Koreans In Sweden – Tomorrow!

One of the biggest e-sport events is happening now in Sweden! Knee and Nin will be participating in tomorrow’s Tekken 6 tournament at Dreamhack! The Grand Finals are said to be streamed on Saturday at 6PM local time. If you want to find our more details about the tournament, CLICK HERE.

15 Responses to Koreans In Sweden – Tomorrow!

  1. FredrikSwe says:

    One day before the event you tell that nin and knee are coming thats soooo not cool i dont even get a fair chance to make it to the compitition

  2. Crimson says:

    i sayd this in the koreans going to italy comments…
    Guess not that many read the comments here ;)

  3. Forest says:

    Will there be a stream?

  4. FredrikSwe says:

    how do we find it ?

    Is there a link ?

  5. John Doe says:

    Knee WON!

  6. Spiriax says:

    So it was Entomo who took care of the videos? Thanks man! Sick event, I am really glad Knee and Nin showed up.
    Met lots of very cool people too, we gotta hook up more soon!!!

  7. PolishMafia says:

    Knee looks strong

  8. FredrikSwe says:

    Commentary were not great at all cause there was no really commentary

    They talked subjectivly and unstructured and they didnt even said who was playing correct

    Next event they need to fix better commentary !!!

    Spoiled with rips and myks commentary

  9. GODFIST says:

    So how much was in the prize money for 1st place in american dollars??? i heard it was like 3000SEK for 1st place but how much is that in dollars? well who won the tournament anyway?

  10. AAK says:

    Damn, missed the stream and looks like the Jutsin.tv vids are offline now. Ah well, will wait for eventual youtube uploads

  11. CheeseOfTheDay says:

    hmm http://pl.justin.tv/entomo_fi/b/274705877
    works fine for me

    still, there’s no vids from wb finals

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