Soul Calibur 5 Petition

Katsuhiro Harada, the producer for fighting games at Namco Bandai Games is looking for signatures in order to determine the public desires for a new Soul Calibur game! If you want to support this petition, click the link below!

Also, if you’re a fan of the series, don’t forget to visit 8WAYRUN.COM, the biggest Soul Calibur website and forums!

45 Responses to Soul Calibur 5 Petition

  1. chemicalRed says:

    Has the game really fallen in popularity that much?
    Personally, I dont care for another SC game.

  2. Zero says:

    I would but honestly they’ve fucked up the series so much I dunno if I wanna let them continue to produce another shitty game and continue to tarnish the legacy of SC and SC2.

    The SC team has shown they clearly DO NOT know what they are doing anymore. Honestly I’d vote for a like a SC2 or SC HD-Remix like thing but I have no faih in the SC team anymore.

    • LoStranger says:

      every1 keeps on banging on about Soul Calibur 1 and 2 whats so dam good aobut them compared to SC 3 and 4

  3. coilover2005 says:

    I would buy Soul Calibur 5 IF……….

    1. They killed “ringouts.”DUMBEST SHIT EVER!

    2. Made it a more juggle based game. (People like juggles) Look at Tekken! Not wanting it to be another Tekken, but it would be nice to have some juggling in SC.

    3. it was a huge step up from SC4. That was a HUGE letdown IMO.

    The Namco team should just work on a NEW fighter and cut SC if their last effort is as good as it’s going to get for the series. T&A are cool and all but I want to play a well rounded game, not just some hentai fantasy world with knives…

  4. Andrew Torriente says:

    I never played SC IV in a competetive sense but…

    I did enjoy it from a casual perspective, and it was absolutely stunning visually.

    I think as long as they have an arcade version to balance it, I am in full support of another installment.

  5. changandy90 says:

    I want SC5.

    I wonder why people dont host SC4 tournaments that much. If there are more SC4 tournaments, there would be more players, since everyone wants to be a winner and would start practicing like crazy for tournament.

  6. deebo says:

    not a big fan of the game, but I might as well if it makes other ppl happy

  7. Malice says:

    I want SC5 too, which is why I started that petition on Facebook. Thanks go out to Di for posting this on SDTekken and to everyone else who helped spread the word.

    For SC4, I just help run a tournament for the game this past weekend in Philly, there was a tournament in Texas also on the same weekend, Germany just had their national championship a couple of weeks ago, and we have a massive round robin tournament that will take place in Massachusetts in September, so there’s still tournaments for Calibur. I would like more tournaments, but there’s a few reasons why there aren’t, but what really is going to bring people back is a new game.

    There’s also alot of misinformation about Soul Calibur coming from trolls, so check out 8WayRun if you want to know more and talk to someone who is in the know. But what I am really hoping to come out of all of this is to get community involvement in a new game so that we all get the best game possible. So join the petition, hit up Harada on Twitter and Facebook, and become a part of what we are trying to accomplish.

  8. lendon says:

    smash your buttons petition

  9. yup yup says:

    >We want Soul Cakibur 5!
    No we don’t, all we care about is Tekken.

  10. Tekkenlover says:

    The good way to advertise this is to go to and then go to dicussion section for SC4 and give them this link I am sure once they know it many of SC players come to sdtekken and support the SC5

  11. 3-D God says:

    SC is ass seriously fuck that shit it’s all about tekken x sf now.


    Doesn’t a good portion of the Tekken team help develop soul caliber games?


    I’ll sign it, I support namdai 100%!

  14. SG79 says:

    Theatrics at best. Despite the demise of the competitive scene, the game’s commercial performance was enough to warrant a sequel. Petition or not, it’ll happen.

    When is another question.

  15. cappoX says:

    sc5 not really into it i’ll petition for tt2

  16. ShinjiTao says:

    I sign this of course. Maybe some not so smart guys should stop talking bullshit about things they don’t undestand. Ringouts have always been a part of the game and if you can’t handle it: Watch where you going!

  17. FuzzyTomatoes says:

    Okay, I’m a SC Fan So Shoot Me. I Do However Admit That There Were A Load Of Dissapointments From SC4.
    -As I’m Sure All Fans Love And Get Excited At New Characters So It Was Extremely Dissapointing To Find One Character. Despite Hilde Looking Amazing, her fighting seemed extremely stiff and you have to be expert to control her(NEEDS TO CHANGE)
    -OMG, I HATE YOU FOR THIS. The story mode was quick and boring and there were no cutscenes or destined battles which i had and other fans always enjoyed watching very much.
    3.Interesting Characters
    -Some of the characters are getting quite boring and seem to have the same characteristics, characters like Tira and Ivy are notorious for changing and being the most favourited, but then characters like Seigfried and Rock are simply unpopular with most.
    4.Can I Just Suggest Some Characters :D
    -Beatrice Aalexis, Ivy’s Secret Sister She Knew None About, Only She Knows The Truth And Sets Out To Seek Ivy To Learn Of Her Past. Beatrice Was An Offspring of An Affair Cervantes Had With A Woman Called, Leigha’Dictoria. She Happens To Be Good But Has Feistiness and some traits of Ivy. Her weapon is a Spiked Ball On A Whip That Extends To Far Reaches. She Is Able To Reach Further With Her Weapon Than Ivy And Shares None Of The Same Moves. What Lies In Her Soul Is Curiosity/Wonder Or Determination.

