Katsuhiro Harada has uploaded three videos showing the footage of the limited edition Tekken Tag Tournament Turbo version. Curious the limited event edition of the game works? Click one of the links below.


21 thoughts on “TEKKEN TAG 1 TURBO Footage

  1. ummm…ok so ganryu flies, everyone has an anna pose, the gameplay is fast, everyone flies when hit by an uppercut, what the hell has the world gone into

  2. lol. Nice! They just hacked the Arcade settings for this one. Raising the bar on the speed a bit. Interesting. I remember back in the day b4 youtube seeing similar videos of Tekken Tag turbo stuff.

  3. These guys are just having a blast and making so much money at the same time. Nice! I like the Bryan vid every time he launched Jin he did db2 constantly just to see how many times he could do it!

  4. This kind of reminds me when I had Tekken 3 on the older version of the PS1 system that you could stick the Gameshark in the back of it. I used to use it to make Xiaoyu do King’s movelist and other hilarious stuff. Xiaoyu tossing Panda around with King’s throwchain > Flying Ganryu.

  5. we need to beat capcom and the rest of the world on their fighting games please michael murray please sir make tekken tag turbo an addition to tekken tag 2 thank you^^

  6. The most amazing thing about that video was how he did all that stuff without pressing any buttons most of the time LOL obviously it was recorded beforehand and they guy who was made to look like he was paying was jsut trying to mimic what was going on on-screen. Good for a few laughs though. Kepp trying Harada, I appreciate the effort :D

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