MLG Interviews Holeman!

Major League Gaming has interviewed Holeman, the currently highest ranked MLG Pro Circuit Tekken 6 player who placed top 2 in both Orlando and Columbus competitions. Click the link below and enjoy the interview with one of The Unstoppable Koreans:

15 Responses to MLG Interviews Holeman!

  1. Dilly(DancesWithNoobs) says:

    First… j/k
    Seriously though, hope you guys enjoy the interview. Wish I could’ve gone a bit more in-depth with him, but alas due to the language barrier and translating being handled by Twenty One out of his own spare time(Thanks yet again man!) that just wasn’t possible.

    I’ll keep em coming!

  2. Colin says:

    Holeman’s at his peak atm.

  3. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Holeman: Well… Korea (or maybe only me?) doesn’t really consider US or any other countries as a “rival”. But I feel US Tekken scene really has stepped up and it’s not a guaranteed win even if top Koreans come to a US tournament.

    LOL..funny as hell man. oh those broken Dreams

    • Dilly(DancesWithNoobs) says:

      So dreams are broken because holeman doesn’t see other countries as rivals, but rather players themselves… AND the fact that Holeman out-right stated that even korea’s best aren’t guaranteed to win against US’s top players?

      Yeah, that’s really broken dreams man, he essentially called the US top dogs a threat to any of Korea’s best…

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Get Real Dumbass he was being Humble.

        Fuck you guys are retarded you take anything literal.

        hes being interviewd in the U.S do you honestly think hes gonna stroke hes eggo liek your dumbfucks do.

        just be happy U.S players are mentioned in a sentence.

        thats right there is more than they deserve

      • Dilly(DancesWithNoobs) says:

        Shinobi, I’m the one who conducted the interview… You do realize this, right?

  4. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Holeman: The advantage to playing at arcade in Korea is that you can play against so many different people and styles. When you play on a console you can spend a lot of time to practice but it’s not that competitive of practice. Personally I think the most important thing is having a lot of experience through playing with many different opponents. I practice around 6 hours per week and 6 hours per day during a few days prior to a tournament.

    and this is to shut that Jamaican Phagget up

    when he said we dont need a thriving arcade scnene in the U.S.

    Shove it up your ass Schecematic

  5. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Holeman: Well…. Atmosphere-wise GM, but gameplay-wise Knee was the toughest opponent.

    Was this a surprise to anyone ?? oh wait, ya it was a lot of dumbfucks in here.

    • Dilly(DancesWithNoobs) says:

      Knee is likely the toughest fight for any player in ANY tournament he’s in… Even if you beat him, he will make you work harder for your victory than anyone. His ability is the reason Korea considers Bryan as THE best character in the game.

  6. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Holeman just became my favorite Korean cause he recogises KOF as a badass game.

    Fuck yeah !! FUCK SFIV

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Cyclone in my opinion holeman is the strongest player in Korea even slightly better than rain and knee but let’s just appreciate this game in the sense that people enjoy good healthy competition and don’t get too emotional about this game, Sometimes if u don’t have a nice opponion about someone u should keep it to urself I know u told me u are not seeking for popular vote but TRUST ME this is better.

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        dude i just hate when people here, take everything so literally.

        its like if there was a hostage situation, the swat team does all the work rescues all the hostages.

        and in the news cast they thank one or 2 random fucking people for keeping their cool during that robbery.

        and those 2 random people go to the news cast and brag about how they did more than just keep their cool.

        thats exactly what the fucking idiots here do.

        im their fucking reality check, they need me here.

        because if im not here, all fucking hell would break loose.

        and they would declare theselves self champions or some shit.

        hell he even said Knee is holemans toughest opponent, and if knee gives holeman trouble and holeman won the trouny.

        WTF does that tell you about the fight with GM ??

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