The international clash of TEKKEN skill is over! The dust has settled and our champions arise… With representatives from Korea, Japan, USA, Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Venezuela, and more! Who came out on top!? Click below for top results and some vids!

NSTARGAME Ultimate Tournament XII Results

1 – Sun Chip [KR]
2 – Malgu [KR]
3 – Nobi [JP]
4 – Rip [US]
5-6 – Fab [US] & Furumizu [JP]
7-8 – insanelee [US] & JustFrameJames [US]
9-12 – Bode [IT] & WayGamble [US] & TheDinosaur [UK] & The Great Ivyn [VE]
13-16 – The Phantom [IT] & Leok [ES] & SabreDabre [DE] & Malekith [NL]

You can see some YouTube recordings of the tournament matches below:

61 Responses to NSTARGAME UTXII Results!

  1. Blind Ghost says:

    LOL , so whats new !?!?!

    its back to normal i guess.

    oh yeah…First

  2. A player from Korea has won a Tekken tournament, in other news, the sky is blue. Seriously, great job to those who participated and made the top 16. Now, it would be so nice if any of them were to be accessible on the PSN network so any of us can have a shot at them.

  3. L_Z_N says:

    woo hoo, they got the videos..

  4. JCT says:

    ATL Hoa (Anakin) would’ve cleaned house. Right now he’s THE best Tekken 6 player by far, without a doubt.

    • john doe says:

      Knee and Fab’s bob beat Anakin in 1vs1 at mlg dc. he has to beat Knee,holeman,rain,jdcr,malgu,sunchip,help me,tongballove,chanel,only practice,dioxin, etc. in 1vs1 to be the best not in 3vs3 cuz even bronson tran whooped his ass in 3vs3 at mlg dc. beating nin 1vs1 doesn’t make him the best cuz even Knee, holeman, and other korean players can beat nin.

      he also have to beat fighting gm,jfj,rip,fab’s bob,aris, and other top U.S. players 1vs1 to be best in U.S.

    • Kooler says:

      ROFL winning 1 tourney at home make him best Tekken player??

    • aaaa78 says:

      L. O. L.

    • vinsor says:

      i’d say he’s on the road to being the best, but to be the best he has to continue his winning streak or at least perform consistently well like he did in atlanta,

      @kooler well said man!

    • Blind Ghost says:

      lol , man i hope your joking.

  5. Meeu says:

    lol. Sunchip and Malgu. . .and NOBI!!!!.. . Congrats to the winner

  6. random says:

    man, james was so close to beating nobi. shame!

  7. rasdiggle says:

    Furumizu’s LEI is very entertaining xD.

  8. Devil Kazuya says:

    Japan and Korea have so many great players…

    Furumizu skill insane.


  9. tekken88 says:

    korea and japan tekken is king cmon guys get ideas and opinions sent to our bosses harada san and michael murray give our bosses your taste in what you would like to see in ttt2 come on this is the reason for why our bosses have opened up twitter accounts cmon guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Devil Kazuya says:

    FURUMIZU/Lei Vs MALGU/Law = best match from tourney!

  11. Nigga Dick Jax says:

    The discussion between US, European, Japanese and Korean players is nonsense.

    The Koreans have always best the best and will continue to be the best Tekken players in the world – PERIOD! –

    Just look how many tournaments they have won and look at their playstyle.

    Their veterans are legends across the Tekken-community. Nobody can touch them.

    Korea = Tekken

    • MonsterP says:

      Anakin is untouchable!

      mark my word

      • Nigga Dick Jax says:

        Everybody is beatable. Even Knee, Nin, Anakin whosoever.

        But the Koreans still have the highest win/loss-ratio in tournaments.

        70 to 80% of tourneys they attend outside of Korea they win.

        Apart from that, their gamestyle is a class of it’s own. Just look at their movement, throw-breaks and punishing skills.

