Tekken Crash Season 5 Group B

Jon747 has put up videos from the group B of the Tekken Crash Season 5, featuring What can you do !?. Read the rest of the entry in order to watch the videos.

11 Responses to Tekken Crash Season 5 Group B

  1. Guc says:

    Whats the name of the Raven player? He’s annihilating the others badly

  2. cappoX says:

    nice to see a jin player too many raven btw

  3. coilover2005 says:

    Props to CHANEL. His Alisa is just amazing man!

  4. roffo says:

    Julia player = BEAST

  5. HH says:

    btw, next tekken crash schedule:

    Group C (Aug 8)

    Nstar Specialist : Rain(Lars)/HanKuma(Leo)/JDCR(Heihachi)

    1Q87 : Saint(Ganryu)/FIGHT Devil Jin(Steve)/Hirano Aya(Alisa)

    N.M.C : NamRooWoo(Kuma)/JiSang(Paul)/소금빛 해바라기(Alisa)

    기적은 아니고 미라클 : LiLi만(LiLi)/물망초(Miguel)/Nell(Dra)

  6. NYtekken says:

    damn only_practice’s nina is beast, i main nina nd play her quite well but this guy just do moves that are insane

    hope his team win but thats less likely since ressurection, sunchip’s and rain’s team are in this but at least he got chanel and a pretty good lily player so im sure they will go far

    but i gotta give props 2 that raven player i dont play raven but tat guy was kicking ass on the last 3 vids and he always makes a comeback each time u think he about 2 lose

  7. VenoM362 says:

    Much respect to the Raven players. This was a Raven edition of Tekken Crash! Its a shame He lost to that Punk Ass Alisa!!!

    I’m just saying…

  8. Forest says:

    What the HECK happened to the hot girls who walked up to the camera holding a sign telling people what round it is? Credit crunch cutbacks? D:

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