Low Parry Combo Ranking

Golden Eggs from Japan has made a video with Tekken 6 low parry combo character ranking. Who has the best low parry combo in the game and which character(s) shouldn’t parry lows that often? Watch the video down below and find out!

If you know some more damaging combos than these, feel free to post a comment to the video.


39 Responses to Low Parry Combo Ranking

  1. terz says:

    Nice one.

  2. terz says:

    Still nobody comments after an hour.
    Well this is a great vid as i do not see any advantage on some character when parried an attack!

  3. crazy skip says:

    i hardly parry so this wont apply to me much.. i like punishing better…

  4. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    ya very intersting vid

    • r says:

      Yo Cyclone, where are you from bro?Cuz you seem to know alot about Tekken, are you also from Europe?

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        lol, nah man im from Arizona. ya i know a bit , i actually got into tekken after Tekken 5 came out, so im fairly new to it, but i caught up quick.

        lot of competition where i live.

  5. chemicalRed says:

    Very useful stuff here.. Thanks for the update.

  6. Schematic says:

    Lei’s is wrong. the correct one is harder to hit but once you go into back turn after 1+2,1 you are supposed to do 3 not b+4. that does 45 damage. its harder and only does 4 more damage. But might mean the difference in a close match. As for the rest thank you for showing me all that especially the raven one. I can do the leo one but I have trouble doing f+4 after you do the first part of it. It was good though.

  7. concretebody says:

    Nice. I like.

  8. Schematic says:

    Also with lei I forgot to say you have to delay the 1 after 1+2 in order to get the 3 afterwards. Also I think the Steve one is wrong. I think if you do 3(sway) to 1,1 then d/f 1,1 f+3, d/b, ws1,2 Think you do the most. Basically it ends with a sonic fang and when you begin you do 3, 1,1 which starts it of with pretty good damage. I think you can do a bit more with lars as well lol, think 1 more damage then that. Also is that 4 at the end of eddy’s garanteed? and also the slide at the end of julia’s ?

    • nina_velvet says:

      do not say wrong, there is no wrong in that after parry combo, he said on his video description that if u have a combo for a certain character that does high damage than this video, let him know. So there is nothing wrong with the combos.

  9. Schematic says:

    shoot I actually meant delaying the 1 after forward 3 for Lei sorry.

  10. tekkenlover says:

    sometimes i low parry on normal moves but mostly i low parry when people or computer use 10 combo against me becuase most of 10 combos have at least 1 or 2 low move with some exception bryan, eddy, christin dont any have low move on their 10 combos which i found a bit silly cuz u can just hold back and u block all of them, some chracters eventhough they have have low move in their 10 combos their combos dont really damage u or knock u down if u just hold back that include lars’s only combos one of heihachie’s and one of zafina’s combos other than that u got to know when to low parry to avoid a big damage from 10 combos, i am not sure whether the whole porpuse of 10 combos is fair to exsit or not in the game cuz eventhough i went through every single 10 combo that each character has i still forget when the low moves are excecuted in some 10 combos therefore i have to go to practice moves and study it again. and with more and more characters are adding in each tekken series it’s become little bit harder for people remember all of them, if only killer instinc didnt created this stupid combos we might wouldnt have this problem wiith 10 combo in tekken

    • AssassinX21 says:

      Most 10 hits have a low that makes the rest of it guaranteed, so you don’t want to just hold back; but aside that anyone in the right mind won’t use 10 hits. Your wasting your time learning 10 hits, only scrubs use them, decent, good, or top people don’t use them period. They’re useless…..

      • DrBhup666 says:

        I hear a lot of people say that.

        “10-strings are useless, onbly scrubs do those etc etc…”

        Please tell me why? Is it because they are easily broken by just holding back or are there any particular reason I don’t know about?

      • k.d.e says:

        @ DrBhup666
        good players dont use them against good opponents because 10 strings are easy to see where to parry or block because most of them are slow. thats why if people use a ten string they cancel it before they go low or something like that so they wont get punished.

      • tekkenlover says:

        no assassinx21 u didnt understand me correctly i said with only few exception such as eddy lars , bryan, christine , and one of hehachie’s and zafina’s 10 hit combos u cant avoid all or most of damage from 10 hit combos other than that for the rest of the 10 hit combos u have to know exactly where the low hit is to low parry, thats all i said, but of course u cant just hold back…. read it again and yes i also question the 10 hit combos but that doesnt stop people or computer from using it against u.

  11. tekkenlover says:

    drbhupp666 the point is not that they are easily breakable, but it is remembering every single chracter 10 hit combo or 10 hit combos that each character has and remembering when to apply low parry for each one. even among pro japanse and koreans players they somtimes (not often though) use 10 hit combo as a surprize attack against each other and most of the time they are successful in doing so. REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER! i start playing tekken since tekken 2 i played all of tekken games but namco has make decision with addition more and more new chracters what to do about 10 hit combos, cuz they want more new people to play their game and addition of more and more 10 hit combos it certainly doesnt make job of new players any easier when it comes to defending against 10 hit combos oh and assainx21 isnt there a vedio out there using 10hit combos against fyagami launching him up using one of 10 hit combos from nina?! REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER!

