JustFrameJames Joins Check-Six Gaming!

Another American Tekken 6 player gets sponsored! James ‘JustFrameJames’ Garrett, MLG Raleigh Single Event Champion and the 5th player of this year’s Evolution has just joined Check-Six Gaming e-Sport Tekken 6 division! Read the rest of the entry for the official note.

“Not long ago, Check Six Gaming announced its return to activity in the electronic sports world by announcing its support of two games: StarCraft II and Counter-Strike: Source. From that time, our StarCraft II division represented by Jimmy ‘ThisIsJimmy’ Van Sise has already attended its first event in the form of MLG Raleigh where Jimmy was able to advance to the second day of competition and our Counter-Strike: Source team had a successful third place finish at LAN ETS WCG Special Edition.

With MLG D.C. quickly approaching we have decided to expand our support into Tekken 6. After what was a successful event for us at MLG Raleigh we have been encouraged to expand our organization and as a result we’d like to take this moment to welcome James ‘JustFrameJames‘ Garrett who has just won the Tekken 6 portion of the above mentioned event.

James had the following to say about joining Check Six Gaming:

“I’m super excited about being picked up by Check Six Gaming. After MLG Raleigh I’m more excited than ever and I’ll be more than ready for MLG D.C. with the help of Check Six.”

Managing Director, Curt “KeyHunt” Carter, released the following statement:

“I started speaking with James about two weeks before MLG Raleigh. I have always enjoyed the fighter community and their 100% passion they put into everything. The things I like about James are the same things I like about all of our players. He is dedicated, passionate and respectful towards his game and community. This I could tell through speaking online, and even more so once I spoke to him personally in Raleigh, where he took home the gold. With his help, we hope to become a staple in the fighting community and I personally cannot wait to learn more about this amazing platform. I would like to personally thank the people who referred him to us and also PureTrak for making this all possible.”

All of us here at Check Six Gaming would like to wish James the best of luck at MLG D.C. and other future events. Hopefully, this relationship will prove to be long and full of career defining highlights.”

Special thanks to FilthyRich for the heads up.

10 Responses to JustFrameJames Joins Check-Six Gaming!

  1. chetchetty says:

    noone deserves this more than James!

  2. KeyHunt says:

    Thank you for posting this! If anyone has any questions or comments please feel free to email me or visit the website.

  3. cappoX says:

    good news for the fighting community

  4. real_law says:

    congrats James.

  5. TCO-TheOne says:

    That’s what’s up good shit you do deserve it James.

  6. SonkenGp03 says:

    agreed with chetty, james revolutionized law i cant wait to see him whoop some ass

  7. When a person don’t have self-assurance, you are going to always find a way not to win

  8. […] 6! He joins the CheckSix team and will be playing alongside another top US TEKKEN player, James “JustFrameJames” Garrett. […]

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