MLG Columbus Recap And Rebroadcast

Major League Gaming lets us experience the Columbus Tekken 6 event again, bringing us a recap and a rebroadcast of the competition. Did you miss it live? Be sure to check it!


82 Responses to MLG Columbus Recap And Rebroadcast

  1. cappox says:

    i finally get to see GM style

    • mont says:

      seriously think that knee that game for using his other character like steve. definitely GM wouldn’t win if he used bryan.

  2. Di says:

    GM vs. Knee = unbelievable

    One question to GM: Have you thought about using b+1+2 against Bryan’s d/f+1 series? If yes, do you consider it useful?

    • vinsor says:

      is there a link as to where i can watch the fight?

    • GM fizzle says:

      i haven;t really thought of that d1, since bryan is alot of elbows, i didn;t bother to try the punch parry on him, thanks for the advice though ille try it out next time.

      and you can watch the videos in the videos section

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Umm wh ydo fuck do you come in here talking like Knee used Bryan when he was obviously fucking wiht you the entire time you wer playing him.

        he didnt pick Bryan ONCE !!! when you played him ONCE !! he picked Devil Jin and he picked Steve.

        Dude They were generous enough to give you second place.

        Be honest next time. dont bullshit

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        And then just to plazz the Crowd he picked bryan on the last fight.

        Bro you would have been history if he picked Bryan instead of Devil jin.

        Knee was putting on a show.

      • Di says:

        I’m referring to a situation when Bryan locks you down with d/f+1 and delays additional attacks. I may be wrong but I think that you can b+1+2 them with Lee on reaction which could make your opponent think twice before using it.

      • Reality says:

        GM – just want to say that watching the videos now I think you played pretty amazing. Incredible poking and defense. I do not think that you got any sort of mercy fight like Shinoby (who I now believe is probably insane) but I do believe you were greatly underestimated and they paid the price for it. But… that’s their problem.

        I know I’ve been very critical in the other thread about things like this talk about gaps closing and so on but you really do deserve props for your game play. As I said before, amazing poking man.

        /someone who atleast tries to be objective signing of

      • mont says:

        but your a great player. 2thumbs for you man.

    • filthieRich says:

      just jumping in here real quick to clear a few things up :

      Knee used DJ/steve cuz those are also his MAINS.

      and yes GM did play vs Knees Brian for the last 2 games.

      cheer up guys dont get too caught in a mixup

      • Di says:

        That’s 100% true. 2 years ago Knee picked up DJ against Nin’s Steve in Ultimate Tournament’s final because he lost using Bryan. And yep, Knee placed first.

      • xyz says:

        and theres also youtube vids of knee playing dj/steve on tekken gosu account

      • Reality says:

        Seriously Filthy; do you know how RIDICULOUS you sound when trying to argue that someone has 3 (!) mains just for the sake of argument? Do you know what a MAIN is? I love watching you play and respect you as a player but come on man…

      • chemicalRed says:

        I agree with Reality; “Main” in most cases (,if not all,) implies singularity.. and even more so in the context we are using it in now.. You can only have one “Main” and its obvious Knee’s is Bryan.

  3. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    OMG WOW, Just WOW, to you Fucking Liars here…..

    KNee Used DEV-Jin and you guys fucking Lied and said he used Brian LOL

    ANd further more you guys talked shit about how KNee is Finished.

    WOW, Just WOW…and your calling Us !?!? dick riders ??

    The guy didnt even use his main character. LOL

    LOL he gave him that shit man. if Knee was serious he would have went to Brian, thats his go to guy.

    Looks like i was right. Lame Asses.

  4. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Oh and form what i saw Knee wiped out every top player form the U.S including Jui the thai guy who plays nina.

    so what the fuck ws this shit about Knee being stemarolled 5 times in a row and all this other B.S ??

  5. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    That shit beteen GM and Knee was a fucking Pity Fight LOL.

  6. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    The announcer even says Holeman and Knee have yet to youse their main characters during the fight between Knee and GM.

    you guys are busted LOL.