  12. VenoM362 says:

    Good video,useful stuff here. VenoM362 was working on parry and floor break combos a few weeks ago.

    BTW, VenoM362 plays 4 of the top 5, thats right bitches.

    I’m just saying…

  13. Kernkraft says:

    nice compilation, it’s actually interesting to see that “some” of the characters with good low parry combos are actually some characters with very weak full juggles without wall.. Exceptions apply obviously (lili, lars,etc..) but i’m thinking yoshi and raven for example.

  14. StaN17 says:

    i dont know if lee got only 51 dmg from that last 2 hits from ms 3,4.. wat if you replace ms 3,4 to ws+2,3.. i cant test it since im no good in doing b+2 consistently.. anyways, good job man.. i have now ideas what to pull of on LP..

  15. Spitfire says:

    y does VemonM362 seem like da new blindghost? “im just saying” though……and anyway i can most of u just started playin tekken recently and dont understand simple logistics with not using 10 hit combos…..and this is universal knowledge with all multi-hit combos in a character’s move list….Law
    ‘s first 10 hit string is DF 1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4 ok……a scenario of attacks thats 2 – keyword: “predictable” so y in da hell would u pull dem in battle just 2 get reversaled 2 death or parried? i mean yall questions r redundant…..thats like sayin “whats wrong with me continuously drinking drinking sodas even though it tastes good and drys out my bones?” u wanna give yaself da best possible means of staying healthy by switching up ya diet and bein consistent with what u put into ur body…same principle in da heat of battle….u wanna constantly keep ya opponent guessing ur every move just about 2 increase chances of winning by not being easily read…DUH!!!!

    • VenoM362 says:

      VenoM362 is VenoM362 and BlindGhost is BlindGhost. There’s only 1 BlindGhost ( lot of wannabes though ) and its damn sure only 1 VenoM362.

      I’m just saying…

    • DrBhup666 says:


      So if I understand you correctly, you are saying that the main reason NOT to use
      10-stings are that they are too predictable and the point of Tekken is always letting your opponent guess what is about to come. Therefor it is easy to break a 10-string with reversals, low parry etc etc.

      But then you are saying that you know ALL of the 10-strings (often 2-3) of ALL of the characters (40) by heart all the time and knows what is about to come..?!!

      Somehow I find that hard to believe! You are saying you know exactly when and where in the string the ‘low-hit’ for 120+ different
      10-strings are… Really??

    • Grey says:

      It’s not that hard to believe mainly because they’re not that hard to remember to begin with. These things work if you’re against a beginner but if you played this game long enough it’s easy to see what moves comes next. You don’t have to stop the 10-hit by waiting for the low either, some 10hits are almost all high you can just duck and punish/launch. They’re very common and it’s very risky and there are better combos out there that actually work.

      The main point is: it’s not that they don’t work, it’s that they don’t work again. Any decent player or a player with half a brain can learn from the last time he got hit with it. You don’t have to memorize everything knowing what comes next comes naturally. Some top players break it out just to catch people off guard but in any case it’s not recommended to be used normally.

      • Tekkenlover says:

        Well gery u saying. Now u remember every single 10 hit combos that has low move in it and don’t forget any of them ???? Yeah right…. Beside I know if character use the same 10 hit combo over and over again he will lose cuz that’s same like using same normal move over and over again but as I admitted it works mostly when u use it once and I don’t thing not even that is fair

  16. bortz says:

    o.0 damn @ those iWS epic >.<…. so nina's got the most damaging low parry combo huh

  17. Renzo says:

    No one is going to perform NINA low parry combo in real match haha

    • imlinked says:

      eh… i see quite a few folks that can perform nina’s ws juggle consistently. heck, i even saw a player do it online (granted it was 5 bars).

      why cant it be used in a real match? great wall carry, great damage.

  18. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Ya come to think of it where is Ghost ?? Did he get Banned Again ??

  19. SHY says:

    Miguel has got good follows to the walls

  20. Marc says:

    Very essential. Where can I go to get all characters’ Low Parry combos?

  21. Sharog says:

    @tekkenlover: A large selection of the 10 hit string out there has Animation “hints” on when a low or an ultra slow move is comming, if u have the reaction to block bryan’s d/f+3 u can see them and just hopkick most of it. For the rest of the 10 hit strings with no apparant slow move u can always go by the simple principle, when ever u block a “mid” move in the string, u can jab interrupt the next move unless it happen to be a low and high crush you.
    But ofcourse there are exceptions, but in the end there is prolly only a handful of 10 strings that can really catch an experianced player off guard for once in a life time(and no, even most experianced player does not know all the 10hit strings in the game). Due to the crush/launch friendly system we have in the game, spamming 10 hit against a good player twice is pretty much losing 50% of your health on the get go.

  22. LifeIVs says:

    just wanna say that, memorizing the 10 hit combos is just a little step of the things you should memorise. belive it or not, good players should know the hole command list of every character, and i don’t mean how to input them. just so they know how to block, parry ect…THEN, they should know the frames of each move(every move on command list) so that they can punish properly.

  23. Tiffany says:

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    but I believed this submit was great. I don’t recognize who you are however definitely you’re going to a famous blogger in case you aren’t already.

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