Tekken Crash Season 5 Semi-Finals

We’re only a step away from the 5th Tekken Crash Season Grand Finals! Watch videos of the best four teams courtesy of Jon747 featuring 마녀삼총사, What Can You Do?!, Specialist and Resurrection!

14 Responses to Tekken Crash Season 5 Semi-Finals

  1. 4D4M[BTT] says:

    woah only practice in rage mode xDDDD he killed it :D

    and knee also doing great , and nice combeack by rain !!!

  2. Fredrik says:

    I really hoped specialist would make it since i feel rain is a really talented player but its not easy when knee teams up with tongbal and holeman.

    And Kuma vs bryan is sooo hard specialy when its knee´s bryan

    • random says:

      whos playing kuma?

      • 257715 says:

        hakuma was playing leo but his tag is Ha kuma or something sorry its vague but he’s been rains teammate for a long time and used to main kuma.

        and i agree with fredrik rain is a huge talent and i’d love to see him competing in america again :(

  3. coilover2005 says:

    Prolly my top 3 fav Crash yet. Rain was just a madman towards the end!

  4. k.d.e says:

    I think holeman was embarassed when rains lars beat his.
    lol. holeman is actually sweatin against jdcr 37:19

  5. Shotomaster says:

    OMG Knee punishing Lars UF+3 with Taunt Jet Upper

  6. ShinKen says:

    Ultimate team if Korea is to win tougeki=Knee nin rain

  7. ShinKen says:

    Have resurrection qualified for SBO anyone know i saw the videos still dont know as i saw them lose once but they still played after how were their qualifiers hel? double elimination

  8. vinsor says:

    knee beasting by beating 3 top rated korean players, man that must’ve been hard

  9. Fredrik says:

    Its nice to see a player like Rain holding up his team against resurection who has top players like the three of them in resurection are.

    He played on his top rain but its hard to take out a whole team by yourself and win 6 matches i a row

    I wonder how it would be if he teamed up with only practice, sunchip, or dioxin .


  10. yup yup says:


  11. Forest says:

    the first match was great. Where was Only_Practice’s teamate with the water bottle for Only_Practice’s cheek like last time? Only_Practice looked like he was burning up there. Water bottle on the cheek ftw.

  12. andrew says:


    He would be doing worse because his team is composed of probably the 3 best players outside of resurrection,

    JDCR is just as good a player as rain, and pretty much anyone else on the show I’d say

    And Prince is on the same level

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