During the Street Fighter x Tekken panel at this year’s Gamescom held in Germany the first Tekken x Street Fighter pics were shown! Want to see how Ryu’s model? Don’t hesitate and click the link below!



51 thoughts on “TEKKEN X STREET FIGHTER First Look!

      1. Like I said before tekken is not new to projectile attack it’s been part of tekken for a long time, they should design street fighter projectile the same way they design devil Jin or Alisa’s projectile, make it part of unblockable move just like alisa’s and devil Jin that takes little time to execute, My question is how they fit Seth or dhaslim in the game with their extended arms and legs cuz that’s really complicates things if they want to make a balance game

      2. Though I think they should have also have a projectile attack that can only be executed during juggle, while ur opponent is in the air, it makes it more flashy and cool to finish the juggle, just like daigo does in streetfighter

  1. New Engine? you sure? you have any source or info to back that up?

    it be great though… quite boring if this returns with same old t6 engine…

  2. Ryu looks good in the Tekken realm. As far as Ryu using hadoken, I can see him using it to finish a bound combo.

    Shoryuken: punch, punch, that over head punch he has for a bound, and finsh with a hadoken or hurricane kick.

    Can’t wait to see other models like, Vega, Bison, Sagat, Balrog, Chun Li, Cammy, Zangief, Ibuki, Akuma, Guile, ect.

    I’m just saying…

      1. He’s in jail. Got in this crazy ass bar fight,broke a guy’s arm.

        VenoM362 told him to leave before the cops showed up, he didn’t listen.

        I’m just saying…

  3. I don’t mean to slip off this great topic, but I wanna talk about T7 real quick. Mr. Murray and Mr. Harada-san, for the item moves, can you consider a command list exclusively for item moves? I’d enjoy juggling my oppenents with Brian’s shotgun and switching to fist, and slashing w/ Devil Jin’s demon sword until K.O.. that would be freaking amazing. Thanks

  4. You guys are putting every SF character in this game lol. I don’t think they are goin to do that. As for Projectiles. As long as you can side step them…. who cares? Thats what we do anyways lol. And it would be hilarious as well to see wang parry them like with Alisa’s rocket punch lolz. Well maybe he can’t do that with Ryu but still I digress. I don’t see Blanka Nor Dalism, but the others he just mentioned would fit right in. But it will be a tag game, which will be awesome. He is working on 2 tekken projects. He hasn’t said what the other one is. But I think this game will be fun.

  5. my TKxSF fight trailer request:

    Jin/Ryu, Devil Jin/Dark Ryu, Jack/Blanca


    Bruce/Guile, Heihachi/Bison

    Raven/Christie v Vega/Rose


    Law/Asuka v Fei Long/Sakura

  6. to be honest i think this is going to be the fighting game of the year when it comes out and it’s going to be wayyyyy better than tekken tag, and watch how virtua fighter is going to team up with dead or alive that wouldn’t beat this by a lifetime and jin and ryu poster picture should be the case cover and

    sfxt which is going to be beter???????????

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