At the Street Fighter panel during Comic-Con International in San Diego Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada have announced a new title in development, titled: Street Fighter x TEKKEN! SDTEKKEN’s MarkMan is in attendance and will join Katsuhiro Harada in unveiling the new trailer for SF x TEKKEN at Comic-Con’s 9th annual TEKKEN tournament.


  1. Di says:

    One word: HYPED

  2. thelonegamer says:

    It’s actually two games- SF X Tekken and Tekken X SF. I hope they have trailers for both. The SF one already has pics up at

    This is awesome. 2011 is gonna be a renaissance for fighting games. ^_^

  3. concrete says:


  4. Val says:


  5. Nippon says:

    SF vs Tekken gameplay vids here

  6. chemicalRed says:

    Wow.. Never thought that would happen ..

  7. well this just killed the whole franchise for both…. ill still be getting it but im so disappointed…

    it wouldve been better if it was capcom vs namco not sf vs tk

    • Lestat-Valentine says:

      Capcom vs Namco??? Fuck that & you
      Street Fighter X Tekken works just fine for me. Tekken IS Namco.

  8. Lili#1Fan says:

    yes i just hope that lili will face off against sakura or cammy and asuka with chun li ahhahhahhah

  9. yup yup says:

    Street Fighter X Tekken

  10. yup yup says:

    Source on the news photo, nao!

  11. yup yup says:

    Yakuza-like female that has facial scars actually was a Kazuya. Who would know what?

    • yup yup says:


    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Probably some fucking retard SF fanatic, who denst know shit about TEKKEN.

      If Kazuay heard him saying that shit, he’d Fucking tear his liver through his asshole.

      • Ever 4 Ever says:

        um dam that will fucking hurt and then i will stop fucking around with kazuya geez i dont want my liver to be tear outside my butt hole T_T

  12. 9thpixel says:

    Looks very interesting and better than I imagined (so far from the youtube posted here). I just cross my fingers that Xiaoyu makes the cut.

    • Lili#1Fan says:

      i bet that she will she can definitely face off with sakura and plus she has the hugest crush if jin is on the game 99% chance that xiao is to

  13. nah says:

    Hope that Tekken vs Street Fighter will have tag mode too.

  14. Nippon says:

    I think Korean players will skip 2-D version.

  15. Tekkenlover says:

    Nerdgasim , kazuya all the way, eat his DORYA ryu

  16. Lili#1Fan says:

    i hop that lili makes the cut please namco and capcom lili has a lot to offer

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      like what !?!?! Tree trunk Legs , The ability to tower over most Humans, dude get over it Lili is the Freak of Tekken, Asuka doesnt evne come close and she has Man-ish Hands.

  17. Tekkenlover says:

    People are worried for the wrong reason I was worried too and thought it was a bad idea, but now I don’t think that way at all because tekken 7 is in development and tekken vs street fighter don’t interfer with the exclusive productds of either companies so u guys have nothing to be concerned about

  18. Lili#1Fan says:

    true and street fighter x tekken can give great plublicity to both franchises even though tekken rocks more i still cant wait to see how street fighter interacts with tekken also i want to see somehing for tekken 7 the anticipation is killing me and i just found out that tekken x street fighter wont be out any time soon so maybe they are trying to release tekken 7 before tk x sf so i am hoping to see some trailers soon

  19. VenoM362 says:

    Damn, they really made it. So will there be a Tekken game play based version too. Lets cut the bullshit, lets see a trailer of Ryu,Ken and Akuma VS Kazuya,Jin and Heihachi!!!!

    VenoM362’s money is on the Mishimas

    Also I think that was the first time I ever cheered for Nina.

    So, was the Tekken 7 stuff all bullshit or what?

    I’m just asking…

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Venom how come tekken7 Is bullshit or lie when harada himself admitted they are making it. Namco doesn’t give bullshit news trust me

      • VenoM362 says:

        Not talking about the game itself, I’m talking about this new trailer and character thats suppose to be shown at Comic Con.

        So far, VenoM362 hasn’t seen shit on it.

        I’m just saying…

  20. personalt says:

    No, this can’t be true… I can’t believe it.

    How the fuck can Harada sellout Tekken like this and mix it up with fucking Street Fighter? Tekken is a holy game and I think it’s disrespectful to the game to treat it like this. Fuck all the commercial new shit and try to bring out wehat was good in the beginning and try to make that better, instead of just mixing it up for the fun of it.

