Videos from this year’s biggest European fighting game event are up! Watch how Malekith from The Netherlands dominated SUPERVSBATTLE 20-X with his Asuka!

More matches can be found on the two following YouTube channels: SaikyoRB and Dutchnoobz.

11 Responses to SUPERVSBATTLE 20-X Videos

  1. Crucifion says:


  2. KENTOIRC says:


  3. hi all im back on youtube with a new video..i made a short MV of street fighter x tekken Enjoy ;-)

  4. Kebi says:

    Impressive Asuka!

  5. toshi says:

    i’m a noob to the tekken community so i would like to know how european tekken players compare to the US players. are they about even?

    • mistmatch says:

      well based on this video, movement seems about the same. both eur and US mostly focus on poking and leaving no space for comebacks. atleast thats my opinion… however, by looking at this it looks like US has more techniques.

      • imlinked says:

        elaborate on why you believe US players have more technique.

        i won’t argue here on what’s what, but based on this video alone, I don’t think it’s possible to make any form of conclusion. it’s really difficult to make generalization of whole communities in one video.

        the asuka player was great. he had nice execution, a great variety of setups, punished very well, and had really nice movement. his ‘technique’ in general, was very good.

        the bob player was pretty nice, except for not hc’ing u/f+1+2,1+2 and the random WS launchers that got punished pretty hard. guess this is where you found that technique was a bit lacking?

        so you have a video with two players with varying levels of technique… how in the world you came to the conclusion that Eur>US is beyond me (this, coming from a US player).

        just my 2cents.

      • Sharog says:

        Afaik the launchers werent random by anymeans, Bob can punish asuka’s B+3 with shoryuken and the sweep with ws launch, and on the uf+1+2,1+2, first one he didnt judge the distance correctly, the second one near the wall was however deliberate. And from his 90% throw break in his previous matches to none in this one, i can only assume the fatique has gotten to him.

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