TTT2 Music Director Revealed!

Katsuhiro Harada has ANNOUNCED that none other than the Tekken Tag Tournament music director, Akitaka Tohyama (also: Katamari Damacy) will be the music composer for the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2! Techno, anyone?


77 Responses to TTT2 Music Director Revealed!

  1. Undead_Nemesis says:


  2. reno says:

    no eye no ear no nose no mouth no body no mind no shape no shape.

  3. Ejaz Ahmad says:

    i want ogerz back dont care about anything else at the moment…..

  4. yup yup says:

    that’s nice

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    Ogre’s Stage and Music has always been my favorite of all the stages for some odd reason.

  6. Cool! says:


  7. AZ4L says:


  8. IronFistlaw says:

    I hope for the PS3 version they enable custom soundtrack. I would love to listen to TTT orge theme and T3 law theme while fighting :)

    • john doe says:

      not gonna happen cuz your opponent might not want to listen to the themes you like to listen. you should just listen to themes you like on your ipod while playing TT2. and cuz some people prefer listening to the original stage theme.

  9. MarkMan says:

    I was a big fan of the arcade soundtrack for TTT 2!

    Can’t wait!

  10. Photon Rez says:

    That’s good news! I liked Tekken Tag’s intro and embu theme. Ogre’s, Xiaoyu’s and Yoshimitsu’s theme also!

  11. Zeke Cannon says:

    Awesome! I love the TT soundtrack. Is that Unknown in that picture up there, btw?

  12. KainCarver says:

    I miss the old T2 music options – being able to mix it up between BGM & Arcade versions. But this is still very welcome news.

  13. Sirjackalot says:

    TTT and Tekken 3 had the best music in the tekken series!!!! Im so amped Xp and its great to hear the music again after all these years brings back so many memories of long-hours and quarters being lost in the arcades.

  14. Sirjackalot says:

    One Favorite tekken song

    • STORMSHADOW says:


  15. Masta Bates says:

    FUCK YEAH!! This will be the Fighting Game of the Year!!

  16. Tekkenlover says:


  17. Spiriax says:

    Nice!! Akitaka kicks arse! The best tracks in T6 were done by him. Electric Fountain, and the Main menu song on Tekken 6 PSP, are some examples.

  18. Tekkenlover says:


  19. aou says:

    hopefully customization is enabled for 1p as well as 2p in versus mode of console

  20. chemicalRed says:

    Tekken’s soundtracks have always been amazing so im never worried about that.. And if im not mistaken this guy worked on some of Tekken 6s music as well.


    Great…well expect some remixed tracks then.

    At least it’s being done by the Namco sound team.


    Never really was a big fan of the TTT1’s soundtrack.

    • john doe says:

      me too. i thought TT1’s soundtrack is dull. i prefer T5dr and T6’s. such as moonlit wilderness, snow castle, urban warzone, anger of the earth, etc they sound lively and epic.

  23. tekken88 says:

    hello michael murray sir^^ if you are reading please sir would you bring the actual songs for characters like tekken 3 back for each character, in tekkens now you just have music repating all the time please michael sir bring back tekken 3 techno and funk with actual songs like tekken 3 please sir ive been wanting this for a long time thank you very much sir^^

  24. jack87 says:

    damn it! i hate listening to techno music in fighting games! tekken was going the right path with their epic guitar+violin battle themes like lightning storm, anger of the earth, disaster tunnel, moonlit wilderness, snow castle… but now it’s gonna take a step back to damn techno dance music! ugh! i think i’m gonna be sick! :(

    • Blind Ghost says:

      uhh no they wernt man, the soundtrack from T5 and down are crap in my op, couple of songs here and there TEKKEN 6 has to be the worst one , they keep bringing back these girls that do background songs fromt T5 tekken 2-4 had awsome tracks im glad thier going back to their roots man. TECHNO FOR LIFE !!!

      • jack87 says:

        sorry, i was never a fan of techno, that’s why TTT1’s soundtrack is my least favorite. it makes me feel like i’m in a dance club with 90’s vibe. you’re an idiot with bad taste if you think techno music is compatible with fighting games and prefer it over epic guitar+violin battle music like lightning storm, anger of the earth, snow castle, etc. FUCK TECHNO IN FIGHTING GAMES!