    A big part of me died today, and I don’t think Tekken is gonna make it to the end. Fuck.

    • cappoX says:

      why so mad about it if you dont like it dont play it just wait for tekken7 ill still play it cuz i know i love fighting games it makes even more interesting for having crossovers but tekken it still the no.1

    • Tekkenlover says:

      @personalt we get to play tekken7 anyway, so it’s stupid to be mad about something since it’s a win-win situation for all of us,

      • personalt says:

        cappoX>>> Because Tekken is the only game I really like and it just feels wrong. It don’t feel right, u feel me?

        Tekkenlover>>> Yeah, I know we get to play T7 and I really hope that it will be TTT2 after this bullshit also.

  21. Lili#1Fan says:

    hey you guys come on quit with all this cussing i thought you were fans of tekken and sf not critics. if your so mad about sf x tk then shut up they are also coming out with tk vs sf so be happy at least for that but if you are going to critisize both games please stop and go somewhere else.

    ps no offense

  22. Lili#1Fan says:

    wow i am pretty sure that you can but i am a REAL tekken fan so you can be mad all you want do you really think harada gives a care about you critisizing his game there are millions of tekken and street fighter fans that is why they made the game if you dont want to buy it dont but i dont want to see you cussing

    ya dig?

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Lili#1fan is right no reason to be mad or cussing, more exposure to tekken better for tekken community cuz more people will play tekken

  23. noodalls says:

    More fighting games to play, sounds good to me.

  24. KainCarver says:

    Yeah it was me who asked Harada on Kotaku about T7 and implementing new ideas and he said they were in development already. These 2 new games are a bonus and probably the best news this year!!!

  25. Tekkenlover says:

    Are we going to see aris nap gm fab crow insanlee filthierich, nin holeman knee and so on , play namco vs capcom competitvely just like the way they do with tekken or are we going to see street fighter players like daigo also play this game competitvely, I think daigo vs knee would be very interesting , can’t wait to see which players become the champion of namco vs capcom.

  26. Shrimp says:

    How could anyone not be excited about this? I mean, if you’re not a fan of 2D fighters fine, but there’s a 3D game on the way too, with the Tekken fighting mechanics.
    Anyone who isn’t excited about this is either paranoid, misinformed or just a miserable person in general (You know, the kind of person that stopped me playing Tekken 6 in arcades because their life revolved around playing BR every hour they weren’t at work even though they kept calling it ‘shit’.) This is great news for anyone who is a fan of or involved with either franchise.

    • Tekkenlover says:

      shrimp couldn’t put it better myself plus tekken 7 is also coming like I said win-win for all. GET READY TO RRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  27. NYtekken says:

    i was actually worrying about how tekken characters would look on 2d, but kazuya seem to fit in it and i still see some of his moves, if kazuya wasnt in tekken he would make a pretty badass new character in SF.

    im actually really hype for this. Especially since nina is in this but sadly they probably gonna cut some characters but as long as drag law and nina in it im fine. Really this gameplay really impressed me not much a fan of SF but this Gameplay was pretty good.

    now lets all hope that namco part play out perfectly with the juggles nd shit really RYU juggling nd hadoukens i dont really know how it will work out
    but lets c

  28. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    I was pissed at First because i didnt want this to happen , but You know what Fighting games are my Genre.

    anythign that Fucks FPS in the ass I-am For.

    So fuck ya for this, Fighting games need the respect they have been denied so many years.

    They are making a Comback in Epic Proportions, so Fuck FPS and hell ya for this game.

    Kaz baby Kaz, im gonna GANG rape Ruy n Friends with Kaz

    • Tekkenlover says:

      I know cyclone, me too, same here man i was worried at first but namco vs capcom turned out to be a great idea, though I still love both fighthing games and first/third person shooting games but ur right fighthing games are making a great come back for sure.

  29. Colin says:

    anything for profit i guess

  30. Ric Sta. Cruz says:

    Dude! if you are as rich as these two competing fighting game companies pretty much youll do dsame, i mean #1 thers no harm matching up Tekken and SF #2 its just one way to shut up haters of Tekken and Sf likewise, just like what the jeader says “Make Peace, not War’ ive been hearing a lot how crappy SF can get from Tekken fans and same goes from SF from tekken fans, its one way of uniting SF and TK players in one game, TK fans can cross train from TK to SF and vice Versa which is cool. lets just thank this is happening while waiting for Tekken 7, hope Hwoarang will be in it too.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      ok ok whoa whoa whoa, Number one SFIV is broken, thats not a theory that a fucking fact.

      theres a reason why Daigo picks Ryu, hes not a poster boy for no reason.

