INTERVIEW: FightingGM Answers YOUR Questions!

FightingGM, one of the best Major League Gaming Tekken 6 players answered YOUR questions in our latest interview. He covered everything you mentioned so you have a long read in the rest of the entry. Enjoy!

What’s is ur main reason using lee as ur main? can you elaborate on explaining on some of the good move he has, despite the online lag do you play online? If so how much

I use lee cause i love his style and his elegance and smoothness. I like them pretty boy smooth characters that are quick and stylish and have some class. At the time in 5.0 he was considered very weak and a underused character and i watched a cool combo video from a long island player called sayde which got me really interested in using lee. I basically wanted to make a character who wasn;t known and considered trash known and respected. Also i do not play online at all. Im on wireless network so it be impossible for me to play online.

Who in ur opinion are the best new T6 up and coming players from New York City or the East Coast?

theirs really no new up and comers in new york for tekken 6. Most of the tops from tekken 5 dr are the same in tekken 6. The best new player we have you can say is rampage aka azam from pakastan most deffinetly. He uses jack 6 and surprised alot of people at mlg. Lil jin boy and bigword are also strong up and comers from virginia.

what were you thinking when you beat knee at m.l.g?

I really couldn;t believe i actually did it and it was happening. I was looking forward to defeating him ever since final round in atlanta. So it was a dream come true and i had to actually wake up and see that it really happenened. Best victory in my life!

Do you think being a pad player gives you any real disadvantages against stick players, such as movement?
Aris mentioned in a podcast that he thought you may have told people you wasn’t going to Evo, then do so as a strategy, was this true? If so, can you tell me how effective it was?

Its easier to play on pad but the disadvantages is trouble pressing 1+2 or 3+4 notations and you can get blisters and thumbs can hurt. With Stick you can have way better movement and play at a international level since in asian countries you can only play on stick. Me telling people that im not going to tournaments is that i don;t think i can show up hahahhaa. but it also brings some excitement when people see me their!

Can you talk about your losses to Demonic Toy at Evo2k10?

i had really bad personal problems that i could not focus in the match. Extremely cold room with no hoody and im extremely enemec and get nervous. Both times went to last round when i should of closed it out. I didn;t know armor king at all but im happy it went down to the final round. Hes deffinelty the worst player ive lost to and it was at evo so its gonna be a lost i remember for a long time.

What are your thoughts about your match against DemonicToy at EVO?? and do you want a rematch? maybe MoneyMatch

Nopes. Don;t care for vengence or a rematch. Im a way much better player then he is and it wouldn;t prove anything. So if we play again. I will win.

what you think about being sponsored by EG? and how do you feel about mlg wanting to own all the top 16 players and not allowing anybody to play for other leagues?

Im actually not sponsored by EG anymore since they didn;t like the mlg contract and didn;t want me to play for mlg cause of the contract issues. EG is a great sponsor but theirs no tekken tournaments besides mlg so it was good to let me go. Also about MLG yes they are really strict with the contracts and what not. But their are no other tekken leagues so i feel it doesn;t matter at all.

i know your a pad player being one my self if you had to choose from a arcade stick what kind would you use and would you stick to lee or choose a different Character because of the movements differences?
have you ever got so mad because they were just talking mad shit at you that you started a fight over a game or vise/versa has someone ever started fight with you

I would use a korean stick and i would stick to lee cause theirs no other character i am good with or want to be effective with and yes ive gotten madd over some talking shit at a virginia tournament. It was actually a new york player also. Some people just don;t know how to shut up! But i rarely get into fights nowadays its just a game.

What motivates you?
Whats your perspective about the gaming world?
What have you learn through all these years?

What motivates me is my girlfriend. Shes really supportive and wants me to be the best i can and go for my dreams. Shes godlike as you can say. What also motivates me is knowing that im the top lee player and the one who reps him to the fullest and is the hero for that character and also that im known to be a usa defender against the koreans keeps me playing to make sure they don;t dominate usa.

