SDTEKKEN Will Interview Malekith!

While working on the interview with FightingGM we’re already announcing the next interviewed player. This time it’s going to be Malekith, currently one of the top European Tekken 6 players. Dear readers, you have one week to submit questions to the famous Dutch Asuka player, winner of SVB 20-X.

25 Responses to SDTEKKEN Will Interview Malekith!

  1. Di says:

    From what I remember you used to play Paul in DR. Why aren’t you playing him anymore?

  2. L_Z_N says:

    How did you prepare yourself for SVB 20-X?

  3. RKE says:

    What do you think is Asuka’s placement in the tier list (upper,mid,lower)? And could you elaborate on why you think she is places as such.

  4. Devil Kazuya says:

    what is asuka advantage and weakness?

    when did you start playing Tekken?

  5. KramTheRapist says:

    what is your strong side in tekken; Combos , spacing, okizeme, guessing game…. what?

  6. Furb says:

    If you could play in Tekken Crash, which european players would you like to team up with? Do you think the european top players could stand just a little chance against Korean players?

  7. Lestat-Valentine says:

    Would you like to see Jun Kazama return in future TEKKEN iterations? And if so, would you use her?

  8. XelNaga says:

    From the other tekken players who play the same character as you, have you seen any that you have any respect for and would like to team with/play against.

  9. Kaiser says:

    Did you know the asuka forums at TZ crashed just as you won? (yeah, like the adon forum at srk)
    Are you planning on winning more tournaments before the end of the world?
    What would you like to say to all asuka scrubs playing online?

  10. AAK says:

    What’s the community like in the Netherlands for Tekken and how does it fare against other fighting games?

    + Very impressive Asuka you got there

  11. Tekkenlover says:

    tell me about your training, how you prepare yourself for tournament.

  12. weakling(ph) says:

    how do you deal with opponents who spam alot of moves?

  13. weakling(ph) says:

    follow up. in a tournament do you grab much?

  14. wogus says:

    Why do you eat so much?

  15. Sharog says:

    Why do u pretend to be the most humble player alive and yet talk trash behind ppl’s backs whenever u get the chance ? :D

  16. DaeDraug says:

    Maan… I’ve got so many questions :D

    I’ve seen you are using Asuka’s P3 outfit a lot in the tourneys though P2 default hakama is said to make low kicks less visible. What is your opinion on this?

    Which characters are the worst match-ups for Asuka in you opinion and why?

    Lets say you’ve launched opp quite far from the wall, will you go for the most damaging juggle, or will you rather sacrifice some dmg pts and go for a spike B! ender and oki afterwards?

  17. MrIkari says:

    Do you feel accomplished in sticking to Asuka throughout your time in Tekken at last?

    Do you feel that in spite of tier placement that different characters have unique strengths?

    What do you think are the unique strengths of Asuka? Does your strategy revolve around playing to her strengths such as setting them up to want to attack so you can counter them with crush moves like b3/cancans or whiff punish them with f2? When they’re feeling defensive chip them with 1,3/1,2/2,1/db3/f2 fake~Falling Rain or sidestep 1+2?

    • MrIkari says:

      Oh shit lemme retract the last question

      What do you think are the unique strengths of Asuka? It’s been known that Tekken places a strong emphasis on playing your opponent. However, there must be some aspects of Asuka’s game that keeps you attached to her? What are they?

  18. Yassir says:

    do you believe in the tier list characters?
    if so, what is the tier list characters based on in your idea?

  19. Florence says:

    Did you use NINA Williams ????

  20. LiShengshun says:

    What do you think is the most important thing you need to focus in tekken? Setups/Mixup or Turtling?

    • LiShengshun says:

      Which country do you think is next to Korea and Japan in terms of skill level? Why do you think so?

      Your favorite player korean/japanese player?

      Who are/is your favorite tekken player outside korea and japan?

  21. Anirban says:

    How old are you? Where do you see yourself five years from now? Would it be fair to say you are a tekken player by profession? Is it good enough for you?

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