TEKKEN 6 Perfect Guide Next Month!

Softbank Publishing of Japan will be releasing the TEKKEN 6 Perfect Guide next month (2730 Yen)! Now this might not mean much to most TEKKEN enthusiasts, but this guide will feature a full list of TEKKEN 6 Frame Data and other nifty lists for TEKKEN freaks like US! Once preorders open up on Play-Asia and other sites, we’ll be sure to link them here!  Speaking of Frame Data, did you know SDTEKKEN has data up for 3 characters already?  Check it out here.

UPDATE 12/15/2009 – Play-Asia now has pre-orders up for the guide!  Click below to order!  The guide comes out on Christmas!


21 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 Perfect Guide Next Month!

    1. oh its already out…

      i can wait.. im sure its not that long…

      hmmm.. mark uuwi ako pinas next month… will it be out in pinas, at a store or something? or exclusive to online order only?

    1. Cosmoslayer, whoa. Haven’t seen that name in awhile.

      No, unfortunately it will be in Japanese only. SDTEKKEN will be translating any and all frame data/relevant lists however.

  1. oh wow i was soo excited untill i heard it was english.
    but the translated version u guys are gonna do will be great. How long od you think itll take for you guys to translate the frame data?

  2. IM COPPIN! Play Asia is my homeboy!

    PS, Online Still SUCKS cuz people quit when i destroy them with Lili. I’m not even Kane so i can only image how its going for him. Every other match someone quits on me.

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