The gaming world is amazing. I wouldn;t of met all the wonderful people i have met and been to all the places ive been to or even would of met my girlfriend if it wasn;t for gaming. Gaming has made me who i am today and made me someone. Gaming world is filled with excitement travels interesting people and just filled with fun. Just a world thats way different then any other.

Threw out all these years. Ive learned dedication and passion pays off. If you keep doing something you would eventually get what you desire. Determination and confidence pays a big key in suscess and just enjoy life and do what makes you happy and don;t stay negative!

Whats good GM. Im a local NY player myself from queens. 2 questions for you,do you still go to CTF? And most importantly I know you consider playing on pad but would you ever consider transitioning to

i rarely go to ctf maybe once every few months and no nobody goes to ctf the monitors are laggy and its 50 cents and one of the sticks are busted and no id never consider transitioning to stick it would take me way too long for that to happen and im not in no position to be lossing all the time.

If lee doesn’t exist in Tekken7 who would you choose?
If you have a chance to play in Tekken Crash, who are the two Koreans you gonna choose to be in your team?
Do you think Lee is among the top ten tier list?why?

id prolly go back to mishimas or something. or maybe use alisa or jack again. I dunno. id prolly not play tekken if lee is not in it. Hes the character who made me who i am today.

Id team up with tongbal love and rain. They are the most friendly koreans XD.

and i don;t think lee is top ten. He has alot of flaws and medicore offense and bad lows and his tracking is bleh. Hes top 15 i believe.

Martino Heat
Have you ever played any other fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Soul calibur, Street fighter, King Of Fighters Series, UFC related, WWE Smackdown vs raw series or something like that?

Before i played tekken i played all fighting games like mortal kombat. street fighter , KOF etc. I love wwe and im a big king of fighters snk fan boy i own like every single kof game and alot of snk games I just love fighting games as a whole! i use to also love mortal kombat and street fighter. I played mortal kombat deception so much my game fried hahahaa!

Are you feelin yourself right now GM?

Naw but are you zero!?

What do you think Lee’s top 5 moves are and why?
What do you think about the SF X Tekken and Tekken X SF games?
Would you like to see TTT2 and if so who would be your main team.

his top 5 moves are, df1, db3, 3, 223, and f21, all cause of safety and reward ratio he gets for them and db3 is safest low and df1 is quick and crushes highs sometimes.

interesting ideas they are but im not sure how they are gonna work. Im looking forward to see how both games are gonna end up being like. Id use lee and vega for sure!

i wouldn;t mind seeing it but im not too hyped for it. Id use lee and violet hahahahha!

Why are you so inconsistent?
im not inconsistent LOL. Ive gotten top 2 in for the past 6 months ive only done bad at evo and final round but thats about it and im ranked number 1 in the mlg seeding charts now xd.

If he’s played against Japanese players, I would like you to ask him what notable comparisons is there between Japanaese and western players? Is it true that they’re light years ahead? How are the arcades like? etc

ive never played japenese or been to japan or outside of the united states. So i cannot asnwer this question! but yes koreans are better cause they play all the time and have unlimited comp against all characters!

lee isn’t top tier character, why u choose him? can u describe lee strength dan his weakness? and how u manipulate lee weakness?

hes cool and i like handsome pretty boy quick characters. Hes strength is speed. keep out, and counter hits. Weakness is poor lows, tracking, and offense. To manipulate his weakness is alot of counter hit baits and poking and lots of movement. No spaming! alot of delayed catching.

What’s the story behind the name fightinggm?
my old tag was fighting game master. but it was too long. so i just put fightinggm and i change it to fighting gets money. cause i fight and i get money!

You mentioned that you will try and learn stick, what’s your progress so far? Will you still be loyal to pad?
im only gonna play pad. im to lazy to learn stick and it hurts my hands. Pad for life!

Which country is more skilled Europe or US?
USA by far. i never heard of europe beating korean players. in a ten on ten usa would win.

