Tekken Crash Season 5 Finals!

Tekken Crash Season 5 has come to an end! Click the link below to watch the final matches between Resurrection and 3 Witches as well as the 3rd place match: What can you do?! vs. Najin Specialist!

38 Responses to Tekken Crash Season 5 Finals!

  1. yup yup says:

    first! gaps closing :)

    • vinsor says:

      trolling doesn’t really count as first on my book so 1st! technically speaking 2nd, chanel got a good team this season of crash

    • Blind Ghost says:

      and secondly , Keep up the good work, i know i havnt been here for a while but my mother board is fried . so im in the market for a new PC.

      ill be back in a few weeks.

      count on it, until then keep up the good work.

      and that ” GAP IS CLOSING ” Stuff is funny.

      its a joke within a joke LOL.

  2. TCO-TheOne says:

    All i have to say is….DAMN!!!!! lol 1-6 the LiLi player did’nt get a chance to fight. Plus Only Practice shut out Knee in the end good shit.

  3. yup yup says:

    ahha ressurection lost cuz of all da fans of: onlypractice were shouting like crazy, channel being a typical fag and being all cocky like he never won a match before, full taunting the opponent, the nina player is a skillful mofo, those qcb shit r effective and annoying, that lili player keept spamming hopkiks in the other vid. anyway was a fluke win due to the atmosphere. nice to see rain play again though he ss realy well but his only doing 12 jabs etc.?? wers the 1+2 he had so much opportunity

  4. Shotomaster says:

    The End of Ressurection.

    All members got outplayed. Chanel and Only Practice was too strong and Gura took backseat lol

  5. cappoX says:

    instead of easy win they get as* beating

  6. Kaiser says:

    “It’s sad to see an alisa player can give a real hard time to a good player with very little effort”
    .- Don’t remember where i read that, but it stands true…

    on the other hand with nina, only practice, he’s got my respect

    • vinsor says:

      i agree, well every new character is OP in their initial version until they got balanced out in the next like steve n marduk was in t4 etc etc

      • Icege says:

        Marduk was lower-mid tier in T4 and has never been considered anything than mid tier are bottom of the upper mids (T5DR).

        Steve went from being the top 5 in T4 to #1 in 5.0

        So no, every character is not OP in their initial version :)

      • hah says:

        true or not alisa’s movement is pretty op

  7. k.d.e says:

    damn only practice went beast mode. ninas hadasha step is scary.

  8. illmatic says:

    if this doesn’t show how cheat Alisa is then idk, but still i wanted 3 Witches to win cause Only practise is a beast!!

    • Forest says:

      I thought Alisa was a gimmich character until I saw these fights. She has so many fast mids like b+1, f+2, df+4 that take a toll after awhile when mixed in with db+3’s all day. I do not think she is broken, you still need to be good to win with her.

  9. S01 says:

    JDCR and Prince need to step up for Specialist to win tournaments, Rain cant do it all.

    • Shotomaster says:

      Rain is tier whore

      • S01 says:

        not really, he picks his character based on his opponents chars like when he played steve he did it purely to counter Ressurection now its the same thing. And still even if you play top tier chars but actually do really good with them then there’s nothing wrong with it, seen enough ppl go for top tier but fail. He also played Mig and Drag at the same lvl

  10. vinsor says:

    i saw this on one of the vid’s comments on youtube itself and i found it hilarious, something like a hotter tekken crash girl would’ve more inspiring than the one resurrection had and that’s the reason they lost XD hahahaha

  11. k.d.e says:

    i wish holeman just would of back dashed after only practice kept doing ninas 1+4 or punished it atleast because its bad on block. holeman was too pressured

  12. Forest says:

    I do not think the Devil Jin on team Resurrection has won a single match the whole tournament. If he has, I forgot it. that Devil Jin has been piggybacking off of Knee and Holeman the whole time. But DJ3 Moon Ace’s Devil Jin on team Resurrection and you will get a better team. But i have to say it really surprised me when Holeman lost to that Alisa 3 rounds to none.Andthen a win VS Knee for the sweep! Man, the Koreans are really stepping up their game.In the last video, there is a point in time when you see Knee saying in to Holeman’s ear something. I am sure he said something like, “Come on man, this guy is going to sweep us in the final! You need to get a long winning streak or bust!” Only_Practice was too good though. Nina is top 4 in the game I think for sure, better than Law at least. Better than Jack-6, that is for sure. With Nina, iWS+1, opponent wall hit, db+1+2 unblockable, then uf+3, all a wall splat combo?? I was like WTF, did that just happen in the final?? And VS Knee?? So now I guess it will be Only_Practice going to Evo and getting all the sonsorship deals instead of Holeman and Knee.

    • vinsor says:

      might be, but knee’s headed for WCG along with binchang though

    • Devil Kazuya says:

      WTF NOOB?? Tongbal is one of the best player in Korea and he won all the important game for Resurrection!

      Resurrection is nothing without Tongbal

      • k.d.e says:

        true that man. the others are good too but they rely on him the most.

      • Kaiser says:

        totally agree, tongbal love pulled his team to the finals 2 times alone, and the 3rd time he reached the finals he won it with team resurrection.

        tongbal.love and holeman are the only 2 players that have reached tekken crash finals 4 times… That alone is unhuman

  13. Schematic says:

    Tongbal should have gone third. He plays much better from that position. And holeman, which I believe to be the best of the three wierdly enough should have gone first. As for alisa he SS and backdash is dangerous. No excuse though because Lars, Bryan are superior to her in most ways. Devil jin can beat any character in tourney however Alisa is a better character. But with that said Tongal love usualy is extremely good and mind gaming his way to victory over anyone. But he got spaced out and mixed the hell up lol.

  14. noobplayer says:


  15. Billy says:

    O common guys, Its only 1 or 2 coins anybody (specially in T6) can win.
    I believe that u can’t compare 1 player with another (on high level)unless they played atleast 30 vs 30.

  16. Forest says:

    OK, my bad. Maybe just a coincidence that Devil Jin never won but won everything else. Where can I watch him win those other touurnaments that this good/great/best in the world Devil Jin player won? I would very much enjoy watching them.

  17. andrew says:

    just watch the tekken crash season 4 finals off of this site even, tongbal wins nearly every big match to give them the win

  18. VenoM362 says:

    ……..wow,didn’t see that coming.

    1-6? Really?

    Alisa and Nina, VenoM362 hates thoses bitches!!!!

    Nina has been VenoM362’s nemesis since Tekken 3.

    …Alisa is just a cheap piece of trash.

    I’m just saying…

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