tag battle would be interesting. And I say this because if I’m not mistaken switching characters allowed one to heal a little on the original TTT.. Players might go in and out of rage mode on TTT2 if they switch/tag..

      • crazy skip says:

        yeah thats right they healed the player with lower health as much as possible…

        non rage character launches, tags to raged character juggle, juggle, B!, B! ender, tag back and win…

        rage tagging FTW! interesting concept there xP

        but again… scrubs who find out how to do this will abuse it if online gameplay is still bullshit!

      • chemicalRed says:

        LOL , rage tagging.

  38. Snook says:

    Yes i’m READY !

  39. crazy skip says:

    im sure whats to be expected in tekken 7:

    1 and 2 player customisations
    recording for practice
    better online play experience
    cheaper clothes when buying
    no SC
    tag feature (better yet TTT2)
    rage system tweaked if there is tag (as mentioned above by tekkenlover)
    graphics wise, make it better!
    buffs and nerfs for characters all round depending on the match ups and also in general
    PS3 exclusive is by far the most talked of since the console version of tk6 came out…

    can’t think of anything else… feel free to add whats to be expected by us as a community of tekken players… xD

  40. Lili#1 Fan says:

    yes tekken 7 i hope it will come out on xbox 360 and ps 3 like tekken 6 it will be off the hook.

    • crazy skip says:

      i hope its just a ps3 exclusive… not being a fan boy but the DVD is the main reason tekken 6 was held back… unless namdai is willing to spend double the amount of DVD’s for 360 for the ‘in-progress-already’ tekken 7

      • chemicalRed says:

        and whether Namco admits it or not porting it to 360 is the reason the game took longer to hit consoles.

      • crazy skip says:

        i wonder… during the arcade release of BR i know the console ver was in progress (maybe? taking a guess)

        did they already think of porting it to 360 as well… or do you think midway through, then they thought of doing both console versions?

      • chemicalRed says:

        @ crazy skip
        Im not even gonna go and assume when they decided it, but I know the decision caused the delay.

    • VenoM362 says:

      If it comes out on 360 too it will be fucked up just like Tekken 6 is.

      You know it,VenoM362 knows it,sdtekken knows it…

      I’m just saying…

      • crazy skip says:

        lets just hope that either xbox steps up in CD terms or it just doesnt get ported to 360

      • chemicalRed says:

        @ VenoM362
        LOL .. Why isnt that your permanent comment on PSN?
        On another note, you notice how they stopped moderating comments around the period of Ghosts’ inactivity here? LOL.. Maybe its just coincidence.. And I couldn’t understand why during the moderation period Ghost-like comments were being posted by other users and approved :/

      • VenoM362 says:

        yeah VenoM362 did notice that. I change my psn atleast once a week, its what VenoM362 does.

        I’m just saying…

  41. YoshiBLADE says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I want to see the damage done by my moves on the other character. If I cut someone with yoshimitsu I want to see at least a scratch on them. I don’t see how after such a long fight everyone manages to stay clean. Blood would be asking for too much since it’s still tekken, still this will take less time since they have the frame work done with tekken 6. New moves and the return of the Tekken5’s story mode are all I’m hoping for, that and a boss that isn’t a cheap piece of you know what.

  42. POIa2 says:


    -Faster loading times.
    -Few more characters
    -Better or no scenario mode.
    -Better bound and fall-trough-a-hole-animation, face it it suxxxorz

    And call me a happy man.

  43. michael says:

    Tekken 7 or Tekken tag 2 or a Tekken cross-over which comes out first i just want them exclusively on the PS3!!!

  44. michael says:

    Tekken 7 or Tekken tag 2 or a Tekken cross-over which comes out first i just want them exclusively on the PS3!!! those Xbots can cry like a bunch of spoiled 8-year-olds waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  45. king david of tekken says:

    lets be realistic, that is not going to happen. They pick one, release it and you either take it, or leave it, i only heard tekken tag was considered nxt to t6, but of course, fans will always want to know what happens nxt. i can’t agree more of what that venom dood said, namco can give a shit stained sewer rats ass about the fans, they eat dollars, piss dollars, shit dollars, and eat more dollars. its a condemned cycle of dirty money( i use that term loosely)

  46. Jack Maker says:

    OK THIS TIME CHARACTER CREATION!!! TEKKEN 6 was boring and crap with out it. OH and back offline ranking system.

  47. Jack Maker says:

    Oh and I have some not so good news for those who want this to be exclusive to the PS3 and PSP. It will most likely come on Xbox360 again.

  48. Web Design CA…

    GET READY FOR THE 7TH BATTLE! « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!…

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