Street Fighter X TEKKEN will be making it’s debut in Europe! Join Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter) and Katsuhiro Harada (TEKKEN) as they clash on the big stage at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany! Click below for full details on this special event!

Full press release can be found here.


Witness the clash of two Legends of Fighting at gamescom 2010 for the Duel of the Decade. Join the exclusive premiere of STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN and meet the makers of the two best fighting games, Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter) and Katsuhiro Harada (TEKKEN). Watch as the two fighting game icons Ryu and Kazuya test their might on stage and on screen.

Where: Konrad-Adenauer-Saal Congress-Centrum Nord
When: Thursday, August 19th, 2010 at 2 PM local time (Doors open at 1 PM

Each visitor will get an exclusive give-away to remember this awesome premiere.

Following the presentation is a games tournament with the best STREET FIGHTER and TEKKEN players.

Are you strong enough to meet the challenge?!

For all the latest updates from the big guys in charge, make sure you follow Ono-san and Harada-san on Twitter!

If you’ll be at gamescom, make sure you stop by!  Here is the invitation and map you’ll need to get there!

58 Responses to STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN European Premiere!

  1. KENTOIRC says:


  2. madnis says:

    reading the press release, and it says tekken X Street fighter…

    so i’m guessing that gamescon will be showing the tekken version of this crossover series…

    Looking forward to it!

  3. kentoirc says:


  4. Faer01 says:

    Zangief sucks! better stick to king or armor king! Tekken dont have ex skills! ang street fighter got no juggles like tekken… only juggles like KOF (get what i mean)… hmmm… its kinda lame for Street fighter X tekken… i vote for DOA x tekken or virtual fighter x tekken makes sense!

    • KENTOIRC says:


  5. Sanele Sabelo says:

    Just keen on seein how these two games will combine. I’m a fan of both series

  6. VenoM362 says:

    They showing anything new?

    • Tekkenlover says:

      venome beside raven which do you characters use?

    • Tekkenlover says:

      I meant to say which characters do you use

      • VenoM362 says:

        It would be a shorter list if I told you who I don’t use,lol.

        But VenoM362 will give you the rundown

        Raven, Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Bryan, Jin, Lee, Zafina, Law, Steve, Lars, Anna, Julia, Lili, Feng, Miguel, Armor King, Marduk, King, Devil Jin, Kazuya, Asuka, Leo,Dragunov, and I just picked up Lei bout 2 months ago.

        Right now I’m trying to figure out who I want to be in my top 10. VenoM362 is having a hard time with that,so many choices.

        Raven, Hwoarang, Xaioyu, Bryan, Lee, Law and Lars are for sure part of the top 10.

        The other continders are Anna, Feng, Miguel, Zafina, Julia,Steve,Lili and Lei.

        Ultimately I’ll proably fill the last three spots with girls (well…atleast two of them) VenoM362 is trying to keep a little balance going.

        I’m just saying…

  7. B-BOY JIN says:

    MR. HARADA, CAN WE HAVE MORE INFO ON THE GAME PLEASE?? Online/Offline modes, will there be ranked matches or customization for tk or sf version maybe?? Indepth story mode? Sounds early to give out info but since the buzz is goin on, you GOTTA give us the scoop!

  8. coilover2005 says:

    Harada’s been having way too much fun with that Kuma figure the past few days. Something tells me he’s been drinking a lot lately. haha

    @madnis… Yeah the press release does say Tekken X Street Fighter and Only Namco’s logo is on there as well, No Capcom logo. Hmmmm…

    Officially Hyped!

    • madnis says:

      yessir, i’m very interested to see how the street fighter cast will translate into tekken more so then the other way around…

  9. chemicalRed says:

    Cool.. Can’t wait.

  10. chemicalRed says:

    According to an article on one site Tekken 6 North American sales were pretty good.. They say Namco Bandai released their financial report for the quarter and T6 sold 1,070,000 units in NA.. I wonder if the games gonna sale more because of the SF x T announcement.

  11. coilover2005 says:

    ^ link please

  12. imlinked says:

    it would be interesting how missile type attacks would translate over to Tekken.

    if it’s anything like the musket item move, it would be completely worthless… lol.

  13. lendon says:

    a button mash for the coming ages

  14. random says:

    hm but the invitation says sf x t so i think we wont get any new about t x sf ..but i still hope we will

    • Gojira says:

      It’s possible that the party who wrote the invitation is not yet aware that Tekken x Street Fighter is a different game from Street Fighter x Tekken. The idea of having two different games is probably going to confuse a lot of people at first.

