INTERVIEW: Gipsy Answers YOUR Questions!

Our latest interview is finally here! Gipsy, the Eddy player from South Korea, who is now studying in Australia, has answered your questions! Click the link below to jump to the interview.

Why do you use Chreddy?

Hm…Christie has been my main character since Tekken 4. I use her because I can play her better than the other characters.

yup yup
What you think about the gap between Korea and US?

I’m not sure about the Gap between Korea and the US, since I barely know a thing about US players.

Who are the top tier characters, in your opinion? Where do you think your character (Eddy) is on the tier list?

Top tier… talking about a tier list online is meaningless, but I reckon Lars, Law, Bob are good. Eddy should be low or mid low tier in my opinion :)

Devil Kazuya
Which country is stronger: Japan or Korea? PS also you are the best Eddy player in Korea!

Hm…I’m not sure about Japanese players’ level because I didn’t play with them much but it seems for top players the level is similar.

hi gipsy^^ are there any other characters that you use besides eddy?

I use many characters apart from eddy. I also play Steve, Asuka, Leo, Law, Lee, Baek, Alisa and Christie too. Lol. Christie, Steve, Asuka made it to Blue rank in Korea.

Before BR came out you played Lei and Dragunov a lot. Correct me if I’m wrong, but have you stopped playing them competitively? If so, why?

Yea, its true. I played Drag and Lei in AUS during Tekken 6 days but I haven’t used them at all since I returned to Korea.
It’s mainly because Lei is not that strong in Tekken 6 BR compared to Tekken 6. Regarding Drag… there is very decent Drag player in my city. I can’t beat him with Drag in a mirror match, that’s why I stopped playing him. Besides they were not my mains to begin with.

I hear you are moving to Sydney soon, are there many Tekken players there? If so, how strong are they?

I already moved to Sydney :) In Sydney… there are a fair few players, but of course not as many as in Korea.
The highest rank in here is Raijin atm. When I came here first in Tekken 6.0 days Sydney players were pretty weak compared to Korea. However they have improved a lot since playing with me the first time… so these days they play pretty strong.

Would you say tekken is the bestest technical fighting game in the world?

I reckon Virtual Fighter is more well made Fighting game than Tekken, much more technical, for sure, yet less aesthetically pleasing. However Tekken has the potential to make people excited and provide intense matches even if they are not familiar with the game.

How do you feel about advancing to a high position for Tekken Crash S5, as well as entering SBO? Are you excited about facing Japanese players soon?

Hm…Tekken Crash was just bad memory for me because we wasted a lot of money to travel the 8 hours from Busan to Seoul and we got nothing even for advancing so far. Tekken Crash is only for players who live in Seoul.
They should provide sponsorship and travel costs for players outside of Seoul. They don’t even pay for us for appearing on their TV show. We are like the leading actors; people are there to see us yet we are not compensated.
Even if I had a chance to enter Tekken Crash again, I would not join unless I could make a team with the best of the best from my city so we could win,

Regarding SBO, yeah I was excited to make the trip to Japan, and it was very nice. I like Japan and want to go back there next time. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to play with Japan’s top players. I still don’t know why but they didn’t give us any games.

There slight differences between Christie and Eddy, what do you think about her and how stacks against Eddy for completitive play?

The biggest difference is the range. It makes Eddy stronger than Christie. Eventually with Christie it feels hard to fight especially against Jack or Bob etc. Its obviously reflected in the ranks. My Christie hit Asura at its highest but my eddy got Tekken Emperor. It is a similar situation with Misty.

What are some advice you can give to old Eddy players who have dropped him in BR because they think he is not to good anymore? Also, do you have a secondary? If so, who is it?

You should drop him in Tekken 6 because he was one of the worst characters. Even I dropped him in Tekken 6. In Tekken BR, Eddy is still ok.
I mean not that bad. He got some new Bound move and etc so just stick with him.

What do you think about Misty? Do you play together regularly?

I respect his play and knowledge about Eddy. He understands Eddy better than me. Also he uses a greater variety of moves.
We don’t play together because we live in different cities.

Why do you want to move to Sydney? Because Korea has some of the best players in the world!

I came to Sydney for my study. But there is no doubt, Korea is the best place for Tekken.

when did you play Tekken at frist?;what each character do you select at then?

I played tekken since Tekken 2 and I started to play properly in TTT.
When I was like middle school, I was best player in my area. I was using Paul.(T3)
I remember that I even got kick out from arcade because I was too good for them, but I didn’t know about Tekken properly that time. I thought I’m like the best player in world lol.
Then one day my friend told me there was a Tekken tournament downtown…we went there and got owned badly. There were real Tekken players including the Tekken Battle team. I got recruited by a team while I was down there, so I joined and learnt to play Tekken properly. I guess I was about 15 years old. My mains in TTT were Bruce, Bryan, the Ogres and the Mishimas.

I play eddy as my Main Charcter too. Just want to know. If you can change some moves property to make eddy stronger, which move you want to change mostly and how.

