We will be interviewing the MLG Pro Circuit 2010 National Tekken 6 Champion, ATL Hoa, also known as Anakin! SDTEKKEN needs your help, dear readers – please submit your questions in the comments below.


77 thoughts on “SDTEKKEN Will Interview ANAKIN!

  1. How is it possible to beat all best players using Jack? Steve, Bryan. Those characters are so diffrent, maybe match-ups are not so important in Tekken 6, but you won every game so easy. Perfect parry, ducking, I really cannot believe this. How looks your training? You know all characters in 100%, or maybe you have some secret?

    1. 1. Your strategy of dashing into peoples face and getting them with full crouch down forward 1 seems a bit questionable. How do you know ppl arent going to mid launch you on your way in?

      2. You never use back 1~1. as far as i know this move is safe, delayable, and great. Why no use of it?

  2. On the stream, one of the commentators (RiP I think) said that you thought that Nin was easier to fight against than Knee. Why is that? Is it because of their choice of character, their play style, etc.?

  3. What made you switch to Jack-6? You use to play Roger Jr. and Paul in back in Tekken 5 and DR right?

    Also props for winning with a “Non-Tournament Character”.

    I’m just saying…

    1. actually jack 6 is the epitome of a tournament character. very effective in first to 2-3, but loses effectiveness in longer sets.

      phenomenal performance though…

  4. what other characters do you use?

    how do you practice? and with whom?

    who do you believe are top american players?

    who is jack6 weak against?

    why are vietnamese people so good at tekken?

    would you ever consider playing on stick? or stay with pad?

    you’ve given us american players hope (beating down koreans) and you truly are one of the greatest players. congrats on your mlg dallas win, and keep it up!

  5. What do you have to say about the situation with Fab and Kor, as Fab came back getting hype feeling comfortable and probable going to win ”suddenly” on ”accident” his controller gets unplugged by Kor who’s raging cause he just lost those round. Fab won the round after but still the hype and all was gone after that on Fab’s side. We would’ve probable also seen a more entertainging Finals if you played Fab cause against Korr it was pretty one-sided. Korr is decent/good and not a bad guy but thats the second time he gets away with it.
    also congrats you totally deserved it

  6. What do you think about Korea-USA gap after MLG Dallas? Where would you put Jack-6 on tier list?
    BTW, congrats on your victory in Dallas.

  7. We went to high school together. Clarkston 2009. Do you remember me Hoa??

    congrats! you should share some of that moolah

  8. btw congrats on winning the tournament and beating the koreans :D

    what are jack6 weakness/strengths? what character is he weak and strong against?

    what do you think of the US tekken scene? are there enough players to practice with in order to get closer to korean/japanese level just like you?

    why do you think asians always own everyone in video games?

    what do you think of carlo racela(jinlo-bob)? doesn’t he look like a faggot in his profile pic in facebook?

    1. What do you think happened to the koreans(except for holeman; i heard he quit playin tekken for WoW)? I’ve never expected them to lose especially to be beaten so easily. Or did US finally adapted to Korean playstyle? If yes what tips can you give to fight effectively against koreans?

      Lastly, why do you think Knee played so aggresively against NYC FAB? Is it the best choice when playing against miguel?

  9. hay anakin hope you are doing great.its was really good to see someone new”well i have never seen you playing before MLG :)” playing on such a high level,my only question is why you never participated in any of the earlier tournaments ?

  10. How did it feel to beat Kor in Grand Finals and get that money? How did you OCV the Koreans twice in the 3v3?! Also Vietnamese are the best!!!!!!!!

  11. For what reason(s) did you pick up Jack in Tekken 6?
    What changes would you like to see made to Jack in future iterations of the game ?
    What would you say are Jacks strengths and weaknesses?

    1. With Jack commonly being considered a low tier character, I assume those that use him, as well as those using similarly ranked characters, may feel the need to exercise slightly more caution during gameplay than maybe a Law or Steve player would feel the need to exercise. If this is indeed the case, would there be at least three moves you would advise aspiring Jack players to avoid using or to us sparingly?

  12. 1. any advice for aspiring jack players?
    2. in any order, who do you think are the top 5 tekken pros in the world today?
    3. who are the upper tier characters in tekken for you? where do you consider jack 6 in terms of tier ranking?

  13. Anakin, funny how someone wins with a character and all of a sudden they are Top tier and broken despite being on many peoples radars for almost the entirety of the the games release. So my question is do you believe you your success at MLG Dallas and DC was due to you playing as Jack or do you think you could have beaten the Koreans with another character like Roger Jr. who you previously played in DR? I mean hypothetically if you had put in the same amount of time into another character as you did Jack.

    1. Edited:

      Anakin, funny how someone wins with a character and all of a sudden that character is Top tier and broken despite not being on many peoples radars for almost the entirety of the the games release. So my question is do you believe your success at MLG Dallas and DC was due to you playing as Jack or do you think you could have beaten the Koreans with another character like Roger Jr. who you previously played in DR? I mean hypothetically if you had put in the same amount of time into another character as you did Jack.

