SDTEKKEN Will Interview Ryan Hart!

During the upcoming World Cyber Game 2010 World Finals our very own MarkMan will interview a very special guest, the living Tekken legend, Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart! We wish him best during the Tekken 6 final tournament and are waiting for your questions to Ryan! Don’t hestitate and submit them because we’re only a few days away from the event!


40 thoughts on “SDTEKKEN Will Interview Ryan Hart!

  1. Hi Ryan how was your first tekken experience and what have motivated u to compete as one of the best tekken players in the world for such a long time?

    Why you feel so passionate with kazuya :)


  2. How much time (percentage-wise) do you devote to the fighting games you’re currently playing? (last I checked you were playing 3S, SFIV, as well as T6). Out of all the fighting games you’re currently playing, which one’s your favorite?

  3. I think I asked you this in a PM a while ago, but it probably makes more sense to answer it in an open forum.

    You’ve played (at least) three major series at the highest level – Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of each of these series? What do you think Tekken could take from each of these series to improve.

  4. How do you feel about TTT2 coming out? Will you definetly play it or is are you gonna wait and see how the game is before playing it? Also if you do play TTT2 do you have any idea on how much time you will put into the game since you place many different games?

  5. I’ve heard a bit about an up and coming player in the uk called Walter who’s making some waves. Have you seen him play? Have you played against him? What do you think of his play?


    Mr. Hart, in regards to your just barely edging out Daigo Umehara as having the greatest male hairdo in fighting games, do you feel that it has more to do with…
    1) the textural advantages granted to you by London’s muggy climate,
    2) the stylish interaction it enjoys with your well-maintained beard, or
    3) some other factor? (please specify)

    Thank you very much, SD Tekken!

  7. 1. Hello there Mr. Hart. So do you play any other games besides fighting like shooting games or whatever & If so what are they & why?
    2. What kind of music do you listen to?

  8. ryan whats your main reason for using kazuya as your primary character? how many hours a day do you practice ? can you elaborate on your training and tell exactly what is it?

  9. Do you develop a gameplan based on your behaviour of the opponent which you might sacrifice some rounds to obtain in a match or do you try and read your opponent on the spot?

    In Street Fighter you got very fast (crLK, crMK w/Ryu etc) or long range moves to prod your opponent with especially the fireball to gauge your opponent’s reactions and habits. What can be the equivalent to this in Tekken?

  10. Oh yeah do you feel it’s a must to master a single character for tournaments for Tekken or you can have a set of characters to ‘back up’ your main depending on the format of the tourney?

  11. VenoM362 would like to know…

    What do you think Kazuya’s top moves are? (Not counting EWGF)

    Do you feel the Mishimas should be stronger than they are?

    Would you like to see Devil return in TTT2?

    I’m just asking…

  12. How do you manage to train for both tekken and street fighter? Do you spend more time with one or the other? Which do you feel more comfortable playing or enjoy more?

  13. Thoughts on the changes made in VF5FS and the likelihood of it coming to console? Favourite VF game and why?

    Thoughts on TTT2 and what changes you’d like to see. Opinion on Tekken 4 and the direction Namco went after that. Could T4 have been good with another revision?

  14. I had heard u in an interview once that priorities change in life and you have to adjust your playing hours. Please elaborate on that. How you managed study and Tekken in your academic years and how you manage job and Tekken now? Players practise around 5-6 hours a day alright but doesn’t it distract all the time even when you are not actually playing? Happens with me!

  15. Hi Ryan,

    I would like to know what influenced your poking strategies and what makes you poke the way you do. Watching your matches changed my poking game considerably and improved it.

  16. How do you normally train movement in Tekken? Do you have any tips on how to improve your movement / stepping in trainingmode or something (not just mishimas)?

  17. hey ryan!

    what do you think is kaz’s weakness? and if you are given the chance to improve or at least add a move? what is it?

  18. Hi Ryan,

    since you are awfully quiet in the zaibatsu UTXII tread…

    i’m gonna flood you with some questions :-))

    first of all, some may not know this but you were the first Euro to go to the USA as an ambassador for the European Skill level in an era that most americans couldn’t believe that there were good players in Europe eventhough you became worldchampion, how do you remember that trip to the states and did you feel pressure?

    hypothetically if there was a 5 vs 5 EU vs USA(with all the strongest players available) in which game do you think would Europe pose the biggest tread? were the euros at their best in the TTT era, T5, t5DR or the newest T6(psx3).

    You reached an extreme level of play maybe your highest in TTT eventually IMO, my question is when you were at your peak did you play TOP japanes comp at TTT?? as i know you used to travel at least once a year in to japan. You always said that in japan the level was VERY high and with basically every character. could the japanes touch you at your peak?? As far as i can remember there wasn’t much knowned about the japanese TOP players strange enough during the TTT era, that’s why i’m asking.

    could you make a top 10 of the strongest/most admired players you’ve met and played over the years and tell something about them??

    Is a Korean(outside seoul) HAN(dutch amstelveen tourney) you played amongst your top 10 and how do you remember him?

    What is your top 5 euros at the moment t6(psx3)?

    Do you still get goosebumps about tourney related stuff or have you ever gotten any? in regards to that question, would you rather win UTXII single, or be a teammember of the EURO top 5 and beat USA(without winning single tourney)

    to end at the beginning TTT, hypothetically korean player KBM was a big tread for you in the states(i think he ranked top 3 in korea then) if you were to meet him later at your peak would things have gone different in TTT?? basically asking do you think in TTT ANY double ogre player could have beaten you at your peak.

    feeling wise at what tekken did you feel your best/strongest?

    Do you still travel every year to japan, and what games do you play then?

    i thought i would bomb you with 1000 questions,

    c ya in france!!!

    The simple man.

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