  7. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    OMG !!! werre those Mercy Fights. Shit soo fucking apparant man.

    Dude and GM is ghonna come in here and talk about how he eliminated the Koreans ??? really you didnt notcie the fucking single punches and kicks and pauses with Devil jin ??

    yaaa ok. he game him second place man.

  8. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    you know it fucking Boglles the mind how some of you mutha fuckers come in here and talk shit about how your close. to Koreans

    When the reality is watchign that match between Knee and GM.

    Knee was Bored out of his fucking MIND !!!!

    half the time it looked liek he was jerking off with one hand and Using the other to play.

    That shit was a Mercy fight, he gave him that shit man. he didnt earn it LOL.

  9. Shinobi Cyclone says:


  10. Shinobi Cyclone says:


    THisi s the last time i take your words for real LMAO

    OMG !!!

  11. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    I liek how they were yelling in the back like its a real fight, as if hes doing well LOL.




  12. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Well regardless what you gys will say, If im trying to win a tourny, I would go to anyone else But my main guy.

    Knee was up 4 to 1 LOL and he used D,J and Steve all 4 rounds.

    He doesnt use those guys he uses Bryan, If he was serious it woudl have been Bryan all the way.

    That whole tourny was a set-up, they wanted Holeman to Go agaisnt him.


    The truth Comes out.

    • TKL says:

      What makes you say you know EXACTLY what knee was planning ?

      you are not knee.

      you are just a random scrub sucking the korean dicks hoping to absorb da korean gene.

    • TKL says:

      yea the whole shit is a set up to make you love them so much so they get to put da dick in your mouth LOLOLOLOL

  13. TKL says:

    the truth is that this man “Shinobi Cyclone”
    loves every inch of that korean dick.
    he is licking it, sucking it, and swallow the gift on SD tekken over and over.

    I do not deny the fact that Koreans are better tekken players.

    and I do believe knee WAS fucking with GM.

    He was too cocky and he made a mistake underestimating GM, and it was too late for him to stop GM’s momentum.

    And he DID NOT give wins to GM.

    NO ONE gave charity wins when cash are on the table.

    NO ONE gave charity winds then asked for rematch after the tourny.

  14. TKL says:

    Shinobi Cyclone do you even play tekken ?

    Did you watch the match see knee tried to come back
    ? And Nin went up gave him advice?

    And you call it charity games from knee?

    Did Knee tell you that he let GM win after he fucked you on his bed ?

    Did Knee say it was a gift from him to GM when you were sucking his dick ?

    and Did Nin say he wasn’t coaching Knee, he just went up there for the Camera while doing you from behind ?

    STFU and keep the kimchi TOFU in your ass.

  15. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    HAH AH AAA Bring on the Hate Bring it Son.

    But youll never Beat Koreans.

    You Guy know it, so you come here and Lie to everybody how KNee Got stomped and Knee got Steam Rolled, when in reality .

    4 out of those 5 Fights he was Using characters He never used LOL.

    If im in a Tourny and Im serious about winning i wouldnt use My 2nd or 3d Characters i would use my Best Character

    • TKL says:

      I never say I can beat korean so it ends here

      And you are NOT knee so you never know ~
      you are just saying stuff as a korean dick lover.

      Unless you can get a hard proof from knee that he was actually giving those games otherwise you are still the KOREAN DICK LOVER.

      LOVE this shit when people just sucking that dick so deep that hurts their brain to think as a human being.

    • TKL says:

      and if you are in the Tourny and you are serious.
      you will be passing condoms to koreans and begging them for the night visit ~

      HA HA HA yes sir bring up the hate son !!!!

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Damn dude you sure love talking about Dick…u sure your not the one wit hthe fantasy of fucking Koreans ??

        I’m just sad that I had to talk to 4 or 5 guys Defending GM on how badass he was.

        now the Videos are available and he gave him like 5 fights man 5 !! FIGHTS, just for kicks LOL.

      • TKL says:

        defending GM ?