        Korea is #1

      • vinsor says:

        @nigga dick jax well said with statistics unlike those from yup yup or some other troller here

        @monster p i’m not being a fanboy but people haven’t really faced koreans in their natural environments in arcade machines, only G3NIUS has so far faced them in an actual machine where they normally play unlike using arcade pads (this has been pointed out by holeman before btw)

      • macshady23 says:

        yeah thats what people thought of naps when he beat maddoggin, and gm when he beat knee and nin.. now look at them.. not hating just stating facts

  12. tekken88 says:

    monster p koreans are tekken, tekken is koreans and fuk sf tekken4lyf baby

  13. imlinked says:

    I just wanted to comment on this video…

    Malgu vs Fab, MUST WATCH 4:45

    just WOW

  14. notmyday says:

    koreans are the originals tekken 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways i heard that yoshinori ono will be revealing some stuff on SFXTK this saturday what could it be?

  15. JCT says:

    Pfff…even KOR would would’ve cleaned house

    USA >>> JAPAN&KOREA >>>>>>> Europe

    • DrBhup says:

      No, you frikin’ troll.. stop trolling!!

      Korea >>>> Japan >>> USA >>>>>>>>>>>> Europe

      Europeans sucks, man! I know, bacause I am one! I live in Norway. This shit country has no arcade-scene and people are too lazy or too stupid to be good in fightinggames because there you need skills. They just wanna play FPS’s..!! I HATE this country!!!!!

    • macshady23 says:

      wow another dumbass here XD

    • macshady23 says:

      how can you say that?? when korea and japan owned them in this tournament.. so, yeah your a dumbass just like YUP YUP.

  16. ky0n says:

    Even though koreans keep on evading the question: who’s better korea or japan? I think Korea is a lot better. The main reason would be because money is involved in their tekken community. This is why all players in korea play more seriously than japan. I mean look at AO and Furumizu.. Although they’re entertaining to watch, their moves are too fancy.. I think anyone who plays seriously to win doesn’t do a lot of fancy stuff.

    • imlinked says:

      Yes, money is involved when it comes to tourneys, professional leagues, etc. However, the general arcade mentality is completely different.

      From what I understand, Tekken in Korea can be played at 200KRW (100KRW in some areas), or about 0.20USD. Furthermore, the healthbar is set higher than default.

      Japan on the other hand has extremely expensive arcades requiring (i believe) close to about a dollar per game.

      This would promote 2 very different playstyles. I would imagine with the bigger health bars and cheaper gameplay, the Koreans would play riskier (hellsweeps, etc.) and flashier, while the Japanese would turtle more and incorporate low jabs/kicks + safer pokes.

      IMO, this is probably why alot of people enjoy watching Koreans play. While they do, and can play safe, you often see them do some pretty risky moves. For example, recently in UTXII, we see in Malgu vs Fab where Malgu does the dragon slide 4 times consecutively. It really got the crowd hyped!

      As for who is better… I would have to say that Korea has the better “select” few players. Mostly concentrated in team Superstar and Specialist, while Japan has the better “overall” players.

      • KrazyKaz says:

        imlinked hit the nail

        well said!

      • dan says:

        how can you say japan has better overall players than korea?

        when korea has better players for each character. they have the best

        bryan – Knee, sun chip › burimaru, bakushee a.k.a. (BKC)
        steve – nin > jiro, keio
        law – malgu > naokin
        lars – holeman, binchang › fukusu
        devil jin – tongbal love > shou
        bruce – rain > dex
        feng – hao > yuu
        nina – only practice, dioxin > tribal, metadoru
        anna – 200won > yuu kun
        hwoarang – mdj > kyamome
        armor king – jdcr > moto kare
        asuka – addung > kujinshee
        leo – hankuma, i’m so hot > maru boz
        raven – binchang, navee, > eiwai
        roger jr. – lee mario > kiyota
        miguel – rain > taku
        baek – boradoldol > miya
        xiaoyu – sodam, moruru
        eddy – gypsy, misty > lasagna

        the only great players japan has are, Ao, nobi, furumizu, honda, pekosu, chocoyan, msr 2nd, kagemaru. junchan, but most of them already lost to the koreans.

        if you disagree, who do you think are the best japanese players? i’m curious.