      #2 Tekken is not broken.

      #3 the only reason i apporve this idea because its a cross over fun, like MVS2 is broken as hel but still fun to play.

      #4 will i take this game as serious as i do tekken…FUCK NO. for the obvious reasons ive stated before, but its my Genre, i love fighting games the more the beterr, it explands the genre, makes room for competition and Evolution, new ideas for fighting games will arise.

      its a Win Win for everyone, i want more fighting games this works out perfectly for me , so like i said, its Win win.

      and i mean whos gonna pass up the chance to play TEKKEN characters in 2d !! 2d maaannn !!!

      i cant wait to whoop and Ruy and his gay homo buddy Ken with THe mishimas, its hard to play mishimas on Tekken mainly cause of EGFW..well let me be more specific it hard for D-pad players such as my self.

      Arcade stick players dont have a problem with them, but if there was ever a game where mishimas EGFW were a necessety it would be this game. cause upper cuts they have and uppercuts they shall USE !!!!

      Ruy : SHoooryken !!!

      Kaz : get that shit out of my face son…


      • r says:

        you really sound like Ghost dude..Why did you change your name bro?

      • Humpty Hump says:

        Nice try, but you still sound like a Tekken fan that hates on SF for no real reason that Ric Sta. Cruz mentions and are no better than the close-minded SF fans.

        SF4, with all of its faults with the sloppy input leniency, is not broken. Ryu is not even a top character in SSF4, he’s top mid tier.

        Daigo wins with Ryu because A: the game is that balanced at high level play, and B: Daigo is that good of a player. He picks Ryu because he’s been playing as the shoto archetype for as long as he has been playing SF.

        You’re free to not like SF as there are plenty of legitimate reasons not to, but making the false claim that it is broken is not one of them.

      • Spitfire says:

        @Shinobi Cyclone “Ryu: Shoooryuken!!!”
        Kaz: get that shit out my face son…

        FUNNY AS HELL…..Dude thorough as hell 2 just say “get that sloppy ass knuckle sandwich out my face….” LOL

    • iLLmatic says:

      Not to fast, are you?

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Listen Tekken is doing CAPCOM a favor by including some Tekken characters in an SFIV rehash… in tekken, the graphics are redone from scratch everytime a new tekken comes out.

        Number 2 quit trying to beat around the bush , Daigo picks Ruy because he can Hurricane kick himself across the screen upwards downwards, sideways and cross ways and he has projectiles.

        that right there stomps your argument ” Projectiles ” some have them some dont, what kind of logic is that ??

        someone plz explain this to Capcom so they can at least give you the option to run jump across the screen or give you the ability to tech roll through it like in KOF.

        theres a reason Capcom decided to give some tekken characters the ability to go through fireballs.

        The game is goign to get exposed to a new audience and they better play fair when they cross with Tekken, cause that ” i have projectiles , you dont Bullshit doenst fly with Tekken Players. so ya they had to even that shit out….this time anyways

        but you know everyone else blarog, vega, Guy screw them its a Ken and Ryu game.

  31. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    ok cool, lets start naming who you think will be in SF X TEKKEN

    Heres my list :

    RAVEN……Of course









    ZAFINA…will be intresting if included

    MARSHAL LAW…of course






    • VenoM362 says:

      Raven or Yoshimitsu vs Ibuki or Guy

      Lee vs Vega (whos more a ladies man)

      Bryan vs Guile

      Ryu vs Kazuya

      Jin vs Ken

      Heihachi vs Akuma

      Bruce vs Sagat or Adon

      Steve vs Balrog or Dudley

      King or Armor King vs Zangeif or Alex (fuck it, make it a tag match)

      Marduk vs Abel

      Nina vs Cammy

      Anna vs C. Viper

      Asuka vs Makoto

      Xaioyu or Lili vs Sakura

      Julia vs Chun Li

      Zafina vs Juri

      Hwoarang vs Cody

      Law vs Fei Long

      Lars vs Bison

      Dragunov vs Rolento

      Jinpachi vs Gouken

      Devil Jin vs Evil Ryu

      Bob vs Rufus (those fat fucks!!!)

