Tekken Crash S4 Royal Rumble Final Matches!

Jon747 has just uploaded the final Tekken Crash Season’s Royal Rumble videos featuring the Korea’s best Bloodline Rebellion players! Click down below for some intense Tekken 6 matches from MBC Game’s TV show!

17 Responses to Tekken Crash S4 Royal Rumble Final Matches!

  1. crazy skip says:

    didnt bother watching everything went straight to rain vs knee

    1st match – now thats what i call round comeback…
    2nd match – 2nd round very nice win! 3rd round domination! last round just great timing on the grabs..
    3rd match – very very good win by rain!
    4th match – 1st round ending = damn! rain takes it to the last round, epic! knee takes it to the last set!

    final match – EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! taking it to the last and final round of the overall 5 sets! just OMFG!

    overall match – mind blowing! everything went punished at the right time, a lot escaped throws, and seems to me that there was a bit of rivalry/bad blood?maybe?

  2. TCO-TheOne says:

    Damn it man good shit i was pulling for Rain anyway he had Knee scared that’s why he jumped up at the end you could see the relief in his face. I don’t care very good finals by two of the best. Still Rain all day FTW!!!!.

  3. Tekkenlover says:

    This is how tekken should be and the best match was the final match , only if leedy and quad came back from retirement tekken crash would be even greater

    • crazy skip says:

      qudans has an injury on his hand… he wont be coming back anytime soon

      leedy is back but disappeared again… i saw him using kaz

      leedy vs ji3moon ace – leedy lost a couple of times i think.. its on youtube

      • Tekkenlover says:

        Yeah I saw leedy vs ji3moon he was rusty that so sad he is working so he won’t be back but what kind injury does quadn have that prevents him from playing tekken for a long period of time? By the way how come I we don’t see maddogjin ever participating at tekken crash , I have seen many vedios of him playing tekken6 at green arcade but haven’t seen him participating in tekkencrash not even once surly someone with his talent can play very well at tekken crash tournament

      • crazy skip says:

        maybe he doesnt have a team?

        qudans has an injury on his wrist i think?ive only read forums and threads why he isnt playing…

      • vinsor says:

        yeah, we need the korean mishima gods back

      • VenoM362 says:

        @ Tekkenlover

        I believe MDJ is here in the U.S. for school.

        VenoM362 is waiting on MDJ to get back on the Tekken scene too.

        I’m just saying…

  4. chemicalRed says:

    Cool.. Thanks for the update.

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  6. Colin says:

    MDJ was in T Crash with Crazy dongpal this season and they got eliminated pretty early.

  7. TCO-TheOne says:

    In my opinion Rain and Knee are evenly matched the final could have went either way i would like them to face off again,but only when Knee gets his Tekken god rank Tekken god vs Tekken god.

  8. VenoM362 says:

    Hell yeah, Knee for the win!
    Awesome fights, mad respect to Rain and Knee.
    I like both players but Rain was using Bruce, one of my enemies. Now don’t get it twisted. VenoM362 isn’t hate’n on Bruce, in fact I would say Bruce is the best character that I don’t play. VenoM362 was going for Knee because he plays Bryan,one of my favorite characters. It was a close fight but Knee held it down, as usual.

    I’m just saying…

    • TCO-TheOne says:

      My boy Rain had Knee holding his breath lol. You never see emotion when Knee plays, but that time you did.

      • chemicalRed says:

        I kinda feel sorry for Sunchip; Knee always makes him look really bad.
        Yeah, the Rain vs Knee matches were intense. They’re both really good but I still see more precision and skill in Knee than in Rain. Watching this, even if Knee lost I would still think of him as the better player.. I feel like there were a few instances here and there where Knee couldve really taken advantage of Rain but he chose not to.. Rain (as well as many players) may capitalize off of an opponents whiffs or mistakes when they occur but Knee actually sets those instances up. That’s what I think makes him special

  9. ThatDude says:

    testing 1 2

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