        No I am just stating the fact that someone is having the korean dicks stuck in his throat and need to see a Doc

  16. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    You can talk about Dick riding Koreans all you want.

    But the Funny thing here is, that you Guys lied, so you can somehow Raise the Rep of American players or something ???

    and you Failed You failed Horribly, Because now that the Videos our out, everybody can see forthemselves how Knee was Fucking around wiht Everyone.

    Further more, you talk this shit about NIN being Racist , when him and Bronson Clearly are Cool as Shit during the tourny.

    • TKL says:

      YES I am talking about korean dick riding and someone is riding it HARD CORE. like super glued on that dick !!!

      All can people see from the video are how knee got cocky and lost to GM.

      and Further More I never said Nin is a Racist,
      I am just saying he is salty.

      but Who knows Nin can be cool as shit but still being a racist. I am just saying.

      maybe you know better ~ or did the koreans just leave in the morning w/o saying words ?

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        you can hate all you want on them, or me, it dont matter, i just call it as i see it, and its clear as day, those were some charity fights.

        even when he picked bryan he was holding back

      • TKL says:

        OH~~~~~ WOW !!!!!
        you are so good at tekken that you know knee was holding back !!!

        and you know he was giving games away

        and you know his grand plan of making Holeman win the tourney !!!!

        just who the fuck are you saying all this shit without backing it up ?

        KDL forever to you

  17. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    You guys are fucking Salty, salty because you cant beat Koreans LOL.

    not evne close, if i was GM i woulnt have ev en raised my arms after that fight, i ould have just walked away emotionaless.

    Because that shit is clear as day he was throwing fights.

    • TKL says:

      You won’t even have a chance to be there playing on the stage you KDL (koren dick lover)

      it so fucking stupid as someone saying “OH if I get elected as the president of the USA..blah blah blah”

      go suck some more korean dicks pig.

      oh wait ….maybe you need to suck some North Korea dicks so they will be to tired to fight the South Korea so you can have your hero’s hands on the sticks instead of shooting people.

  18. Tekkenlover says:

    LOL, Awww it is so nice when people gets along. Enjoy everyone

  19. Aris says:

    Knee told me first hand last week (during dinner) that he thinks GM is the second best player in the US. He also was absolutely trying his best against GM (he likes money). He counter picked against him because he thinks Lee is strong against Bryan.

  20. TKL says:

    Dick sucking Shinobi Cyclone
    you see what Aris said ?

    that’s what I call a SOLID PROOF
    from a man who actually TALKED to knee

    not just some self-fantasy imagination BS dick licking.

    knee was “COUNTER PICKING”
    you fucking idiot.
    go spit that dick off your mouth fucking loser

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      GO fuck yourself you douch, you think i believe anything from that cock sucker aris ??

      were talking about the same guy who couldnt win one fucking round in the International tekken tourny you FAGG !!

      and his only excuse was that the TV’s were laggy,. while Koreans whent ahead and made it to the finals he was still blurting out that the TVs were laggy, Fucking bullshit excuse if i ever heard one, but if you wana suck his dick dry go ahead and take his word for it.

      stupid fucking prick, if someone told you pigs fly youd probably belevie it too.

      counter picking my ass.

      Knee plays brian…end of story, watch his tekken crash vids, it dont matter who the fuck they pick, he s a solid bryan player, he can basically win any fiht with bryan.

      thats why i love tekken you dont have to counter Pick, tekken is all fair, you can win wiht anyone, its only dumbfucks like you here, that still have that kind of mentality of ” if i pick this character i stand a better chance of winning ” thats not the way Koreans play and they proved that shit here, time and time again, whooping you so called best players with, Dragunov, Miguel, Law, Lars.

      while you faggs were humping bryan as if hes the strongest of all players, stupid dumbfucks.

      go back to playing tekken in your moms basement.

      you or your homies dont stand a fucking chance agaisn these three guys. thats the most embarassing thing about it, its three fucking guys vs a 100 + that enter the tourny

      they all got whiped clean off Columbus by knee !! kNEE FUCKER !! by himself took them all out i watched it myself.

