Level Up Your Game Episode 4!

MYK, Rip and TRUE! are back with a brand new episode of Level Up Your Game! This time a special guest, Kane, helps them covering Devil Jin! Want to learn how to play one of the Mishima characters? Watch the latest episode of Level Up Your Game!

21 Responses to Level Up Your Game Episode 4!

  1. TCO-TheOne says:


  2. L_Z_N says:

    and they deliver another great episode..

    well done LUYG crew

  3. jejek1LL3r says:

    Nice! ^_^

  4. 3-D God says:

    those guys are pretty scrubby for not understanding how sidestep works. you can’t sidestep if you’re on positive frame, only negative. or else it’s a fail sidestep and you’ll get hit. that’s why they can’t get kazyua to sidestep DJ’s ff+2 after a jab.

  5. k.d.e says:

    if dongball love can woop ass in tekken crash using dvj then that means dvj is still good xD fuck tear listing.

  6. k.d.e says:


  7. Shoto says:

    US Devil Jin is the best!

  8. Reality says:

    Thanks, about time one of these came.
    I have to say though; you know that your current tempo in making these aren’t up to standard. You’ll never get even close to finished. Also; not sure if Kane was the best expert to call in on DJ as he seemed a bit stumped and unsure at times. Would’ve rather heard him talk about lili. Get fucking Aris and Drag up in this bitch or something like that.

  9. dek says:

    umm…Kane was one of the best if not the best DJ player in the US in DR.

    He does not use him primarily anymore, but I remember seeing him using DVJ against one of the Koreans @strongstyle, and he did very well.



  11. VenoM362 says:


    I’m just saying…

  12. Ric says:

    Tekken……8 months…3 weeks……busy busy….sigh!!

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