      • imlinked says:

        Being a well-established, well known name doesn’t neccessarily translate to being the better player. In this respect, Tekken Crash has done more harm than good. Far too often do we take for granted that celebrity status = skill. I have noticed that Japan for one, isn’t as involved in the international Tekken scene as much as Koreans are. This may lead to biased opinions coming from people such as yourself.

        On your list, I’m curious how you came to the conclusion that each Korean player was better than its Japanese counterpart. There really is no set measurable way to gauge these players. Aside from the obvious players such as Knee, Nin, and Rain (as commented by my previous comment – Specialist/Superstar), it’s really difficult to say which of the two country is FOR SURE better.

        My assumption that Japan might have an overall better players comes from the fact that Japan has a MUCH larger player base with a huge bustling arcade scene. Not to say Korea doesn’t, but the amount/numbers of talented players is practically 3 to 1. I mean, this makes sense since strictly based on population, Japan has three times (150mil vs 50mil) the people.

        Also, how can you for sure say hao is better than yuu, or tongbal better than shou. Honestly, alot of the supposed matchups you listed, such as navee vs eiwai, gypsy vs lasgna, binchang vs fukusu, and etc. probably didn’t even occur. Correct me if I’m wrong… while some of these matchups may infact be true, but most of these *supposed* matchups were pulled out of your ass.

      • dan says:

        lol you’re a fucking moron for saying japan has 3 times more overall players cus it has 3 times more people! you’re the dumbest piece of shit! the best japanese players are the ones i mentioned the rest are scrubs!

        tell me fucktard, who do you think are the top japanese players? i’m really curious! c’mon! i’m not gonna laugh. lol

        i bet you don’t even know most of the jap players i mentioned since you can’t even figure out who would win between Knee vs Bakushee or nin vs keio cus you don’t know shit about them and you haven’t seen them lose to korean and U.S. players. nin, jdcr, shin, boradoldol, wiped the floor with them at joybox after tekken global championships! you don’t know that huh? you fucking mongoloid! only thing you know is that japan has 3 times more scrubs than korea due to its population! LMFAO

        btw, gundam vs gundam extreme is the most popular arcade game in japan not T6, whereas in korea it’s T6BR. so that makes you full of shit for saying japan has the better overall players!

      • dan says:

        as for yuu, it’s obvious lose to hao cus he’s very basic and predictable. that’s why he got dominated by jdcr at tekken global championships and i’ve seen vids of jdcr’s heihachi losing to hao, any tekken zaibatsu member would agree with me, as well as gypsy or misty beating lasagna, he is shit! binchang beating fukusu cus he’s evenly match with bronson and loses to mr. naps. and shou doesn’t play much anymore so he would definitely lose to tongbal love. japan’s current best devil jin players are keio and deku (former kazuya player). yes, keio switched main from steve to devil jin and dragunov after getting demoted by honda’s lili and honda always loses to Ao. you ignorant fuck!

        honestly, japan is so overrated! it’s fucking funny! LOL

      • imlinked says:

        dan, it’s really amusing to see how much of a fanboy you are at the mere mentioning of giving Japan its due credit. Check back to my first post as I haven’t disrespected anyone, nor any country for the matter, yet you flip out and start shouting out derrogative terms and throw out a random list of people and say Korea > Japan in every respects – no ifs, ands, and buts.

        This is being ignorant. Weather you want to accept it or not, there’s only a handful of top players in Korea, and yes, while Tekken is the #1 games in the arcades, there are far, FAR more people playing Starcraft at local PC cafes. The arcade scene, while in a much better state than in the U.S. or Europe, still falls far behind Japan. How do I know this? I live here, b*tch.

        Stop being limited in your scope at the fact that Tekken isn’t the most played game in Japan – fact is, they still do, and will have a much bigger fan base for the Tekken franchise. Take a step back and pull your head out of that little jar you put your head into, and really take an objective look. Can you FOR SURE say Korea > Japan?