I eagerly want to get a side walk or previous Jinga step like ss 1+2. Plus I wanna get back previous d 4 , not current d 4 3…You need to do it from crouching d 4 T_T, also I want previous ss 2.
If I can be greedy, I wanna make u+4 as homing move :)

This might be a bit personal so you may choose not to answer. How old are you? Do you do anything apart from Tekken, like study/job? How do you manage? Personally I feel Tekken is very very distracting. Unless you think about it all the time, you can’t be a champion.

Interesting… I was born in 1984. So you can guess how old am I. I’m currently a student in AUS.
You don’t need to manage anything. It is still all right play Tekken once or twice per week to keep up.
I didn’t even play Tekken everyday 24hr when I was in Korea… It’s just kind of a hobby.

Did you ever consider moving to Seoul because of Tekken? What made you stay in the Busan/Ulsan area?

I used to live in Seoul when I was young but we moved to Busan due to my Father’s job.
when I went green arcade I really liked the circumstance. But I didn’t actually set a plan to move to Seoul just because of Tekken. Thats just crazy :)
Plus Busan has special offer every Friday night 100won for a game of Tekken. That’s like 10 US cents. Even Seoul players envy this offer.

Super Joe
Are there any American Eddie players that you have heard or and/or look up to?

Absolutely no idea.

Zach Pinner (ZAP)
What is Korean Backdashing and how can i perform it consistently?

I think this strat is very important for any player that wants to bring his game to the next level.
There is no special secret about Korean BD. I’m using bb n db n b n db n b

How did you choose/get your name?

Um. I have changed my nickname few times since TTT. I chose ‘Gipsy’ because Zafina was one of my mains in Tekken6 and I thought ‘Gipsy’ is a nice fit for her.

What are your favourite moves to go into Negativa other than d+2,3?

While crouching 4, and just 3+4. In fact, I don’t rely on RLX stance a lot.

Do you pay attention to the USA Tekken scene? If so, have any players caught your eye that you would like to play?

Um, honestly I barely know about the Tekken scene outside of Korea including the USA. But I think I remember seeing a few movies from GM (Lee), Murakumo (Lee) and Mr.Naps(Bry) in Tekkencentral. For now, Australia..!!

Who do you think are the top players in the tekken korean scene? Which player do you find most difficult to battle? Any advise to players who plan to use capos?

Most top players are of a similar level. I don’t have much idea about Seoul, so I can only comment on my city.
FIGHT_DEVIL_JIN, Bow Jack and Magnet (Ja Suk) would be the top players in my city.
I had some difficulty when I versed Only practice and CHANEL. Those characters r assumed to be a natural enemy for capoera in Korea.

What are Eddy’s flaws? What are Eddy’s strengths? Who is Eddy’s hardest matchup?

Eddy’s primary disadvantage is not having a side walk for sure. I reckon eddy’s strength comes out from his 14frame df2 elbow.
There are so many difficult matchups for Eddy. Personally I think that’s why eddy is like low-mid tier.
These difficult matchups include Nina, Alisa, Lili, Bob, Lars and Leo.

I live in Sydney and im a big fans of yours. Since I first time saw you my heart been beating real fast. But i heard everyone in Sydney call you cheapsy. Why is that? Do u play so cheap ?How to be as cheap as you ?

First of all, I don’t think we have met before. Oh about the Cheapsy nick name..there is a fkin cheap player in Sydney called Gerry.
He always tried to beat me with cheap stuff but He couldn’t so he started to call me Cheapsy, and everyone liked that nickname haha.
So simply, He called me Cheapsy coz he can’t beat me. :)
p.s I like u Gerry 

How do you differentiate your style from other top Eddie users out there, like Misty for example? How did you team up with Magnet and Seol Lei for Tekken Crash? Were you good friends to begin with?

Um… I can’t tell u what the exact differences are from other Eddy players. But many Seoul players told me that they have never seen an Eddy like me.
Some players were shocked, because they never lost DM against Eddy in their life. But lost against me.
Magnet and Seol Lei live in my city. I’m not that close with Seol Lei but I am with Magnet.
In the beginning we made a team for small tournament near my town, and we got first place.
Then we decided to enter Tekken crash with same team, but it wasn’t smart choice. Tekken Crash was not that easy to win lol

13 Responses to INTERVIEW: Gipsy Answers YOUR Questions!

  1. k.d.e says:

    damn that sucks, people outside of seoul dont get anything on tekken crash except for respect pretty much, unless they like for sure win the whole tournament :/

  2. Maxi Milian says:

    Cool interview, goot luck in Australia man!

  3. yup yup says:

    “I’m not sure about the Gap between Korea and the US, since I barely know a thing about US players.”

    since I barely know a thing about US players

    Nice, very nice. I’m your fan from now. Nice bitches on the pic btw.

  4. rio says:

    man that gal on the right is HOTT

  5. k.d.e says:

    Those are some of the crash girls, those two changed their hair. but their still hott! =)

  6. Zhan says:


  7. Meeu says:

    thanks for answering the questions! I’m a big fan of your team since you first burst into the TC scene. It’s just a shame if you can’t participate as much as people would want you to because of expenses. someone with skills such as yours deserves to be recognized and respected.

  8. orange soda says:

    i like how he thinks tekken is just a hobby lol

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