World Cyber Games 2010 Finals

Today is the day. The 10th World Cyber Games Finals are starting now in Los Angeles. People from all around the world will be participating in the Gaming Olympic Games to prove who is the best. This year is special for Tekken fans because the first Tekken WCG finals will be taking place in the following days. Looking forward to some details?

Fortunately the event will be streamed and it’s going to be free!

As always, WCG will bring WCG 2010 Grand Final live to you over WCG TV. The website will go live on today. The basic service will be free to view as always, but we are offering a lot more this year as a premium service. We are offering a higher quality stream as a premium service. As we launch this new service, we are giving you the devoted WCG fans a chance to try it for a heavily discounted rate if you purchase it now!

You can find more on the stream RIGHT HERE.


9:30 AM PST – Tekken 6: Honnda (Japan) vs TheGame (USA) – Main Stage
10:00 AM PST – Tekken 6: Ryan Hart (UK) vs Binchang (Korea) – Main Stage
10:30 AM PST – Tekken 6: GEN1US (France) vs Ali (Japan) – Main Stage
11:00 AM PST – Tekken 6: Knee (Korea) vs Ali (Japan) – Main Stage
11:30 AM PST – Tekken 6: FightingGM (USA) vs Knee (Korea) – Main Stage
12:00 PM PST – Tekken 6: FightingGM (USA) vs Ali (Japan) – Main Stage
12:30 PM PST – Tekken 6: GEN1US (France) vs Knee (Korea) – Main Stage

9:30 AM PST – Tekken 6: Quarterfinals – Main Stage
10:15 AM PST – Tekken 6: Semifinals – Main Stage
11:00 AM PST – Tekken 6: Third/Fourth Place – Main Stage
11:25 AM PST – Tekken 6: Grand Finals – Main Stage
11:50 AM PST – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Reveal & Speech by Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken Project Director) – Main Stage

Wondering who is participating? Check the GROUP STAGE DRAW.

Now for the interesting stuff, a 32-man tournament was played with players from 8 different countries, featuring some of the WCG finalists. Who placed top 4?

1st – AO (Japan) – Bob, Alisa, Miguel
2nd – Aris (USA) – Drag, ArmorKing
3rd – Just Frame James (USA) – Law
4th – Honda (Japan) – Lili, Lee, Zafina

You can find the full bracket HERE. If you want to watch some of the matches, visit Avoiding the Puddle YouTube channel.

So the question is… hyped? And the answer is: YES!

20 Responses to World Cyber Games 2010 Finals

  1. Christopher says:

    i soo wish i was there lol

  2. HONDAfan says:

    JAPAN training for finals?? Where are Koreans…

  3. David says:

    I’m confused. If the tekken MCG matches are being played in a couple of days, what was the 32 man tournament for?

    • john doe says:

      the 32 man tourney was just for fun. the koreans weren’t there cuz they haven’t arrive. check out the vids on youtube. jfj beat honda twice and got 3 perfects. honda is lucky jfj isn’t in the wcg.

  4. ill says:

    installed player and all, but still get no video

  5. Fishey says:

    Is it over or what?
    I thought the finals was saturday?

  6. Deebo says:

    who does this Ryan Hart from the UK play as?

  7. vinsor says:

    knee – 1st place (korea)
    ao(ali) – 2nd place (japan)
    honda – 3rd place (japan)

  8. RandomPlayer says:

    lol if I’m not mistaken Ao beat Knee in the first day. Then Knee beat Ao 3-2 in the Grand Finals. Overall really entertaining hype matches. Japan vs Korea in Tekken is always hype lol. Reminds of the crazy Qudans vs Mainstreet Ryu matches in DR….

  9. yup yup says:

    Knee is the best. Commentators should be castrated.

  10. Devil says:

    Knee got lucky in Final

  11. Deebo says:

    Well done MarkMan for reaching the final!

  12. bringsan90 says:

    is it live? too bad I can’t watch it. I have to go to work. :(

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