NSUT XII Coming This Weekend!

We’re only a few days away from the first Tekken 6 Ultimate Tournament in France! Get ready for some awesome Tekken action featuring players from all around the world! Watch the trailer down below.

Check out the rest of the entry for more videos, featuring INTERVIEWS WITH SUNCHIP AND MALGU, as well as a FT5 DEATHMATCH between them! Also, don’t forget to visit the TOURNAMENT’S OFFICIAL SITE to check the live stream details.

18 Responses to NSUT XII Coming This Weekend!

  1. chemicalRed says:

    Cool..Look forward to it.

  2. Undead_Nemesis says:

    No subs?

  3. HotShot says:

    Fuck Yeah –
    I love Malgu calling out DangerJames –
    Shit’s gonna blow up to some next degree – and that’s not even the half of it.
    XII Staff are just too much –
    If you’re not @ XII – – – – – – you’re just not.

  4. jns90 says:

    whats up with the vid Malgu just keep getting beat!! Also Anakin should go to this tournamnet!!!

  5. vinsor says:

    when did malgu reach tekken god?

  6. Yup Yup says:

    LET’S see if GAP is CLOSED!

  7. Reality says:

    If the stream doesn’t show JFJ vs Malgu MM this event is a failure

  8. chitosan says:

    Can someone please name the 5 tekken gods in korea?
    if i am right it must be 1. Rain 2. Knee 3. Malgu 4. Sunchip 5. ?

  9. chitosan says:

    is there any video’s of Malgu vs Holeman so that we can know how he become a tekken god?

  10. […] before this weekend’s NSUT XII in Paris we’re publishing an interview with one of the biggest Tekken legends, Ryan […]

  11. WayneGamble says:

    I really can’t wait for this, honestly it’s been a real priveledge to be chosen, I won’t to badly like JFJ

  12. Kajo says:

    no stream UT XII?

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