        I don’t think anyone can. And as I have mentioned on my first post, there ARE a select number of hardcore Tekken players in Korea that are clearly ahead of the race. There is no denying this… but it IS also a fact that Japan has a shit ton of top level players, much more than you find in Korea.

        Tell me, Dan. I can REALLY see the anger and resentment in your tone, and your vigilant attitude towards the Koreans defense. Are you infact Korean? Just curious here bud. Even if you say you’re not, my nose is telling me I smell a fanboy.

        Lets be more objective here Dan.

        Sources: I live in Korea and visited Japan over the Summer.

      • imlinked says:

        BTW, I’m Korean, but if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can go ahead and read the Japanese perspective. Here’s a quote from a player in Kanagawa (who regularly visits Tokyo – Joybox).

        Anyway I’ve seen many top Korean players visiting Japan for tournament(some get invited) and vacation. Also they come here to learn character match up and see the many new pattern.

        Korean players told us we have a lot more top players with huge variety in characters and many unseen pattern compare to Korea.

        I think if Knee comes here it will boost his characters experience like the other Korean players who came here.

        Japanese players here are eager to challenge Knee BRYAN

        – iorikuma

      • dan says:

        yes, i’m 100% sure korea has better overall players. how do i know? cus i’ve been to japan recently and korea months ago. and you know what? there are more people playing gundam vs gundam, blaze blue, ss4, VF5 than t6BR in japan, even msr 2nd, taizo, shou, etc. plays more blaze blue than tekken. so they aren’t top players anymore less top jap players. and their unknown players are scrubs losing to other scrubs! that’s probably why you can’t name other top jap players! all you know are nobi, Ao, Honda, Furumizu who got their ass whooped by top korean players. lol

        and when i was in korea there were more unknown and better players than in japan. and their top players sticked to tekken and didn’t give a shit about starcraft, etc, wheares the top japs switched to gundam vs gundam, blaze blue, or other 2d games. so you’re obviously a lying japanese fanboy!

      • imlinked says:

        honestly dan, I give up. the koreans know it, the japanese know it, and any american players that visited Japan/Korea already know it. You’re the only one sitting here denying that Japan has a great number of talented top players – partly due to its numbers, vicinity, and a great arcade scene. You are completely blind in support of the Koreans and take every drop of criticism to them, or any form of support to Japan, as an offense to your near religious worship to Korea.

        I’m the fanboy? Get a grip. I have made a purely objective statement which you have blown completely out of proportion. I have given Korea and Japan its fair share of credit. [b]YOU[/b] are the one that can’t accept facts at face value.

        A Korean (myself) came up to you and directly said Japan has the higher number of top players. The Japanese came and said that the Koreans came and told them [i]directly[/i] that they had more matchups, top players, and variety. Your head is stuck so far up your ass that if Nin or Knee came up to you and said the same thing to you directly, your fanboyism would take over and disregard every single one of their words.

        I’m a Japanese fanboy? What a fucking joke. I fucking LOVE the Koreans, I AM fucking Korean, and I LIVE in fucking Korea. But lets try and be serious here and separate facts from your fanboy conscious reality.

        I would totally love to give out my cell number here (i’m located in Yongsan, Seoul), and if possible, meet people and play some casual Tekken. Kids like Dan however, quite frankly scares the shit out of me. Bitch starts foaming from the mouth the minute people stop worshipping his beloved Koreans.

        I can’t fucking believe I’m here defending myself to this nutcase. DAMN!

      • dan says:

        you’re gullible and a fake korean. iorikuma is obviously lying cus when i was at joybox, the only top players there were nobi,yuu,furumizu,burimaru,chocoyan,dex,honda,Ao. the rest were scrubs! and like i said before they all lost to korea’s nin,jdcr,shin,boradoldol, and some lost to U.S.’s bronson tran, mr. naps, chetchetty,aris after tekken world championships. so iorikuma is full of shit just like you! if you don’t believe me look them up at nicovids. some are in youtube.