  25. killahproh88 says:

    MarkMan say to Harada to add Unknown, she is a classic, you can’t make a Tekken Tag game without her!!!!!!!!!

  26. B-BOY JIN says:

    Out of the entire Tag soundtrack, my faves were the island/Eddy stage and the school stage. The school soundtrack was dope, and Eddy’s stage song was straight funky. Looking forward to new sounds, Bring the epicness.

  27. tekken88 says:

    sorry jack87 you must b a little kid in this bull new fag gay generation you never lived in 1997 98 time when tekken ruled the world with its music i remeber going high school at the time girls all over loved the sound tracks they loved tekken they loved the tekken boys the music in earlier tekkens made tekken more recognisable you jack87 jus go and listen to your fag ass blak shit face lil wayne muthafuka

    • jack87 says:

      i’m 23 years old and been playing tekken since tekken 2. you must be 30+ years old suffering old man syndrome who can’t overcome the 90’s techno dance music. i bet 30 years from now you’ll still want more of TT1’s 90’s techno because it makes you feel nostalgic of your high school days! techno is outdated! you need to fucking move on bitch! it’s 2010 for christ sake! epic guitar+violin battle music FTW!

      • SG79 says:

        To call techno outdated is like calling rock or rap outdated. Things evolve, and today’s techno is a far cry from the stuff in the 90’s.

        I’ll point the obvious too. He’s the director, and there are other composers there. Tekken never strayed from techno or synthesized music since the original up to now.

        Look around. Not many fans share your love for more RPG-esque tracks. They’re not bad, but don’t quite fit the game.

      • jack87 says:

        lol you think techno fit tekken? that’s funny cause i’ve seen break dancers dancing to TTT1’s soundtrack and they don’t even play tekken. namco might as well hire 009 Sound System to do TTT2’s music to attract more dancers, right? get your ears checked you dancing faggot!

      • SG79 says:

        It fit T1-T6 stages (some T5 and T6 exceptions). You haven’t a clue what techno and synthesized music is all about if you’re associating it with bad club music. TTT1’s Law for example, is a synthesized homage to the theme of Enter the Dragon. Every single Tekken composer, including the tracks you liked in T6 is actually a techno and trance artist. They just have good range. Look them up.

        Leave the closet case defense mechanism where it belongs, in the 50’s. Calling people fags left and right isn’t making you look better or sound smarter.

        But I’m sure you’ll keep spewing bullshit so carry on.

  28. Aw Man! Why couldn’t the music director be Dr. Dre?

  29. Aw Man! Why couldn’t the music director be Dr. Dre?

  30. ben says:

    will this game have a storyline? if so, then BRING JUN BACK!!!!

  31. tekken88 says:

    jack87 what motherfukin pure beats do you get nowadays motherfuker m8 bak in the day shit was on the real with the beats with pure funk not that shit bullshit fag ass gay violin muzik you wank ovar mothafuka mate you need grow you sexy ho coz your mumz a 4 assed slag

    • jack87 says:

      you love gay techno so much i bet you love going to gay night clubs every night rave dancing to that gay beats all night long with your gay fuck buddies because it brings back your gay high school memories huh? you nostalgic faggot! leave that techno shit out of tekken it had its time in the 90’s! stop dwelling in the past and move on BITCH!

      if you like techno music over epic battle to the death music like lightning storm, anger of the earth, etc then your fucking gay! as well as your dad!

  32. Blind Ghost says:


  33. Blind Ghost says:

    Markman you either talk to the EXECS about making a new Stick for TT2 or im just gonna make a youtube video of me jumping off the Empire state building and hanging myself with a random MADCATZ controller.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      And im in TEXAS SON !!!!

      • Blind Ghost says:

        But for real, We’d appreciate it if you did try to get the rights to make a stick for TT2, i mean its freaking TT2 dude , we only get one TAG game every three TEKKENS !!!!!