      The press release says that this presentation is being organized by Namco-Bandai, so I think it will not be the same one shown at Comicon.

  15. Gojira says:

    Just please let it have a tagging system. Honestly I don’t care if there are SF characters in it. If it has tagging I can just pretend it’s TTT2 with guest characters.

  16. Blind Ghost says:

    It should be intresting……hey markman you gonna be there ??

  17. Olsie says:

    This better be on youtube or I’ll be very sad. I live in the USA *SOB*

  18. chemicalRed says:

    Im going off topic here but i have a question I’d like to direct to anyone who can answer.. How much of T5DR frame data is still relevant now? More specifically, for Byan.

  19. k.d.e says:

    i cant wait to see this xD
    oh i have a question why do the graphics in t6 look better than t6br? idk if its just me but t6 looks like the graphics are way better. did they get lowered in br for some reason or what?

  20. Uplifter says:

    ya they’ve been downgraded to match the x360 disc storage!

    T6= arcades only
    T6 br= arcade + console release been titled to t6

    just incase u getting these all mixed up!

    • VenoM362 says:

      Yep, like VenoM362 said…

      MAKE TEKKEN 7 A PS3 ONLY TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’m just saying…

    • k.d.e says:

      lol thanks man, yeah i should have noticed about matching the 360 >< i keep forgetting about tekken being on 360 garbage xD

  21. DIESELSON says:

    First an 4most i respect the street fighter series and what it has done for all fighters an really for what they have done with SF4 & SSF4 an not just gameplay or graphics but 4 details an inprovments between each game u gotta resepct that cause 2 me it it looked like they showed alot of love 2 the fans with these games in so many ways an if you are crazy about Street Fighter u already know. BUT…..

  22. DIESELSON says:

    I myself not really that hyped on the idea of Tekken x Street Fighter 2 me it just seem like what just happend down in miami with lebron is I feel with namco joining capcom but thats just jokes seriously I like everybody else like me really wanted a TT2 an in a with the anouncement of MvsC3 I hoped an wished that namco would respond with a TT2 and like anyone who loves tekken would of hope that they sieze this moment 2 fix alot of the issues with that 2 me hurt T6 system release an there was so many different things an views of what was wrong with the home version of the game but the things i could agree with was the record issue player cust on P1 and P2 an no rank up past 1st Dan on ghost battle an most important online it was so bad

  23. DIESELSON says:

    I dont have 2 go into it but I was hoping that with a TT2 anouncement they address some of these problems an we would be playing a TT2 not SF x Tekken

  24. Tekkenlover says:

    Venom I just posted 3 matches of Japanese version of tekken crash 3 vs 3 , these matches took place just three weeks ago they are recent, get this there is one group and all three of them are bob players and their skills are insane all three of them, now let borrow phrase from the movie speed, pop quize hot shot what would u do if those bob player come after u? WHAT WOULD U DO? just kidding venom lol

  25. Tekkenlover says:

    venom,my bad i messed up i paste it using iphone but for some reason it doesnt work

  26. Tekkenlover says:

  27. Tekkenlover says:

    sorry venome for some reason pasting by iphone doesnt work, not sure why but here are the tekken crash japenease verion took place last month, hope you like it

  28. Tekkenlover says:




  30. Gojira says:

    Anyone looked at the pics on Harada’s twitter lately?

    There seems to be something… interesting… on the screen behind Kuma here:

    (Don’t be thrown off by the reflection on the TV screen. This is something new.)

  31. DUDE says:

    @ Gorija , I thought so too but the screen behind kuma is the Tekken 6 trailer where you see Jin and Kazuya go face to face on top of the building but ,

    that pic ^
    behind the kumas
    it looks like Ryu about to the hadouken
    cuz you can see the arm and the leg and something glowing where the arm is like if it were the hadouken but i doubt it . but hopefully they show a trailer of Tekken X Street Fighter .

  32. Gojira says:

    Are you sure it’s from that trailer? I watched it again and I don’t see anything that was in those pics.

  33. DUDE says:

    @ Gojira

    yeah im sure lol

    look at the trailer .
    around 1:37 its like that twitter pic where you see kazuyas face and something black next to his face which is jins arm lol

  34. YEP says:

    @ Gojira

    yeah im sure lol

    look at the trailer .
    around 1:37 its like that twitter pic where you see kazuyas face and something black next to his face which is jins arm lol

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