Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition Round 1!

22 players joined the Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 6 Combo Video Competition! You can vote for their videos until August 8th. Top five videos will be choosen and you will be able to vote again in the 2nd, final round. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

12 Responses to Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition Round 1!

  1. TCO-TheOne says:


  2. yup yup says:


  3. DrBhup says:

    So How does the voting work?
    There is no information about how to vote. Do you just give thumbs up directly to the youtube-videos?

  4. Schematic says:

    don’t know why that bryan combo vid isn’t competing its by far the most exciting one ive seen. The jin parry one is sick too.

  5. §SEXY§ §ling§ §xiaoyu§ says:

    wtf? and this is a combo vid, i dont like it

  6. §SEXY§ §ling§ §xiaoyu§ says:

    pretty kool

  7. VenoM362 says:

    Just in case you had doubts…

    Guile’s theme goes with everything.

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