Knee Takes World Cyber Games 2010!

Three out of four Asian players placed top 4 in the first World Cyber Games Tekken 6 finals including players from a number of countries. In one of the best Tekken 6 tournament final we have seen so far Knee won 3:2 against AO’s Alisa and was crowned the WCG 2010 Champion! Check the rest of the entry for the top 8 results and some of the videos.


1st – Knee (Bryan) – South Korea
2nd – AO (Alisa) – Japan
3rd – Honnda (Lili) – Japan
4th – Leok (Julia) – Spain
T 5th – Binchang (Lars) – South Korea
T 5th – Prodigal Son (Kazuya) – UK
T 5th – Rikimaru (Xiaoyu) – Italy
T 5th – Kernkraft (???) – Mexico

Here are some videos recorded for us by Shankar. Thank you!

32 Responses to Knee Takes World Cyber Games 2010!

  1. ChilliSauce18 says:


    Good fight! Knee is truly a Tekken God. ^_~

  2. coilover2005 says:

    Congrats to Knee! I think anyone that DIDN’T understand English fluently had a better chance of winning the tourney since those announcers were the worst I have EVER heard!!! I can only imagine what it was like being there with those knuckleheads. How could anyone focus? I’d need a set of the Best BOSE earphones just to drown those dudes out.

  3. L_Z_N says:

    thumbs up Ryan Hart..for doing pretty well with Kaz.

    and congrats to the gold, silver, and bronze medalists.

  4. abner says:

    are the prodigal son fights there too? i couldnt find them on wcg’s youtube page

    • abner says:

      thank the internet gods for a mute button though, such terribly delayed/unsynched sounds for the video with bad commentators.

  5. VenoM362 says:

    Props to Knee for beating an Alisa players punk ass.

    …And props to anyone not using Alisa,Bob,and Paul.

    I’m just saying…

  6. Fredrik Swe says:

    I cant more then agree on the commentators

  7. ShinKen says:

    Heres the finals

  8. Fredrik Swe says:

    They should hire aris and MYK to commentate give it would be a nice option both quality aspekt and economic

  9. Forest says:

    Yeah WTF is with the 10 second delay between when something happens on the screen and when the sound for it is played? Is youtube really that bad or is it the WCG video? Holy cow. I muted.

  10. The Invincible says:

    The groupings kinda suck to be honest.

  11. Meeu says:

    lol. great match

  12. Nigga Dick Jax says:

    Knee deserved it. He played like a Champ and he is a Champ.

  13. EvilkenX says:

    USA got scammed!! Bah…Euros getting piss easy group?!

    US is just stong as JAPAN/KOREA and very beatable as you can see in MLG results.

    Also I just want to say this 2 SF players…

    “STOP sucking Daigo **** you noobs”

    • vinsor says:

      well if they are just as strong, why didn’t they win then? don’t get me wrong but MLG was just US vs 2-3 korean players, it doesn’t represent the whole korean playing pool, i mean look at resurrection(knee,holeman, tongbal) they lost in crash when u think that team is beatable and in SBO US players didn’t place in SBO, so think of how it is when how koreans feel when they play in MLG then

      and on your daigo comment, don’t be hatin on SF players if they lost they lost, in this age if u wanna make a statement u gotta prove it urself and try fightin daigo yourself

      but that’s just me, unless someone else agrees with me

      • k.d.e says:

        exactly venom, we only have played a few koreans, even if we won a couple of times doesent mean america is on the same level as korea. korea has way more other strong ass players that havent come to america yet.

      • VenoM362 says:

        VenoM362 did not post that…

      • k.d.e says:

        lol woops i read the name too fast =_= my bad but yeah i agree with vinsor

    • Kaiser says:

      Lol what a retarded comment, especially when EVERYONE had “piss easy” National qualifiers compared to Korea and Japan

  14. James says:

    if you are looking for a place to talk about tekken, i managed to set up a blog at, if it’s no good then don’t worry but it’d be awesome to have a collection of posts in there, a sort of bible of tekken. anyway, check it out!

  15. vinsor says:


    i aint venom! in reality we’ll never get to truly compare skills of each nation unless we get like a 20 vs 20 tournament of US players vs Koreans each battling a member of the other nation, if people think that it’s still a scam by getting a pissy ass group, then i dont know what is except being a sore loser or whatever

    • VenoM362 says:

      No you are not VenoM362…

      VenoM362 is VenoM362

      I’m just saying…

      • vinsor says:

        well said man, well said and yeah death to paul, alisa, and bob players…..

        i’d say christie and lili also but those 2 are just gorgeous hahaha

  16. jun says:

    whats the best way to break catch?
    1,2,1+2 as fast you can when opponent catch?
    thanks in advance

    • Sharog says:

      learn to regnize the hand motion during a throw and the correct break button for that specific hand motion.

    • SMOZZLER says:

      you cannot mash out of a grab. the first input that gets registered as soon as your grabbed gets locked in so you need to make sure you press the right button to escape the grab. that being said its about getting used to seeing the hand motions.

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