Frame Data For Leo Is Up!

After a long break we’re back to updating our Frame Data Section. It has just been updated with Leo’s Frame Data compiled by DaeDraug. Information on some of the other characters will be posted soon. Stay tuned!


11 thoughts on “Frame Data For Leo Is Up!

      1. Is there any kind of template you use for the data that you can send me? I would be willing to set some time aside to help out. It would be worth it to have one location (in English) where one can find data for all the characters.

  1. Its nice to see that frame data is still being addressed.. Id still like to see the most recent/accurate frame data listing for my character (Bryan).. I’ve tested it in practice mode and the damage the list says a move does doesnt always match what the game says it does; It makes me wonder how accurate any of the list is.. I wonder if the list I’m referring to is for T6 and not BR..

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