The BIG TEAM Tournament

Have you ever imagined a 12v12 Tekken 6 match featuring some of the top players from various countries? It’s like a dream coming true… hungry for some details? Check them down below!

Team SabreDabre (left):
Markman (Eddy), TheGame (Law), KernKraft (Asuka), JustFrameJames (Law), David (Hwoarang), MatrixMatt (Asuka), Rikimaru (Xiaoyu), SabreDabre (Nina), Entomo (Hwoarang), WeaponX (Nina), AO (Alisa), Knee (Bryan)

Team Ryan (right):
JMS (Xiaoyu), Bob (Law), CalSonic (Xiaoyu), Paul (Panda), Tomahawk (Xiaoyu), Roger (Xiaoyu), Sim (Xiaoyu), Ryan Hart (Kazuya), Galo (Julia), Leok (Julia), Honnda (Lili), Binchang (Lars)


13 thoughts on “The BIG TEAM Tournament

  1. Mind=blown.
    So many awesome players from all over the world.
    In one room.
    Playing Tekken.

    This shit is tight, totally out of control – as Aris would say.

      1. that’s the room SabreDabre’s roommate kicked us out of cause he wanted to sleep. we played in the japanese room :)

  2. One complaint that I have is that there was no sound from the game, only the hype. Hype is OK, but it would be really nice to have sounds from the game itself, too.

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