        C’mon markman Opportunity is knocking at the door, and it got a Smith & Weson pointed at the Peep hole.

  34. dan says:

    NO MORE TECHNO PLEASE! i like the new tekken music because it’s different and it suits with the stages.

  35. tekken88 says:

    jackbitch7 i will fuk ur mum to force you pussy bitch ass to listen to some hardcore shit niggaz nowadayz are fakesterz like ur smelly fat american ass and ur mums big slip n slide hairy mature pussy cmon you slag lets fight fukin puddy tere maa tere lulla fukin suk on a 1994 big blak nostalgic dik haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Tekkenlover says:

      tekken88/ yup yup / jack 87 due seriously you pick up fight with yourself with different user names so and purposely miss spell , what a worthless low life you are, nobody was arguing in here untill you attention whore shit head who has nothing better to do start all these bs, ever time there is article you kjust have say something bs or start this shit, can you just die

  36. personalit says:

    Wow! AMAZING!

    Now I finally can play with sound again. The BR-music is just horrible. There are only a few nice songs, like Mystical Forest. In T3/TTT almost every song was good as hell.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Thank you Personalit, i agree with you completly, in tekken 5 and 6 theres only a couple of tracks that stand out, while i nthe older tekken i enjoyed every track. im glad Akitaka Tohyama is coming back, so far they are going in the right direction with TT2 sound .

      heres hoping everything else goes smoothly as well, perhaps….its…exclusive to PS3 that way they can fit extra content on BLU-RAY.

      360 is an FPS console anyway, everyone knows that by now, so why not just make PS3 the fighting console.

      am i right guys ???

  37. jack87 says:

    you guys are ridiculous! i can’t believe you people like listening to techno while playing tekken. that’s like listening to love songs while playing a shooting game. i bet you guys don’t really like playing tekken, you just play tekken to listen to its fucking trance music! you guys should just buy TTT1’s soundtrack and quit tekken because tekken is not for you! and i bet you guys are fucking dancers, dancing and shit while playing tekken and aren’t really tekken players! if you guys wanna listen to trance go to a night club! leave that shit out of tekken!

  38. Photon Rez says:

    Put 009 Sound System Dreamscape. lol jk XD

  39. Neels says:

    The only good music in TTT1 was Ogre’s theme particularly the PS2 remix, most of the rest was absolutely AWFUL. Some of it was so bad it used to make my ears hurt.

    What happened to the guys that did Tekken 1 and 2’s tracks? They were the best by far, it went downhill after that.

  40. Pk says:

    I’ve always found the TTT songs the catchiest, as well as Tekken 2 songs :D

  41. SG79 says:

    Toyama does great work (Lei TTT music anyone?). Hopefully they’ll have Sanodg, BKO and Yu Miyake on board too.

    Sanodg wrote most of T3’s tracks (PS and arcade) and TTT1 too.

  42. Blind Ghost says:

    jack87 regardless what you think, or what you want, its already happend and hes hired for the job, and that what were going to get, if you want …” can’t beleive im saying this ” LOL violin music during your fights then just keep playing T6, as for the rest of us Old school fans that remeber the days of badass Tekken music , well we cant wait For TTT2’s Soundtrack.

    crying wont help you cause its a done deal.

    Dorya !!….Bitch.

    • jack87 says:

      blind ghost,
      dorya?? lol stfu bitch! stop pretending you’re a kaz player you scrubby ass raven player! you might ass well quit tekken and just dance to TT2’s techno dance music cus you’re better at that! lol

  43. tekken88 says:

    you mofucka ols schools bak in the house i will rape the shit out of you theres jack you can do you cunt go and jack off to a viloin you your mums a slag dont diss my boy ghost

  44. B-BOY JIN says:

    Maybe if Tohyama can throw down a demo track for Tag2 it could give a hint…? I honesly don’t see the point in all this commotion, if y’all liked some of the tracks in Tag1 which most of you clearly do, then Tohyama will sure as hell blow this game out the water.

  45. trancer says:

    If you happen to be a fan of trance… Check out …Uplifting and quite original as well :)

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