SDTEKKEN Readers – Let’s Ask Aris!

The SDTEKKEN’s first interview poll has come to an end. Thanks to 42.9% of our readers’ votes the next interviewed player will be Aris! Feel free to keep posting questions. After one week they will be sent to the Tekken Beard Man. He will choose the most interesting questions by himself and answer them!


56 thoughts on “SDTEKKEN Readers – Let’s Ask Aris!

  1. In one of MYK’s podcasts you said that Tekken 6 for you feels similar to Soul Calibur 2. Could you possibly elaborate on this?

  2. Aris U said yourself that dragunov is an average character so why u choose this character as your main? Do you think tekken tag 2 should be the next game in tekken series or u prefer tekken 7? What changes do u want to see from tekken 6 to next tekken game if any

  3. Aris if you could have one super power what would that be? Don’t you think the argument about which country is better than which in tekken is useless and rather people should just enjoy the common interest that they share( playing tekken)

  4. I have a question. What are your pros and cons for Sergei Dragunov in both Tekken DR and Tekken 6 ?

    For example i’ve been playing with dragunov since dark resurrection days.The thing I hate about Tekken 6 dragunov is that his two lows move are really or almost punishable. What do you do to accommodate this weakness in dragunov.

    And do you play online that way i can have a match with you since im so freaking eager to fight you but i live in MA so i doubt you live here if you can please let me know your online id sorry for the rude favor of this.

  5. Can you please rank the top ten characters in tekken6?
    Who is your second main after dragunov?
    What do you think about nobi?

    Thanks Aris :)

    1. Damnit Cyclone! VenoM362 was gonna ask that.

      I’ll reword it

      Aris, will you ever shave your beard? Do you feel it gives you mad Tekken skills or some sort of power? Also, why do you flip everyone off?

      I’m just asking…

  6. Who is “hotpocket girl” and how did she eliminate you at MLG Orlando? I’ve heard rumors but I want to hear from the source what went down. What really happened?

  7. Aris was Dragunov your first choice when you started playing Tekken or was someone else in mind.What led you to stick with him as your main.

  8. Dear mr. Aris,

    Would you ever run for president? I would vote for you!

    Also, could you list your top 5 tier list. And give reason why? Do you think Lili is the best female character?

      1. the only problem with ppl thinking aris is really good at tekken is youre forgetting insomnotek is the king of hacienda

  9. Aris one more question if u could be oneTekken character in real life who would that be? Meaning u had the same fighthing style and story and bio as this character and assuming this world was a tekken world

  10. how badly do you think will beat the celtics lol


    can go into more detail about your trip to japan. how differently do they play to people in the u.s.

  11. Aris did anyone tell you you look like King agamemnon from Troy ??


  12. Aris,

    From the Rain interview, and if I don’t phrase it right I apologize, he said that it was good that we have fresh blood in the Tekken community, and that we should help each other out to get people up to that next level. According to an interview you did with a few other players, you made it known that you are not really interesting helping new players get up to the next level, but will discuss strats when they get to that level. Can you elaborate more on why you have taken that stance?

  13. 1. When learning a troublesome character matchup, do you feel it is more important to actually learn how to play that particular character or just focus on the ways your character can destroy the troublesome character?

    2. Where do you feel players who are great players but not yet tournament winning players should push themselves the hardest? Is it all just more tournament experience or can one do more in the comfort of their own scene to reach the gold?

    3. What would you do if Tekken 7 introduced a new bearded character or a character that’s appearance better suited you over Dragunov? Would you drop Dragunov for that character or do you feel that Dragunov is too much of a brother to you now to drop him for anybody?

    4. What would you do if you ever got your beard tangled up around your sanwa joystick while playing?

  14. How important is Drag’s fff+2 in his pressure game (effectively used right in front of the opponent without running space)?

    I saw Rain use it a few instances right at its opponents face. He does it consistently with Bruce as well (fff+3).

    I can’t seem to do this consistently. It seems a crucial arsenal to have, but it just doesn’t come out properly (often comes out as f+2).

    Is there a tip to perform this consistently, or do I just have to be faster? Will it matter much if I do not use this?

      1. wow thanks, that cleared up the mystery. had no idea you can input direction commands during recovery.

        guess i should practice low jab to fff commands. :)

      2. “ad no idea you can input direction commands during recovery.”

        This is called buffering. Withouth it Tekken would be MUCH harder : )

      3. lol, i mean, i know what buffering is. i use it for paul’s demolition, jab to throw (holding 1), etc. unconsciously. i’ve used it so far for holding buttons that required 2 or more buttons to be pressed.

        its just, i didnt know you’d be able to input a command during recovery for the fff+2.

        the only thing i can remember needing this besides the fff command… was probably back in DR and DVJ’s combo sweep at the end after df+1,2 where the f needs to be buffered in during recovery for the sweep to hit.

      1. Its definitely not Jom. That guy is a washed up has been piece of shit. All he does now is dream about wrapping his Puerto Rican mouth around Rashad Evans’s cock.

  15. where did u get your beard from? and who was your inspiration to become great at tekken and who is the best from Korea Japan Europe and US

  16. Aris,

    In playing a character like Dragunov, who’s (arguably) strictly mid-tier, how do you deal with characters who are vastly considered very high tier, such as Steve, Bryan, Law, and Kazuya (Or the Mishimas in general)? What tools does Dragunov have that can allow him to turn the tides on these types of characters?

  17. What? The tiers are so close in tekken none of what your saying matters. You should see rain’s dragonuv they you might re evaluate that question. The bear is said the to be the third worst characters. Have you have seen clint or prince play? Raven is said to be the worst character. 3 teams had raven anchoring them on tekken crash. Navee, Kid jinn and another dude. Trust me tekken is not as imbalanced as other fighters. Granted some characters have greater tools, like Lili Law Lars Steve Bryan etc. but all of that is meaningless because even the lowest on the totem pole still can beast on ppl. Try winning a tourney or goin deep into a SF4 tourney with vega lol and see how far you get.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, and yes, I know Tekken’s incredibly balanced. Notice those key words I used though, such as “arguably” and “vastly considered”? Those play a huge part in understanding my question.

      Not all of us are as good as Rain, bro, or the other Koreans that are just too freakin’ good. At those levels, yes, tiers don’t really matter. But down where the rest of us are at, we need to know the tools of our characters against higher tier characters. The only fighters I know of where tiers NEVER matter is Virtua Fighter 4 and/or 5. So, in conclusion, hurr durr, learn to peruse before you counter-post.

  18. Being in world tournaments for both Soul Calibur and Tekken what were the big differences? (Both in tournament and in the communities of the time.) Also your thoughts on money tournaments and sponsorships like what has begun with things like MLG (and gamers turning “pro”.)

  19. Aris, how do you get your beard so shiny, and silky smooth? Do you use conditioner? Seriously though, are there any other worthy traps than B! d/f2, 3,1 that you use?

    1. Saw him using the post wall B! b+4,2 trap (gives u/f+3 resplat for quickstands and stomp for lie there) in a few match vids, one was against Nobi IIRC.

  20. Aris, if there was a league like Tekken Crash in the US and Mr. Naps was already in another team, who of the US players would you chose as your partners and why?

  21. Another question Aris,

    What is you opinion of victories for people who play online? Is that credibility discarded due to to factors such as boosting and lag, and obvious things done in matches due to lag? And if so, is it fair game to say that those tactics be used back against that person or just ignore them, and tell the come out and play face to face.

  22. hey aris.. how would you relate yourself to dragunov and why him? since you have an apple-of-the-eye beard and drag doesn’t have..

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