  14. hi anakin, congrats for the tournament.
    my main char is roger jr, like it was for you before the switch to jack. why do you change your main char? you find roger too weak in this tekken?

  15. How often do you play durring the week or practice durring the week, do you practice alone or practice durring actual gameplay..

    What do you find is the most important thing to practice when you play alone.

    Thanks and Congrats very impressive performance

    1. Oh please… you guys are getting worked up over a victory at this one tourney…
      We’ll have to see many more tourneys to decide who needs to lvl up more. Stop trying to suggest that Koreans are somehow weaker than the Americans. That’s just ridiculous. Then again, we can’t deny that Americans have leveled up to compete toe to toe with them.

  16. what are jack’s best launchers?
    what are his main strengths as compared to other characters?
    do you believe in the tier system?
    how do you deal with fast characters like xiaoyu?

  17. Everybody says that Jack is a bottom tier. He is slow, he can easily get comboed, everything connects and he has not so many good launchers.

    Why did you pick him and how is it possible to beat ultrahigh tiers like Steve, Bryan and Bruce with him?

    What do you say to people who want to start with Jack? What should they focus on with him?

  18. Do u think that the Koreans lost so badly because they were too arrogant? or did US level up their game? Are they still stronger in terms of execution, movement etc?

  19. So congrats on MLG Dallas, i was wondering what did you think of the tournment and would you go to another one? Also who are you going to use for TTT2?

  20. Before one of your battles at MLG Dallas an announcer said you prefer to play NIN and not Knee. Care to explain why? Is it a character specific thing or do you just have a tougher time with Knee’s style, etc? Kinda interested in knowin that one.
    *Congrats again on your HUGE win man! You still gotta be stoked about that =)

  21. At MLG DC, you said you weren’t sure you were going to be able to make it to Dallas. You late confirmed this on TZ. How happy are you that you made the time? haha

  22. Who would win in a drunken bar brawl: Starkid after pedaling across the USA on a bike, or Anakin after a full night’s sleep?

  23. which atlanta player do you hate or dispise the most? in other words who is the neox of atlanta?

    are you also part hawaiian?

    what is your favorite stage?

    who will you pick in tag 2

    who was your mentor? fellow vietnamian jackie tran?jop? tall basketball legend mutombo?

    do you still have the bike from utah?

    is obi wan still your enemy?

  24. do you think that maybe the koreans just let you win? after all, maybe they wanted to respect the fact that america is your home country and decided to settle for somewhere below top3?

  25. Something about ATL Hoa(aka Anakin):
    – Start trainning Tekken from 9 years old by Atlanta
    players as Brian Nichol (Clint), Bane,Porkchop,…etc..
    – Attends a lot of tournaments arround USA, won 1st, 2nd place on Miami, Jacksonville, Tennesse, N.S.Carolina,arround GA.
    -Characters: Jin, Paul, Roger and Jack.
    – Love to playgame more than eating.
    -Enjoys Tekken as his 2nd life.
    – Not talk much at home, lazy to clean-up his bedroom
    -Secret for winning :offense and know how to play most
    of Tekken Characters.
    -Reasons not play much on MLG: Quiktrip worktime and still in colledge.

  26. Did the Koreans and Japanese lose because they spent the weekend playing against everyone allowing people to study and counter their playstyles? Do you think they would have had a better chance if they did not practice against everyone the day before

  27. What did you do differently between D.C. and Dallas?

    Specifically, did you do things outside of your actual tournament matches any differently?

    Did you sandbag in casuals up in D.C. or in Dallas? Do you employ any sandbagging tactics when at tournament? If you did would you even tell us?

    Are you a wizard?

  28. can you talk about your fight with mishima style @ mlg dallas? is leo generally a difficult fight for you and if so why?

  29. 1. Now that you’ve won MLG Dallas, are you going to take Tekken more seriously and travel to more major tournaments?

    2. Why do you use different names when you enter tournaments,do you not like the name Anakin?

  30. This tournament turned out to be pretty easy for u, even u didnt expect that I’m sure! Do you think the world has never seen a Jack-6 player as good as u ever, so its just that they were not prepared at all. Do u think that cud be a reason? Or r u confident u’ll win everything in the future too :D

  31. What is your concept of defense? Especially when you face pitbull characters. How did you manage to get breathing space or create such a solid defense? Especially against pitbulls that just don’t let up.

  32. Which character would you use as a tag partner, would you consider P.Jack? (If he was to return) Or would you consider a character that has an attribute that Jack-6 lacks?

  33. Anyone look at the recent Nstar tourney ??, ya well that should shut most of you up. LOL , congrats to HOA, but lets not get Ahead of our selfs here.

    what NIN has accomplished and Korea in General in the Tekken Scene wont be reached any time soon.

    or certainly not in the next decade.

    …DORYA ! Bitches

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