INTERVIEW: Aris Answers YOUR Questions!

Thanks everyone for your patience! Last month at Comic-Con, MarkMan and shortboy got together with aris to ask YOUR questions! Click below for the video interview featuring one of the best Dragunov players in the world, SoCal’s aris!

WARNING: Language and content for mature audiences!

Special Thanks to Di, shortboy, and our readers on Tekken Zaibatsu & SDTEKKEN!


21 Responses to INTERVIEW: Aris Answers YOUR Questions!

  1. yup yup says:

    best pic eva!


    Hmm…wonder if aris plays Ace Combat.

  3. Ric says:

    any news on tekken 7?

  4. seele says:

    very good guys, I really liked it Congratulations!!!

  5. Tekkenlover says:

    Oh god I fucking LOVED IT thanks markman for picking my question we should have more interview like this , aris really talked about details and command inputs in tekken, awsome job aris, next guy they interview should be markman himself

  6. Not Rain says:

    Aris is so cute! I wanna pinch him, but that’d be dangerous lol

  7. L_Z_N says:

    the TE S part…was heartbreaking..
    “sorry Hori”

  8. cappoX says:

    funny stuff in the last part

  9. pieeater says:

    when are you going to stop eating the pies???? ahahahaha

  10. michizzle says:

    good interview. lol’d at the last portion

  11. TCO-TheOne says:

    Thanks Aris for answering my question did’nt know you got down wit Armor King like that good shit. Also thanks MarkMan for putting my question in.

  12. 0kills says:

    lol at last part.

  13. Di says:

    Great interview :)

  14. SG79 says:

    Whenever I hear this guy talk, I get pumped up and end up playing 8 hours straight. At the same time, nostalgia of the old arcade days hits hard when reality kicks in.

    I’ll make a serious effort to EVO next year for sure.

  15. imlinked says:

    nice, my question made it up there (about FFF+2). i chuckled when yuu replied with the FFF+2 hand motion when you asked why Drag was top tier.

  16. VenoM362 says:

    Good interview, I need to work on Dragunov’s fff+2 myself. VenoM362 agrees with what Aris said about online too. I play online but only with friends to have a good time. I don’t play rank,theres no need to. If you take Tekken online serious then you have to change your style Then go and play someone face to face and you get your ass whooped and you say to yourself…”WTF, that ALLWAYS works online”

    I’m just saying…

  17. Thisguy says:

    Hey does fff+2 track? if not i don’t know why its so good compared to fff+3 on standard characters

    • imlinked says:

      fff+3 is good too. it’s just that while in air you can be vulnerable to a jab or whatnot leading to a full combo.

      not sure but it may track to your right? just a guess. correct me if im wrong.

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