      and he gave that last fucking fight to GM.

      its on video, you wanna argue wiht that ??

      then go shove a bat up your ass.

      he was up 4-1, if he used bryan GM wouldnt have even made it to second Numnuts.

      he wasnt counter picking Dumbfuck.

      if i was to win a tourny i would use my best character. and his would be bryan, he was fucking around with him. it obvious he was Holding back with DEVJIN

      i wish i was as good as knee cause if was i would straight up embarrase you mutha fuckers, so that you would never spout that shit about you being on parr with koreans.

      but hes fucking humble hes asian after all, but your dumbass in the fucking gettohs or back woods wouldnt know shit about culture diffrence.

      so just keep jerking off to GM and that charaty fight.

      Fucking Phaget.

      • TKL says:

        1.This tekken is fair but still there is a tier list can’t switch character in tekken crash or SBO

        3.There is always gonna be a good match up or a bad match up among characters

        4.Rain switches characters in US tourney accordingly to who he plays against as you are saying they never do so

        DONE ! go back suck whatever you like to get your mouth over.

  21. TKL says:

    And that’s how a REAL fighting game player thinks.

    Knee played his best, accepted his losses, and give credits to those who are truly solid.

    Losing to GM? so what ?
    Knee is still one of the most respected tekken player on the planet.

  22. Tekkenlover says:

    Cyclone why u dissing aris for? WTF?
    He is among the best in U.S and can kick most people here without even trying hard nin also said those tv were laggy haven’t u played online before? Haven’t u notice how lagg can fucks up the gameplay espeacially during the juggles. That’s just wrong,,,,,,, u are criticizing people as if u know them ur whole life, aris, nap, crow , myk , chetchaty , insanlee are among the best in here and if they weren’t any good they wouldnt have 50 percent win lost ratio against the best players in japan while they were playing tekken6 br at Japanese arcades …..

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      cause man this TKL guy is a fucking Bitch man.

      you knwo what man, thats cool.

      they wanna live in fantasy land thats cool.

      Let them win in fantasy land, i aint gonna take this any further, this argument has been beaten to the ground.

      as a matter of fact, im just not gonna post on anything that has to do wiht tourneys, cause if you trey to be real and tell them who won and who didnt or whats really going o, they will just deny it.

      so im signing off, dont expect me to post in this thread or anyoother one that has to do wiht MLG.

      and forthe last time

      FUCK YOU TKL you dick riding mutha fucker.

      GO ride your girl friend GM phaget ass bitch.

      • TKL says:

        just who the fuck does two taunt jet upper in a single match to give charity game ?

        who are you? saying you tell the truth ?

        and trust me, you won’t shut up.

  23. cable1015 says:

    That tournament was fun to watch. GM was doing some crazy tactics with Lee. Great run!

  24. vinsor says:

    although i agree with Shinobi Cyclone to a certain point in the supposed USA vs Korea thing

    i’d still give credit to GM for beating them because as far as the gap is, only GM has been consistent in showing he’s catching up

  25. Schematic says:

    Why do you guys even respond to Shinobi Cyclone? He’s delusional lol. If you listen to GM’s interview you will understand what was goin on. Knee and Nin underestimated GM and tried to son him. GM does a lot of homework when he has trouble with a certain character or their moves and he studies matchups harder than anyone I’ve known. Rain loves GM and says he has the most potential of any american. At the end of the day its not about what country your from or your race. Its about how much talent and hard work you have individually. And unlike most GM actually plays tekken for a living lol. Fab works full time. And I don’t know what Bloodhawk does. But most americans have normal video game non dominated lives. GM beat Nin. Because he knows the Steve matchup like the back of his hand. and he knows how to shut that character down. Devil Jin is a character he is not used to because we have virtually no devil jins up here in NY. So he studied the character that night after Knee put him in loosers. Thats how talented the guy is. And bryan… GM has been preparing for that matchup for a loooooooong time. About a year ago he used to say that Bryan was a bad matchup for Lee. So he sure up his defenses on that character even though we have no Bryan players at all. Shinobi Cyclone is a typical ignorant idiot. He is not in any of the minds of these ppl And I’m pretty sure none of the Koreans would be friends with him lol. They don’t have respect for weaklings who talk big.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Fuck you schematic, i hope you get Run over by a Sled.

      you Jamaican Phaget.