      Paul vs Dan (cause their both jokes)

      Kuma vs Hakan (…why not)

      just to name a few match ups.

      I’m just saying…

  32. friedrice/tekken says:

    no sidestep? just high jump wowzersss

  33. SFSUX says:

    ROFL TEKKEN characters with only 3 moves

    No THX

  34. ACG says:

    the game’s still in development – it has a lot of promise actually

    I’m more worried about the SF guys in the Tekken universe – no super/ultra arts, no cancels, no ex attacks, hadokens can be avoided via sidesteps, etc.

  35. deebo says:

    hang on, which of the games is supposed to be 3d one? by that vid im guessing its gonna be the vs one right?

  36. Undead_Nemesis says:

    Where the funk did everyone get the info on there being a TXSF? I can only find info on SFXT… God those initials don’t sound/ look right lol. IMO, (that’s in my opinion, for those keyboard happy haters) SSF4 is poop, don’t like the bulked out makeover, mechcanics etc, just can’t seem to get in to it. I’ll most probably get SFXT, only because it is a Tekken addition, I wanna give it a chance, and mashups are always something to buzz about. Hopefully it’ll fuse the 2 fighting communities for bigger hype, longer life. Kazuya looks so funking funny ripped out like that. 3D TXSF please!

    If it doesn’t have the same/ similar game mechanics as Tekken, then it isn’t tekken. Confirmation of TXSF please! A screeny, trailer, announcement, anything will do. TXSF or T7 is the word, not MOM and certainly not SFXT :P.

  37. coilover2005 says:

    GREAT HYPE! More power to Namco and Capcom for this. Didn’t think it would work but damn I’m actually stoked for this. Can’t wait to see what Tekken X Street Fighter has to offer. This is EPIC for all of the fighting game fans out there!

    When I saw Chun Li and Nina come out I pretty much said this is gonna be dope when it’s finished!

    Oh and I couldn’t help but notice this looks almost EXACTLY like SF4/SSF4… So can we assume that Tekken X Street Fighter is going to look identical to T6??? That would be beyond awesome!


  38. Undead_Nemesis says:

    Cheers for the link Coilover.

    Hm… Item moves in place of fireballs etc?


    Can’t wait! I’ll probably get the Capcom version of this game.


    OH BTW

    IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    R… if i sound like Ghost then i Might be ghost……hmmmmmm think about it.

  42. VenoM362 says:


    VenoM362 killed that little green bastard!!!!!!!!!!!


    Jin vs Ryu
    Chun-Li vs Lei Wulong (they are chinese and are part of the police force)
    Cammy vs Nina (both assassins)
    Kazuya vs Akuma (both demonic)
    Xiaoyu or Asuka vs Sakura
    Guile vs Paul
    Ken vs Hwoarang
    Fei Long vs Law
    Bison vs Heihachi
    Gen vs Wang
    Rufus vs Bob
    Zangief vs King
    Jack vs Seth
    everyone has their counterpart

    • Lili Kleisen says:

      there’s more!!!

      lili vs karin (richy bitches)
      anna vs rose (boob war)
      zafina vs Dhalsim (Elastic War)

  44. Strider Hiryu says:

    I’m not that impressed with the game somehow having the tekken caracters SF like gameplay. I would expect something more like Tekken X Virtua Fighter since their characters don’t do hadokens and have real fighting moves. I mean dude come on, Bison’s Psycho Crusher vs Jinpachi’s noob Belly Fireball?

  45. abner says:

    awesome that kaz is the lead pitted against ryu for sf. i thought it would be poster boy jin kazama again.

    anyway this is awesome, i’m not really into sf4 or anything but i would like to play kaz in an SF engine.

    • abner says:

      although it’s weird they didnt lend the original kaz voice actor for the game, kaz sounds ok but just different though.

      also since there’s tag in this game, perhaps there will be tag in TK VS SF as well to satisfy those who’ve been clamoring for TTT2?

  46. DrBhup666 says:


    SF is inferior to Tekken. Everybody knows that, but SF-fans will not take true critisism.

    In Tekken 6 each character has around 100 to 150 +/- moves. Street Fighter characters have like 20 or less.

