Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Frame Data By ATP

tieTYT has worked hard translating Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Frame Data from inatekken and it’s already up a Avoiding The Puddle. Check out how the frames have changed since Tekken 6 and if you find any mistakes, submit them in the comments or a particular Frame Data so that it’s corrected.


inatekken Frame Data Goes English!

tieTYT and Aris from Avoiding The Puddle have been working on translating Tekken 6 Frame Data from inatekken. The list still needs some fixes, however, this is the most comprehensive list of Tekken 6 frames collected so far. Big thanks to tieTYT and Aris!

Frame Data Section Updated!

Tekken 6 community has been doing a great job putting together Frame Data for various characters. Visit our Tekken 6 Frame Data section to check FDs for the following characters: Lars, Alisa, Miguel, Lili, Feng, Asuka, Jack-6 and Hwoarang. That’s not all – stay tuned for the new characters’ Frame Data coming very soon!