      Cooool Runniiiin !!!

  26. NYtekken says:

    Well the reason why i watch the rebroadcast was for one person only and that was juie(nina player) he is one crazy nina player i didnt even care about GM Kor Fab naps or the koreans
    to me i think juie has put a better performance than any other player. Every fight he just pull some crazy moves that just amaze me and made go “OMG WOW” he a really nice nina player
    i play nina also but damn his nina is unreal multiple ss1 follow by ws1 if i could have a few casual match with him ill b really happy
    but sadly i heard that would be his last MLG tourney hope thats not true cuz to be honest we would b a great addition to the U.S tekken community. He was also givin Holeman a hard time for what i saw
    well whether knee give GM wins or not dont really matter to me so congrats to all of them

  27. TKL says:

    Whatever knee told Aris has nothing to do with whether Aris play good or bad in any tournament. (Though Aris still earns my respect as a tekken player.)


    even the dumbest person would say 1 plus 1 equals 2. But I guess not you. you think 1 plus 1 equals 3 dicks in your mouth.

    Knee said it himself he counter picked

    and you are saying ” NO NO Knee didn’t do it”


    is that the same Knee we are talking about?

    or is that whoever fucked you so hard that messed you up badly named knee ?

    I said Koreans are averagely better than US.

    I do sorta believe that Knee was fucking around but I have no proof since himself said he was for real.

    I said GM deserves credit for beating two top korean players straight up


    and I just love to see you dumb nuts idiot sucking and shoving korean dicks up your mouth and anus here.

    dude it’s too much fun man

    call me a bitch all day cuz I am the one sticking the truth into your tiny ass.


    WOW ~~~ just WOW ~~~ WHAT A DUMB FUCK !!!

    you wish you are good as knee ?
    YES you WISH !
    cuz the only thing that’s gonna come out from your effort is shit from the mouth.

    what kinda drug are you on ?
    I know pot makes people high BUT I DO NOT know what drug makes people being retarded and wanna suck dick.

    humble and culture difference ?
    have you seen what Nin was doing in the tekken championship global ?
    but that shit was super hype I love it.

    every single culture somewhat nourishes some real dumbasses. you for one as you demonstrated your level of intelligence.

    sorry ass refuses to accept what’s sky clear true and want to believe that


    it’s like:
    Knee: hey Shinobi Cyclone I was palying
    for real

    Shinobi Ass: NO you DID NOT !!! NO !!!

    Knee: but I did, why don’t you believe me?

    Shinobi Ass: Cuz I am a dumbass and I
    love your cock !!!

    OMG you made my day. I feel so smart all the sudden.

    the only last value of your shameful life is to make others believe they ARE actually smarter than someone else.


    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      What i would liek you to do is come down here to arizona and tell me that shit to my face.

      plz ill even ive you the fucking adress.

      callem a dick rider to my face.

      you can hide behind the net all you want bitch but can you say it to my face.

      your probably so fat mutha fucker that needs a damn broom just to make the remote fall of the table and drag it to your sorry ass.

      because the majority of you faggs are all the same lazy fat fuckers.

      • TKL says:

        then I feel sorry for Arizona to have you there.

        I am pretty fat and probably need to use that broom.

        yea post up your address. be a man of your words.

      • TKL says:

        so you want me to say it in your face to prove a point now you are not gonna use words but muscles cuz you know you were wrong the whole time ?

        that’s right, dumb people ONLY uses their muscles.

        And if you are in Arizona. please prove your level of skill in devastation so words from you will be more creditable.

