TRIUMVIR Street Fighter Alpha III Collection

Our friends from TRIUMVIR are starting taking pre-orders for their new Street Fighter Alpha III Collection today! Need to revamp your wardrobe? Click the link below for pictures and the official press release.

Collection: Street Fighter ALPHA III (a.k.a. the “Greyscale Collection”)
Pre-Book Available From: November 10th, 2010 (12:00pm PST) to November 24th, 2010.
*First 100 orders will receive a collectible Street Fighter gift.
Pre-orders expected to ship mid-December.
MSRP: $36.00

Starting November 10th, 2010 Triumvir will be unveiling another piece to its distinguished Street Fighter line — The Street Fighter ALPHA III Collection. This collection was a particularly important project to Triumvir because of what the game itself represents. SF Alpha III not only brought back vintage characters such as Adon & Charlie, but was also the first crosspollination between the world of Street Fighter and the rest of the CAPCOM universe.
Unlike previous collections, which carried a more serious tone consisting of rugged sketch-art of the characters, the ALPHA III Collection features fully completed artwork to give the collection an ominous, subtle, and sleek look. Also known as the “Greyscale Collection”, the series maintains anime roots through its utilization of CRMK’s artwork and grayscale colors. Unique to the Alpha III Collection, characters are no longer static portraits, but rather brought to life as they are captured in their in-game “victory” poses.

Heavily influenced by history, culture and the derivatives of contemporary fashion, many of the ideals and legacies
set forth by the Roman Empire, among others have served as direct inspiration for Triumvir. Like the brand
founders, Triumvir strives to demonstrate a life long dedication to the lasting impression left by the classics, with
dreams to one day join them
Robert Dones Jr., Marketing/PR
Triumvir LLC,
Fax: 714.276.0108


28 Responses to TRIUMVIR Street Fighter Alpha III Collection

  1. tekken88 says:

    tekken will own any fighting game forget vf,forget sf,forget bb tekken tag 2 will rape any fighting game out there i will live and support tekken and namco till the day i rot!!!!!!!!!! and please give harada san and michael murray on there twitter and facebook accounts opinions on what features, characters, modes (online modes) tag combos, special tag throws, music and etc you would like to see come on you diehard tekken fans get your opinions submitted to our tekken creators!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. VenoM362 says:

    What happened to the Tekken Manga?

    I’m just asking…


    Stop reporting Street fighter/Capcom stuff, for crying out loud! The damn game is popular enough!


  4. BlastPatrol says:

    Fuck Triumvir’s overpriced, looking, fruit of the loom shirt stretching shit. Make a Tekken shirt next time bastards.

  5. Tekkenlover says:

    tekken is my favorite too but mark said it himself many times thats they are also going to talk about other fighting games as well, by the way that akuma shirt looks great just reminds me of tokkido win pose few days ago in front of projector
    which was funny and cool

  6. tekken88 says:

    mark man you call yourself tekken you give your site name tekken and then you make other fighting game tshirts and then you make sf sticks with mad cats and then you call your self sd tekken and dont understand i am not being mean or rude but i want to give you a question if there was only one fighting game that you would support which fighting game would you support to the fullest?

    • coilover2005 says:

      Dude. chill out. It’s been said before. There is no license for Madcatz Tekken sticks. YET… Who knows what’s in store for the future though right? Plus there’s more to it then sticking a Tekken logo on any stick or T-shirt the maker wants. Copyright and legal matters etc.
      95% of everything on this site is devoted to Tekken. The other 5% to all other fighting game info. So…. the name suites the site well sir. As for not tryin to be rude. That was pretty rude man.

    • MarkMan says:

      Read what coilover2005 says.

      He’s using his head.

      • VenoM362 says:

        Apparently what coilover2005 says and what you yourself MarkMan say (countless times) just goes over some people’s head.

        I’m just saying…

  7. USMC0gre says:

    Triumvir is not manly

  8. yup yup says:

    lolz markman is maaaad here

    still don’t find a bitch to fuck?

  9. tekken88 says:

    markman i am sorry but you still never answered my question if there is only one fighting game and i mean one fighting game which would you support?

    • MarkMan says:

      Think about it. If there was only one fighting game, I would have no other choice. How would I even have an option?

      Also, while you don’t see it.

      I am the biggest supporter for TEKKEN. You just don’t see all the behind the scenes stuff.

  10. Blind Ghost says:

    Guys C’mon, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a fucking classic, if they made shirts for that or 3d strike id buy in a heart Beat.

    If they made them for Street fighter IV though then id just fucking puke.

    but ummm, i second the TEKKEN arcadesticks. we really need some bro.

    if you could markman talk to the EXecs at madcatz, cause we want some genuin all around badass arcade sticks for tekken.

    if anything this would be the perfect time to present the idea since Tekken Tag 2 Is coming out.

    If you make them, id fucking buy a stick for every tekken that comes out thereafter. no joke !!!


      “if anything this would be the perfect time to present the idea since Tekken Tag 2 Is coming out.”

      Michael Murray is watchinnnnggg!

  11. Lestat-Valentine says:

    That Charlie shirt looks so Badass [excuse my language]

  12. tekken88 says:

    tekken tag 2 will own steet fighter any day of the year, street fighter are just gimmick childish cartoon characters im sorry you sf fanboys but yeah you should of visited the mishima zaibatsu before you wanted to come back and now we have tekken tag tournament 2 coming you will feel the absolute power on how good and i mean good a tekken game can be it will rule the world for a long time, street fighter is a one off game i played it with 5 moves plus and i got bored of it in 45 minutes so you sf boys start playing tekken we will kick butt and take names once again feel the wrath of tekken it will rip you in half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blind Ghost says:

      well i def agree with you there, the First TT was a hurricane, man i heard people in japan had a huge rally in support of the game just because it was awsome, can you beleive people marching for a game just cause it was that awsome ??

      TT2 is gonna take over, no doubt.

      but PLZ markamn do what you can dude, we really need arcade sticks for tekken.

      • VenoM362 says:

        Can’t you remove the artwork of the TE stick? VenoM362 would just remove the artwork of the TE stick and replace it with his own artwork of the 24 characters he uses (artwork of them wearing the customizations I have them in) and switch those white buttons. That is if I really wanted a stick, VenoM362’s stick would be his and his alone. Think about it would you want the same tattoo as someone else? It would be cool if they made a high level Tekken stick, but I would still prefer my own design.

        Hmmm, maybe I would have a picture of Bryan holding S&W M500 Magnums in Paul and Bob’s mouths ready to blow those mob ass bitches away.

        Yeah…VenoM362 likes that.

        I’m just saying…

  13. tekken88 says:

    yeah markman please make some tekken sticks, i am just spreading the tekken love in my town which us tekken players should be doing capcom are just totally stiff have no movement just all broken stuff

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