Avoiding The Puddle: JustFrameJames And Rip

The 4th episode of Avoiding the Puddle, a Tekken podcast by Aris and MYK features JustFrameJames and Rip, top American Law players. Both of them placed top 8th at this year’s Evolution tournament which is one of the podcast’s main topics, as well as some Tekken 6 tactics. Don’t hestitate, download and listen to Avoiding The Puddle #4!

20 Responses to Avoiding The Puddle: JustFrameJames And Rip

  1. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    First Again !!!

  2. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Second Again !!!

  3. yup yup says:


  4. Tekkenlover says:

    Just finished listening to it , it was so fun

  5. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    man when the fuck are they goign to show the trailer, this is bullshit,i cant stand it anymore !!!

  6. Tekkenlover says:

    U know u got the attention Of tekken community when god of tekken himself Aka harada is comming to talk to aris , aris emphasize on the importance of better pratice mode and record function which make so many people happier tekken player and harada listened to aris talk show and the got the point and we will surely have that function in tekken7 I am so happy about that, and we get the chance to ask our very own question to harada himself , that’s just fucking epic

  7. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Yo aris i diss you for talking shit sometimes dude, but if Harada Himslef listens to you and US about suggestions for T7, dude your are the Fucking man.

    and i take everything i said about you dude.

  8. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Aris is Gay ???? plz tell me he was Just Joking.

  9. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    no plz explain the joke. im not gonna beat him cause hes gay, i mean im gay too. i was like huh !?!?!?!

  10. Aris says:

    For the record, I am not gay. But I would fuck RickyO.

  11. Tekkenlover says:

    Cyclone, aris was talking about one of the idiots from G4 that went on SSF4 stream during evo and complained about trash talking , homophobic words, and swearing that people used on stream and aris was saying these are common and people are always trash talking in video games and made joke about it , this was his point.

  12. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    oh ok gotcha, cool.

  13. VenoM362 says:

    So, the new chick in Tekken 7 has facial scars based off of this odd fellow…

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