Avoiding the Puddle #2: Ryan Hart

It’s time for the second episode of Avoiding the Puddle by Aris and MYK. This time in the first part of the podcast they concentrate on the live stream’s commentators and on the Tekken fundamentals. In the second part Aris interviews one of the most popular fighting game players ever – Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart! They talk about Kazuya in Tekken 6, the Virtua Fighter series and lots of other subjects.


8 thoughts on “Avoiding the Puddle #2: Ryan Hart

  1. Everybody please don’t hesitate to leave comments here or on iamtekken.com on how you like the podcast or any suggestions on improvements. Not that I’ll listen but still, it keeps me motivated.

  2. It’s funny to hear Aris panic when RH tells it as it is about Tekken 6 to the point of rushing to defend his baby. Newsflash Aris; RH’s opinion on Tekken 6 are 100x more educated and coming from experience then the shitfest you put out on VF.

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