    The trailers showed that the graphics and the gameplay is more like SF. That is a bad thing. I hate the cartoonish style of SF. How can a 3D game like Tekken get justified in a 2D world?

    • yup yup says:

      >Street Fighter characters have like 20 or less.

      if you sum all characters

      • Jack Maker says:

        Fail, you didn’t play the other Street Fighter games. Street Fighter third strike, Street fighter EX series. There are more Street fighter characters if all the Street Fighters where united. Personally, I am happy above this move. Tekken X Street fighter and Street Fighter X Tekken will be great. They might pull over 100 characters roster.

  47. Kazuya Jo says:

    I wonder how they will keep everything balanced when it comes to content and gameplay.

  48. coilover2005 says:

    The more I look at the gameplay video and just everything as a whole with SFXT, the more it hits me that Yoshinori Ono and Katsuhiro Harada are just straight up SMART AS HELL for giving the community this!

    Probably going to be the best selling SF and Tekken game to date due to the hype from both sides. It shows respect from both sides of TOP franchises. Not to mention throwing in Tag for all the O.G Tekken players.

    Might have been said above by someone else but I’ll say it again. How does anyone “lose” from this as a fan!?!? We are straight up blessed man! Just look at that picture of them too. Can you say, “We about to get Trump Rich off this one baby!” SMART DUDES NO DOUBT!! I hope these 2 new titles will be things to look back on one day like some of us do TTT, & MVC series as some of the better Fighters ever made!

  49. Tekkenlover says:

    U know what would be cooler than TTT2? the 3d tag mode of namco version of tekken vs street fighter and there is a good chance since 2d version is tag as we just saw kaz and Nina vs ryu and chun li and we haven’t seen 3d version yet so I keep my finger cross, let’s not forget that there won’t be character just from tekken and street fighter universe prety much sure some characters from soul calibur make it here too, we can’t have ryu without his hedouken even in 3d version but then again tekken is not new to projectile attack , because the projectile a has been part of tekken since tekken2 ( with exception of tekken4 ), and for characters in tekken 6 have projectile attack ( not counting the item moves because they are just fancy moves and not a game changer by any mean) azazel, Nancy, Alisa , devil Jin, I think namco should treat capcom characters projectile the same way as it treats devil Jin projectile, unblockable but it takes little time to do it.

  50. Tekkenlover says:

    Hopefuly for 3d version of namco vs capcom, ogre, jun, michael, kunimitsu, devil, angel, jinpachie and unknown all make a come back or if not all of them at least most if them.

  51. raniel says:

    KING > Zangief

  52. Schematic says:

    jun is dead. Ogre is broken and dead, devil sure same for angel only as a palet swap for kazuya. Jinpachi nooooooo kunimitsu hell yeah. Michelle no. I’ve thought about and posted this idea for years as well as exactly how they are implimenting it. This will help Namco alot. Who I want to do well. Because tekken 6 was supposed to sell 2.5 million but only sold one. Because of that they were talking about revamping the whole fighting engine which I really really really don’t want to happen. As a business move this not only makes sense but if its successful which I’m sure it will be. Harada will be free to continue to make tekken the way we like and succumb to his bosses wish to transform our game. Just like what happened with the shitty tekken 4. We need to be praying for the success of these 3 titles.

  53. Tekkenlover says:

    I am very aware jun is
    dead. but just like TTT that didn’t follow any original story line and brought back jun from death, they can do the same thing if 3d version of namco vs capcom is also a tag, it doesn’t matter. Devil and angel have similar moves but some people like to play as either devil or angel just like eddy and christie , and panda or Kuma.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      Dont listen to that jamaican Prick he doesnt know what hes talking about.

      When the fuck did you get here schematic ive been since 2007 . IM AN O.G NIGGA who the fuck are you ??

      I want Jun back and i want Ogre back too. go back to your fucking SFIV

  54. DrBhup666 says:

    This is the 100th comment. How cool is that?!

  55. […] from the TEKKEN PROJECT at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego! We chat about the big unveil of Street Fighter X TEKKEN, working with the community, and what’s next for the TEKKEN series! Click below to check out […]

  56. lovatekken says:

    i think he can suck it! all characters r just fine i love xiao because she is my favorite character! and i hope she makes if namco does cut some characters (which i hope not)

  57. JOEL PEREZ says:

    street fighter vs tekken

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