  28. coilover2005 says:

    Shinobi Cyclone you talk pretty hardcore like you could do better. Dissin GM, Di, and Aris. Callin people dick riders!?!? You’re a joke. Why aren’t you there @ these high level play tournies cuz you talk like you should be??? You got a big mouth man. You might be a good solid player, Good for you… Don’t be an ass though pal. You remind me of the “cool kid” in high school who thinks his shit dont stink. It amazes me that you haven’t been banned along w/ your other 5 names on here Mr. Blind Ghost… I wanna see you battle every person on SD you’ve trash talked, have it taped, then see if you still post like a dick every ten minutes. Dude you spend so much time on this site you should be more positive! Just wasteful BS 24/7. You’re just being a cocky little ass and I’m SURE I’m not the only one sick of your egotistical MOUTH. Chill out already!

  29. changandy says:

    Damn! The real life “Assassins Creed” handled Knee

  30. filthieRich says:

    this is the most important thing i can tell anyone in this biz…..

    dont eat sourpatch kidz while announcing the champ

  31. Freestyle says:

    I just asked Knee about why he choosed DJ and Steve against GM.

    About picking Devil Jin… Knee couldn’t change his character, because of the MLG rule. It was continuation match(DJ vs Lee) against GM after sending him to losers.

    Also Knee picking Steve was because he tought that he could beat GM with his Steve after seeing NIN vs GM match.

    He also mentioned that he said the same thing on MLG interview with Seb, but the guy who was translating his interview was very bad in Korean.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Dont bother telling them that, they wont listen.

      they are too busy stroking thier Egos.

      • TKL says:

        so what part of the response above from freestyle said anything about giving CHARITY GAMES ????


        someone should be telling you to get out of your fantasy land and get real.

        and where is your address you pussy !

      • TKL says:

        Knee used DJ because of the rule but don’t forget he put GM into losers with that DJ

        and then he used steve because he thought he could have won with steve

        then he DID use Bryan but he couldn’t stop the bleeding


        the truth is SOOOOO fucking right there.

        oh man I love this !!

  32. VenoM362 says:

    Damn, looks like the real fight was on this page.

    I’m just saying…

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Venom Use riotsheild, don’t forget to also to bring stunt and flash gernade to saperate the people here, venoms there is a real war taking place right here! Choose ur side wisely and make sure u have enough amunition!!! Oh and don’t forget about love and peace i am just saying ;)

  33. Tekkenlover says:

    Guys this getting way out of hand tekken is my faviorite game but people are getting way too emotional about this game. everyone needs to just chill. Let’s unite against the real enemy….. BP, FUCK Them!!!! Espeacially Tony Hayward , hang him from the balls and boil him with his precious oil

  34. David says:

    I didn’t bother reading much of this, but has Shinobi admitted yet that Knee did in fact use Bryan?

  35. Schematic says:

    So I’m a jamaican fagget hugh. You’d be pussy if you came in my face and said that. I’d do more than fuck you up you racist pussy. Why can’t ppl like u just go away. The world would be a better place without hitlers like you.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      lol Racist ?? im not Racist bro, my best Friend is black, and most of my Firends are Latin.

      I Just dont dick ride. like you guys do.

      No where near Korean skills yet you guys tak shit.

      Did Knee play Bryan at the Tourney ya he did.

      Lat three rounds, those first 4 he gave those bitches away.

      and of course GM took them because its an easy fucking win for him.

      Knee was being Cocky, but Badasses like him can do that.

      But i can tell you right now if Knee picked Bryan by Round 2 he would hve Fucked up GM.

      but he was cocky.

      Regardless out of 100’s Koreans came in First and thats evidence enough they they still own anyone form the world at tekken, and nobody is even close, so stop sucking GM’s dick

  36. iLLmatic says:

    Whats all this Knee talk? Holeman was the man, beating Knee and Nin in several tournament in US. If only Rain couldve been there again.

  37. The Invincible says:

    Looks like the videos are not available. Please let me know once they are up again.

  38. Stormshadow says:

    @Shinobi Cyclone : Yes u r rite , knee didnt showed his real potential but it was his fault, he shud hav played seriously. Holeman had to defeat GM otherwise people wud hav thought Koreans have gone down!!!!!

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