How many blazing kicks did you hit that ni**a Knee [Nin?] with at MLG Columbus?

i think about 2 or 3?

I would like to know if you(FightingGM) would be willing to teach upcoming tekken players(east cost players) like the basics of the game (tekken of course) or help a person trying to use lee to get better so we can have even more players playing tekken and being good at the game.
also in a first to 10 with Myst from japan, do you think you would win? if yes whats the score?

id help but not teach i hate teaching people cause most people don;t listen when i try to teach them but im willing to help someone using lee. I feel someone must learn on their own and read up on their own. People get too lazy and its stuff you can improve on your own.

i hate mirror matches so i wouldn;t play him LOL.

I remember in an interview I watched on youtube, you said that you couldnt leave Empire Arcadia because Tri-Force had something over your head. Now that you’re with Evil Geniuses, Can you tell us why?

im not evil geniuses no more and triforce threatened to sue me cause he said i breeched the empire contract and said i couldn;t leave. its what ever now cause im just doing me.

what the weekness that you hate about lee ?
bound or no bound on tekken 7 ???

i hate his lows and his offense. His risk reward ratio is not in his favor and for tekken 7 keep bound it keeps the game more interesting.

What do you think about tiers? Do tiers shine that much in tourney games compared to casual games?
What is your top 5 basic skills(in order or not) that you think a newbie should learn first in order to close their gap against pro players in t6?

Tiers matter alot and yes they do shine in tourny games. The high level the match and closure the skill levels are the higher tiers would have a easier time. Top 5 basic skills would be, defense, movement, punishment, frame data knowledge, and spacing

if you could choose to live and play Tekken in another country, where would you choose? Japan, or Korea?

korea. since ive met multiple korean players ive have people i know who can show me around

as a pro player, what is the advantage & disadvantage of getting sponsored?

being sponsored advantages are getting to places for free and all that good stuff all expensives being paid for. Disadvantage is contract issues and you gotta give a cut and all those kind of politics. Most sponsores suck,

Have you considered learning other characters, or are you loyal to lee?

im only loyal to lee im a really loyal person. i would use lars or alisa. but lee all the way!

What’s your opinion on your own performance in the latest MLG tournament in Raleigh? Do you like participating in Major League Gaming Tekken 6 events?

i didn;t think id do that well i haven;t practicied for a long while but im satisfied and i love mlg tekken tekken tournaments its my favorite tekken tournament period!


31 Responses to INTERVIEW: FightingGM Answers YOUR Questions!

  1. yup yup says:

    should ask about the gap

  2. Anirban says:

    I wonder what the Tekken players around the world do for a living…do they earn by playing Tekken? I mean is the money they earn from tournaments enough for a living? If they are still students how do they manage to concentrate on studies even as they practise for tekken everyday. And else the others are they employed somewhere else? Someone plz tell me this. I really wish to practise all day and be good enough to participate at world level one day…only if therz nothing else to worry about…

    • k.d.e says:

      korea takes tekken as a sport and other games such as starcraft etc…so yes they make a huge amount of money. i herd starcraft players make like 25,000 a year or i think more than that so tekken players make around the same, But for other countries i dont think they take it as a sport. japan just takes gaming as a thing to burn time. i think if japan gets a tekken crash sort of thing going then it will be a sport over there as well. and yeah they still go to school and stuff

      • Anirban says:

        Thanks for replying k.d.e. So what are the prospects of other countries around the world? Nothing at all? lol. Also we keeping hyping that the Koreans are the best Tekken players around the world but the truth is that other countries dont have players because they dont give a fuck abt it :P

    • k.d.e says:

      woops i meant to say 50,000 a year

      • Do you know any specific Korean players that play Tekken for a living? I’ve yet to meet one.