    -Blakely WhiteKnight
    He Is Originally From Nigeria and his real name was Oyemade Asemota-Awonuga He fights With A Bodice Scissor Dagger That Is Normally Closed Apart From In Some Special Moves, despite his heritage he speaks with a broad english accent, he has very short blonde hair and piercing brown eyes.
    Once the son of an African King, Blakely Killed His Father whom had killed his Mother, on that night Evil Consumed Blakely And He Spent Time As A Notorious Serial Killer In Nigeria, He Eventually Left The Villages Of Nigeria To Travel To(wherever all this soul calibur crap happens) He tries to break free of his evil but unfortunately he can’t and the evil finally consumes him. He grows a sort of tail at the back of him that has a dagger at the end(Can Be Used As A Weapon) He sets out to be a servant of Soul Edge So He Can Eventually Destroy It, There Is Still Some Light Left In Him. He eventually Becomes The Rival Of Hildegard

    Okay I think I went A Lil’ Over THe Top :P

  18. Shin DJ says:

    Petition for TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2

    that’s what I really want to support!

  19. nothanks says:

    namcos working on tekken x street fighter and tekken 7 already no need for a shitty button mashing game to interfere

  20. imlinked says:

    All I can say to Harada is…

    expend your resources on the Tekken franchise.

    I will buy your TXSF, your T7, and your TTT2.

  21. Malice says:

    It’s a shame people (trolls) have nothing better to do but straight up hate. If there was a petition for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I would support that bitch in a heartbeat because I am a fan of fighting games.

    And let’s not forget that Tekken 6 on console wasn’t all that hot either. At least Soul Calibur has a record function.

    But for the small amount of haters, there has been an overwhelming amount of support for the petition with over 2200 people in 2 days, so I would like to thank everyone for their support and keep spreading the word. At the end of the day, we are a fighting game community and we should support one another.

    • yup yup says:

      if i lovee disgaea why i should support final fantasy? there is the logic man?

      u mad?

    • imlinked says:

      not trolling.

      put the development funds and efforts to Tekken and you get a better Tekken. plain and simple.

      fact that Soul Caliber got the record function and Tekken didn’t pretty much proves my point.

      While the core mechanics behind T6 made the game enjoyable… the fact that it was released with crap online (later patched, but still crap imo), no record, a brain dead beat’em up scenario, and less then stellar graphics compared to arcade makes me, as a fan of the series, can only hope for more time, effort, and resource put into the later releases in the Tekken franchise.

      if SC was developed by someone other than Namco (like Capcom for instance…), then I wouldn’t care. a healthy competition is always needed… but competing resources under the same parent company, I’d rather hope that Tekken gets the bigger end of the stick (of course, as a fan of Tekken).

  22. Nick says:

    I would say yes but only if Tekken 7 came out first.

  23. friedricew/tekken says:

    its like tekken but with weapons!!!

    hell yeah!

  24. Mikebreezy92 says:

    lol at the trolls. And when you complain next few Evo’s that all the games are 2-D Games you know who to blame. We need stuff Like a SC5 and a VFFS5 to make the games more varied.

  25. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362 supports a new Soul Calibur, I only stopped playing cause NOBODY I know plays it. Soul Calibur has always been my 2nd favorite fighting game next to Tekken, but now a days VenoM362’s #2 fighting game is SSF4. But once MVC3 is out it’ll be #2.

    But VenoM362 really does hope Soul Calibur makes a comeback.

    I’m just saying…

  26. As one of the leaders of the SC community Soul Calibur was the leader in true 3D gaming next to Virtua Fighter. This game needs to have another version as the game sets the ton for 3D gaming throughout the world


    Hey guys…

    Why are you hating on tekken’s sister?

  28. Anon says:

    If they do come out with a soul calibur 5 I hope they put Kain from the blood omen or soul reaver series in it. Soul Edge Vs. The Soul Reaver.

  29. Vittorio says:

    After the Yoda/Darthvader and Apprentice fiasco, it will probably take a while before we see Soul Calibur V. If they do come out with it ( that’s a big IF ), here is a few things they can do;

    1. Remove the god damn just frame moves, or make them a bit more accessible to be used in a real online fight. Ever tried doing a Just Frame Mistress Justice while online and ACTUALLY knocking someone down with it?I rest my case.

    2. Keep the guard impact/repel. That’s the heart and soul of Soul Calibur. Soul Calibur isn’t about 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hit combos, it’s all about precise timing and tactics. If I want combos and massive air juggling, I’ll play Tekken or SF. The reason I play Tekken is because I want to air juggle people till they go nuts; The reason I play Soul Calibur is because I love doing guard impacts against button mashers and making them go insane.

    3. STOP changing Ivy’s move sets ( Ahem, Summon Suffering and Calamity Symphony ). Sophitia’s moves are almost the same since the game was called Soul Edge during the PS one era. Why can’t they just do the same for Ivy? And STOP neutering her moves. Yes, add more moves but STOP changing the freaking command inputs.

    4. NO MORE LAME GUEST CHARACTERS. Nuff said. Link was acceptable in SC 2 for the Gamecube. But Darthvader and Yoda? Jeezus. If NamcoBandai wants a wider demographic so they can sell more games, then add in Dante of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta or Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden or any other character that will be a likely fit for the game. Hey, Kratos in the PSP Soul Calibur Broken Destiny was not exactly a bad idea. Why not do the same for the next console version?

    5. Maintain the customization aspect, but for the love of Kratos PHULEEEEZZZ stop making the characters look downright stupid when wearing armor pieces to improve character stats.

    6. A USABLE Critical Finish. Yes, one that you can actually pull off in a REAL fight.

    I used to post in 8way run and we actually discussed this years ago, but the place seems a little too quiet nowadays.


  30. jo says:


  31. Sheppard says:

    Guys where did petition in the facebook gone? I was signed up for it and the next couple of days its gone.

    I want soul calibur 5 please, i have played sc3 and 4,
    sc 3 was great on single player modes and has a lot of different custom character classes. If they put these on sc5 that would be great.

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