Avoiding The Puddle Episode 11!

Aris and MYK are bringing you the newest episode of Avoiding the Puddle featuring an interview with the MLG National Champion, Anakin! Apart from the interview, the two SoCal players cover the last MLG event, the new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 footage and more!

5 Responses to Avoiding The Puddle Episode 11!



  2. so what who gives a shit

  3. Spiriax says:

    Last (?)

    No but seriously, interesting cast, I sat the whole thing through.
    I am really interested about that ideas-like, content website. I’d love if there were a website only dedicated to making Tekken a better game.

    • Tekkenlover says:

      true that, iamtekken.com is really fun and i like it cuz it mostly talks about tekken, aris and myk talk about some other stuff here and there which is fine cuz it makes little bit more interesting to switch topic time to time but their primary focus is on tekken.

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