WCG USA – Tekken 6 Results

GM and The Game faced each other in yesterday’s Tekken 6 US WCG Preliminary tournament. Eventhough GM was the competition’s winner, both finalists will be representing their country in this year’s world finals which will start later this month and will take place in USA. If you want to know the group drawing for the Tekken 6 finals, CLICK HERE.

6 Responses to WCG USA – Tekken 6 Results

  1. yup yup says:

    first again :) gaps closing FYI!

  2. real_law says:

    Game was smart, he knew that 2nd place for USA gets the easier bracket at Worlds plus he already had beaten everybody to get to the Grand Finals.

  3. Shotomaster says:

    no just frame james? fail

  4. Kaiser says:

    this means knee will have his rematch against gm :O
    At least in the group phase

  5. Forest says:

    VIDS? VIDS? VIDS? lol I want VIDS

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