Knee = Tekken God, Officially!

This is something fans of Knee had been waiting for a long time – a few days ago he reached the Tekken God rank with his Bryan! Having his character promoted he asked for a challenge from other Korean Tekken Gods. As a result, Knee had a deathmatch with Hao and demoted him back to Dragon Lord!

Story and picture courtesy of Maxi Milian.


25 thoughts on “Knee = Tekken God, Officially!

    1. well, it’s understandable… since he’s kind of getting paid for playing now, (tournaments, tekken crash, etc). guess he doesn’t want to disclose his strats anymore

  1. it was courageous of Hao to take up the challenge. hopefully someone will step up to the plate. . . I heard Rain sold his . . .

  2. If u ask me the difference between most players and players like Hao and Knee, it is the number of fights. Hao’s Feng has had almost 7000 Ranked Matches, while Knee’s Bryan has had nearly 6000. Can you imagine? :O

  3. Another comment I have is how Hao uses df+3+4 with Feng if he predicts his opponent will try to attack him if he turns his back (b+3~4).

  4. I personlay know some street players who have much much much better defense, strategy than him. He is just pulled up to this level.

  5. No wonder there’s so many Tekken Gods in Japan,they are all great players and they can somehow most of the time predict the movements of each other that’s why they can guard most of attacks

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