Nowadays it’s rare to see us writing about a combo video but this one is definitely worth it. The new Lei combo video by Tobi has absolutely everything that makes your movie great and is already said to be one of the best Tekken 6 videos up to date. What are you still waiting for? Watch it!


15 thoughts on “Tobi’s PHOENIX LORD II

  1. Great video! I give it 10/10!

    Not only were the combos insanely diificult but the video and audioquality was perfect!
    This is how a combo-video should be done! Also watct Kane’s Lili combo videos. They are of same quality.

  2. “what are u still waiting for? Watch it!”

    Lol I’m waiting for android 2.2 update. Still can’t view embedded videos..

  3. this video was amazing i already saw it before it got posted but its so good i watched it like 3 times

    but this alisa video is even crazier i wacth that one like 10 times its alisa like you never seen before

    good video to Tobi thought i dont play lei but i do love wacthing lei players play

    great combo vid to both

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