Nin And Rain Coming To Italy Next Month!

Tekken-Italia is organising the 10° anniversary tournament next month in Milano, Italy. The event is going to be supported by Namco Bandai Italy and will bring Nin and Rain to Europe! Mark 11th December in your calendars and jump to the tournament’s thread at Tekken Zaibatsu for the details.

6 Responses to Nin And Rain Coming To Italy Next Month!

  1. mistmatch says:


    but im not suprised that koreans would be attending. if anything, they are there to get the hype up and bring the competition. well, its always a pleasure to see nin play though hoping something happens

  2. Liquid says:

    Great! Thanks for posting the news guys.
    We hope to see some american players too, you were amazing in Paris, and your level is outstanding.

  3. Crimson says:

    Nin and knee is also coming to sweden for Dreamhack next week with the help of Maximilian :)

  4. Forest says:

    Don’t you mean they are going to Italy? Saying coming to Italy would imply that we are in Italy right now.

  5. Meeu says:

    this is sweet. rivalries are getting reignited again. .

    • Meeu says:

      oh that’s not knee. . . still. those two would make for a pretty interesting match. . . who knows,there might be surprises as well.

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