Nin Takes Devastation!

American players didn’t manage to stop the Koreans who won this year’s Devastation Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 6 events. Click below for the results and visit either or for the videos.


1st – Nin (Steve)
2nd – Holeman (Devil Jin)
3rd – Suiken (Lei)
4rd – chetchetty (Paul)


1st – Holeman (Heihachi/Jin)
2nd – Nin (Ogres, Bryan/Bruce)
3rd – Junior (Jin/Devil/Kazuy)
4th – 725
T 5th – QDogg
T 5th – Chet
T 7th – ChinNuts
T 7th – Pyro Joe


22 thoughts on “Nin Takes Devastation!

  1. Thought Holeman had this one for a minute,haven’t seen to much of his Devil Jin. VenoM362 is glad to see Suiken place well, I just started to play Lei about two weeks ago.Watching some of Suiken videos gave VenoM362 some good tips.

    Also mad,mad props to Suiken for taking out Chet’s punkass Paul.

    I’m just saying…

    1. I remember that alot of people commenting on the fights thought that Nin and Holeman were sandbagging with each other.

      1. it doesn’t really matter who amongst them wins though since they’re both koreans they’d probably share the winnings or something

  2. lol holeman said “you guys need to catch up”, everyone boos, but seriously take it from someone who is the best if not one of the best players on earth.

      1. well, it is true, but think of it this way, if a lot of players are really that good and consistent, we’d be watching a lot of crazier and more epic fights

        just my 2 cents tekkenlover

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