Work In Progress – Street Fighter x Tekken Pictures!

New Street Fighter x Tekken pictures have been published. This time, however, they’re not exactly in-game screenshots. By clicking the link below you can see how do Kazuya and Nina look while they are being developed by the game creators.

15 Responses to Work In Progress – Street Fighter x Tekken Pictures!

  1. Undead_Nemesis says:

    *Nina farts*

    • JinUAE says:

      I wonder what move was it?

      • **** says:

        It’s her winning or intro animation. Also why do these Capcom people insist on giving woman insane man-legs. I have lived on this planet for a very long time and I have NEVER seen a woman with legs that look remotely like that. I have however seen drag queens with legs like that but I’d rather not talk about that.

  2. yup yup says:

    dat ass

  3. VenoM362 says:

    Nina looks fat in the third picture.

    I’m just saying…


    It’s a “MEH” work in progress.


    So is anyone else getting ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON which will be developed and published by namco bandai?

  6. AAK says:

    I see Juri (alt 2) and T Hawk in the second screen (Bottom Left Corner)

  7. Daniel says:

    how come nina’s legs are kinda BIG?

  8. JinKazamasLady says:

    woowziie ! Not bad at all ! =D
    Nina da BOMB !
    Kazuya da Tekken it self !

  9. imlinked says:

    um… wow @ nina’s ginormous thighs…

  10. AssassinX21 says:

    Who wants some chicken?

  11. DragooNick says:

    I want LILI!!! <3

  12. DOBERMAN_tekken says:

    hope H.Mishima will be there
    and bruce

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