WCG USA Live Broadcast

The first US Tekken 6 National WCG Finals are held this weekend at Universal Studios Hollywood! Who will be representing USA in the worldwide finals this fall? Will it be Rip? GM? The Game? Maybe someone else? Check the link below for stream information and the schedule!

Live on Three, the official streaming media partner for the 2010 US National Finals being held at Universal Studios Hollywood from Sept. 10th ~ 12th, will bring its unique brand of coverage, combining in depth e-sports knowledge with its highly entertaining cast bringing all the excitement and energy of the WCG 2010 US National Final to the viewers at home.

Featured Coverage:
– Tournament Play
– VoD
– Interviews with Players and WCG Ultimate Gamer Cast
– Main Stage Matches

Schedule and Hosts:
Hosted by Live On Three with Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham, Scott “SirScoots” Smith and Rod “Slasher” Breslau.
Special guest commentators include Sean “Day9” Plott, Bruce Rivington, Adande “sWooZie” Thorne and Mark “MarkMan” Julio.

Broadcasting Schedules (All times in PST.)

12:00 pm – Opening Ceremony
1:00 pm – Live On Three Show with WCG Ultimate Gamer guests
1:30 pm – FIFA: Michs09 vs Eafra
2:00 pm – CS 1.6: Grid05 vs Underestimated
3;00 pm – Warcraft 3: LongWalk vs Cruncher
4:00 pm – Starcraft: G5 vs Sterling
5:00 pm – Tekken 6: Rip vs Reaper
5:30 pm – Tekken 6: Black Mamba vs TheGame

10:00 am – Live On Three Show
10:30 am – FIFA: Barmoa vs Zanzibar
11:00 am – Starcraft: iNkA vs Machine
11:30 am – CS 1.6: EG vs Loaded
12:30 pm – Tekken 6: Fighting GM vs J.Pagan
1:00 pm – Warcraft 3: SonkiE vs Ecko.vVv.RSM
2:00 pm – Live On Three Bracket Preview
2:30 pm – CS 1.6: Upper Bracket Round 1
3:30 pm – Starcraft: Upper Bracket Round 1
4:30 pm – League of Legends Finals
5:30-6:00 pm – Starcraft 2 exhibition

10:00 am – Live On Three Show
10:30 am – FIFA: Upper Bracket Finals
11:30 am – Starcraft: Lower Bracket Finals
12:00 pm – Starcraft: Grand Finals
12:30 pm – Tekken 6: Lower Bracket Finals
1:00 pm – Tekken 6: Grand Finals

1:30 pm – CS 1.6: Grand Finals

21 Responses to WCG USA Live Broadcast

  1. Fredrik says:

    How can i find the link to the stream ?

  2. Fredrik says:

    Thanks Di

    I wonder is it because the stream hasnt start yet that i dont see it

    Thanks for help


  3. Fredrik says:

    Thanks again Di you are fast as lightning to answer.

    I see the updates but i wanna se a live video stream is it possible on the “live stream” link ?

  4. TL15 says:

    How come Mr. Naps isn’t playing?

  5. Di says:

    Quoting Rip:
    “I beat The Game 2-1. Monitors are pretty laggy. Not unplayable but definitely not good.
    Beat blackmamba 3-0”

  6. cappoX says:

    Rip is leading 8-0

  7. Forest says:

    I hope it will be possible to watch each and every single Tekken 6 match at WGC after it all ends. Please tell people where the rebroadcast can be found so people can watch all the Tekken again. Thanks, SDTekken rulez.

  8. Death Sandwich says:

    Did they show Tekken at all? I went to bed when they started showing Starcraft and according to the schedule Tekken was supposed to be after that.

    I’m looking through the archives and I can’t find anything.

  9. Death Sandwich says:

    Ok, so in the last video they talk about Tekken 6 and they said they were showing other games while it was going on… brilliant.

    Even managed to talk about how Street Fighter 4 is great because you see a lot of different characters used. Great exposure for Tekken 6 guys!

  10. seele says:

    Go fighting GM go

  11. Blixx says:

    I love my bf fighting gm.
    your the best hun. i love you soo much!

  12. MarkMan says:

    There were issues streaming TEKKEN.

    Sorry, otherwise I would have said HI to ya’ll!

  13. VenoM362 says:

    Man, WTF WCG?!

    Bet they didn’t have issues streaming starcraft,warcraft,yomomacraft,and whatever other lame games they have there.

    WCG did Tekken wrong, for that VenoM362 says WCG can eat a dick!!!

    I’m just saying…

  14. VenoM362 says:

    Oh yeah, so who won?

    GM or Rip

  15. kyonouichi says:

    grats to GM for winning the tournament

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