Watch The NSTARGAME UTXII Live Stream!

It’s only a few hours left before the beginning of the NSTARGAME Ultimate Tournament XII! Get ready for the competition featuring players from all over the world! Who will conquer Paris? Follow the NSTARGAME Ultimate Tournament XII Twitter for the details! The tournament is going to start at 2PM – want to know what time is it now in France? CLICK HERE.


42 thoughts on “Watch The NSTARGAME UTXII Live Stream!

  1. yeah they keep saying all these places to look but it is MIA even on the Twitter feed that is keeps getting pimped out but never updated

      1. “Due to the crappy internet connexion, there will be no live stream unfortunately. Live results will still be available here though”

  2. A Tournament with people from many countries… Great Tekken action promised… Super Players confirmed…

    But at the last moment, “Internet is too Crappy there won’t be any stream”??

    ARE THESE GUYS FROM FRANCE NUTS!! Nowadays every Mama-Made-My-Tournament has a good stream, so for any big event, Stream and Commentary is a must.

    The pretend to keep the info of the event using the Twitter account. Like anyone could do with a forum. What is this, 1998??


  3. They probably don’t want to spend more money on the internet. I guess they’ve spent a lot on other stuff like the venue.

    I hope they don’t make ppl wait too long to watch the vids on youtube.

  4. Winners are in! WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD!!

    1. Sunchip (Korea) – Bryan
    2. Malgu (Korea) – Law
    3. Nobi (Japan) – Drag
    4. Rip (USA) – Law
    T5. Furumizu (Japan) – Lei
    T5. NYC Fab (USA) – Bob, Miguel
    T7. Bronson (USA) – Julia, Bruce
    T7. Just Frame James (USA) – Law

      1. random? furumizu was doing good until he met malgu (sent to losers), then lost to rip. both law players.

        tekken 6… yah, could be random. but imo, this looks like either a) bad matchup (lei vs law), or b) furumizu isn’t really good vs law players.

    1. Japanese&Korean players have no experience playing on console.

      So anything can happen in tournament and the result is not bad LOL

  5. Rip gets plenty of Lei practice with Suiken being in SoCal, so that makes sense. Unfortunately his Dragunov practice couldn’t earn him higher than 4th, but good shit nonetheless.

    Bronson slowly climbing the ranks again…

      1. no dumbass, its just so f*cking funny how stupid you are, all you say is that is the gap is close way back until today without even stating facts.. just being a dumbass.. good 4 u

  6. I had a really good time there, great to meet the euro players, really sad about the stream loss because I really wanted to look back and reflect on my matches.

  7. I don’t know who you poser’s are, but please try and be original, I felt I could have done better, yes I did enjoy myself there, I don’t care about looking back at streams because I move on…

    Please mod delete the above comments thank you

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