        Because you can’t win money in Japan by gambling, Japanese Tekken players can’t play Tekken for a living

      • k.d.e says:

        Yeah your right, they all have side jobs because they cant make enough money to live off of tekken like if they played starcraft. Tekken isnt as popular as sc in korea, and yeah japan doesent take tekken as a sport so they couldnt live off it either lol. idk i herd japan might get a tekken crash thing going because they like what the koreans are doing. Their just debating what gameshow will host it. have you herd anything about that?

      • I’ll ask next time I’m at joybox, but like I said you can’t win money here that way.
        I just know pretty much everyone has a job and plays all night when they’re off work.

    • k.d.e says:

      haha yeah no problem. uhhh well other countries have good players they just dont come out to big tournaments much. like japan has this kazuya player named (main street ryu)look him up hes really good. i think he can compete with other countries because back in tekken 5 DR he almost wiped out a korean team called team ballance all by himself and team balance was the number 1 back then. but yeah korea is probably the best players right now because they take it as a sport and pratice nonstop

    • k.d.e says:

      lol woops not main street ryu i mean to say team balance vs japan final weapon team. but main street ryu is pro lol.

    • k.d.e says:

      the u.s xD

    • ren says:

      SC players in Korea can live off it if they win. Tekken players can’t yet and most of the players there have other jobs.

  3. Jake says:

    Lol…Im so happy they did all the questions. Mine was an inside joke because after he beat Knee at MLG he was talking to me and kept bragging about how many Blazing kicks he connected with and kept calling him a Nigga lol. Funny shit.

  4. billy says:

    Yo, at least run this thing through spellcheck. I thought i was reading a Chris Hu interview, this thing is straight fresh off the boat. Ol boy wrote enema instead of anemia lol XD

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    Hey Markman , U gonna come to MLG in Texas, I’ll Be up there LMAO.

    TCO was telling me you n your crew are pretty cool.

    Hope to see you down here.

  6. Tekkenlover says:

    thanks gm for answering my question i really enjoy watching you play with lee, you have very deadly juggle espeacially when you combine it with wall combo, whats up blind gohst long time no see man. how are you?

  7. Sk37ch says:

    This was a great interview. The only downside was that a lot of questions were repetitive. GM, you gave solid responses. Proud of what you have accomplished in tekken. Keep going, you’ll be top in tekken in no time.

  8. Thx for answering my question GM. Thx for reppi’n NYC to the fullest. Very solid Lee play. That just shows the hard work and dedication you put into this character. Players make tiers. You can be successful with any character in this game as long as you dedicate yourself and learn. Good shit!

  9. Martino Heat says:

    Thanks for my answering my question FightingGM.

  10. standinside says:

    learn to edit the information
    it’s frustrating to read. It’s There not their
    sometimes it’s mlg then MLG


  11. Tekkenlover says:

    markman and filthyrich did all the work to convince mlg to have tekken tournament and give the tekken game respect it deserves.

  12. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362 uses db3 and f21 with Lee quite often, I’ll see how the other three work out for me. Thanks for answering.

    Oh yeah, MAD RESPECT for liking Vega and WWE!!!

    I’m just saying…

  13. Ivan says:

    I have a question for you. Whats wrong with your english? (non tekken related)

  14. tekkenguy says:

    why does everyone think movement with stick is “so much better”.. lol its much more difficult to be a good stick player than pad. movement with stick is only “better” if you put in the time to practice and get good with it

    i’d like to see stick only tournies in the US (non-arcade)

    • ”why does everyone think movement with stick is better”? Have you played on stick yet? The game was obviously meant for the arcade. Movement on stick is much more responsive and intuative.

  15. Bone Breaker says:

    Good to hear Rampage is improving aka azam :D:D

  16. DIGGS-86 says:

    There are no up and coming players in NY because tourneys in NY always go to shit and anyone good only stay on their cliques. I’m only speaking on the city not upstate. Since I returned from the military all these tourneys have attracted players for money and not been able to go because of the lack of players and shitty planning. Streetfighters part was on lock though….if only I played it as often smh…

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