      • imlinked says:

        im a fake korean? holy shit… this is unbefuckingbeliveable.

        if it helps with your conscience any better, you can confirm with 200yen. at one point he brought mr. naps and willpower over from San Jose to Davis for some casuals. i was there, and they can vouch that I am INDEED 100% Korean.

        anyways, im done. you are completely out there in your own little fucking world. I feel like I’d have better success talking to a brick wall than stand here listening shit spewing out of your mouth.

        peace out.

      • dan says:

        you’re 100% bullshit, not korean. you’re obviously making up shit. even maxi millian said koreans are better overall and japan doesn’t even come close. he interviewed malgu and malgu said furumizu is the toughest player he challenged in japan but still managed to beat him and beat him again recently along with nobi. that shows the other top jap players he challenged are overrated and he beaten all of them.

      • imlinked says:

        미친놈이군… 내가 한국인이아니라고? ㅋㅋ

        말이안통하는녀석이야 ㅜㅜ

      • KrazyKaz says:

        imlinked just ignore him

        I’ve never seen someone talking so much crap at once

    • dan says:

      so you think Ao wasn’t serious at wcg and mlg dallas cus he was playing fancy? lol he was representing his country and the prize money was huge! so why would he not play serious? you need to watch more vids of Ao and furumizu, they’re really flashy even in casuals.

      • KrazyKaz says:

        Dan stop talking BS

        it’s not even funny!

      • Blind Ghost says:

        dont take much of what he said or anyone for that matter too seriously, people here tend to talk out of thier ass.

      • Tekkenlover says:

        yup yup how many user names u faggot ass choose? it must be real sucks, since you are always pretending to be some one else, do you email love poem to yourself because your so lonely, you fucking loser

  17. andrew says:

    I ultimately have to agree that Korea is tops, but no Anakin and Naps, who are probably US best along with Bronson were not present. Hell Rip knocked out Furimuzu pretty convincingly and he has been placing highly in every T6 tournament he has been able to enter lately. Also NYC two heavy hitters are always a threat. Man oh man though, I gave Europe too much credit I see.

    Overall it is kind of silly to say that any country as a whole can come close to measuring up against Korea/Japan, but who cares look at those results!

  18. andrew says:

    oh and that comment above me….Koreans play SO SO much safer than Japan. That is why Japan is very good as they have top notch skills, but play in a much flashier/riskier fashion leading to them often catching Koreans off guard and knocking them out of tournaments.

    NOBI is sick though, got thorough to winners finals but only managed 3rd which is a shame. Would rather have seen him take it over Superstar.

  19. vinsor says:

    screw that gap who is top shit, it’s to hard to determine, it’s kinda easier to determine right now who best in their characters right now in a sense as compared to country /nation vs country / nation

    all that’s important is we get to see some bad-ass matches

  20. ttt2 says:

    @monster p i’m not being a fanboy but people haven’t really faced koreans in their natural environments in arcade machines, only G3NIUS has so far faced them in an actual machine where they normally play unlike using arcade pads (this has been pointed out by holeman before btw)


  21. notmyday says:

    ive seen all kinds of countrys play tekken their mindsets and skills comes nothing to korea korea is the granddaddy of tekken and thats a fact

  22. Blind Ghost says:

    Koreans , are the Equivelant of Super Sayins.

    Thats quite possibly the best description for Koreans in the TEKKEN Community.

    U beat them at LVL 2 super sayin only to find out there is a third LVL, you think you have them figured out, and they bust out with some new shit that will leave you scratching your head.

    NIN and holeman, got figured out so U.S thought its over ,were on par.

    Then they go to France and Sunchip and Malgu take that shit to a whole new LVL.

    Fucking Dragon Slide 4 times !!! WTF NYC !?!?!

    Thier good man, Thier good At reading opponents.

    I think the saying that only Asian can Be that good at Martial arts applies to TEKKEn as well Apparently.

    Facts of life Kids

  23. Gamesdmc3 says:

    the 4 dragon slides was good,but it was all an guessing game,cause he was 2 close for NYC-fab 2 do something about it without guessing,now 4 long distance dragon slides would of been a different story

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