Super Vs Battle Results

The biggest European’s fighting game events took place during the last weekend in London and featured a lot of tournament titles, including Tekken 6. Malekith, the famous Asuka player was crowned the champion after defeating in the final his fellow Dutch player, Wogus. Read the rest of the entry for the whole top 8.

1st – Malekith (Asuka) – The Netherlands
2nd – Wogus (Steve, Bob, Miguel, Bruce)
3rd – The Emperor (Jack)
4th – Kristian (Lars)
T 5th – Blackblade (Lili, Steve)
T 5th – Dinosaur (Bryan, Jack)
T 5th – Gajda (Lars)
T 5th – Harry Potter (Hei, Bob)


9 thoughts on “Super Vs Battle Results

  1. I just checked youtube, no one uploaded any vids yet. I’ll be sure to be on the look out, can’t wait to see this Asuka Rip a bunch of top tiers down :D.

  2. Its good to see someone win a tournament with some other than: Steve,Lars,Bryan,Law,or Punk Ass Bob.


    I’m just saying…

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